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Nurse Practitioners in Orthopedic Surgical Settings Freitag, Brittany Grace 2017-04

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References Benham, A. J., & Geier, K. A. (2014). Preparing Nurse Practitioners to Provide Orthopedic  Primary  Care. Journal For Nurse Practitioners, 10(8), 603-606. doi:10.1016/j.nurpra.2014.04.015 BCNPA. (2017). NPs in BC. Retrieved from Dower, C., & Christian, S. (2009). Physician assistants and nurse practitioners in specialty care:  six practices make it work.  California Healthcare Foundation. Retrieved from:  NPPAModels.pdf Horn, P., Badowski, E., & Klingele, K. (2014). Orthopedic Clinical Care Model in a Pediatric Orthopaedic  Setting...Outcomes  of a 1:1 Model-Orthopaedic Surgeon and Nurse Practitioner. Orthopaedic  Nursing, 33(3), 142-148 doi:10.1097/NOR.0000000000000046 Nurse Practitioners (NPs) in Orthopedic Surgical Settings Brittany Freitag, BScN, RN, MN-NP (F) Student UBC, Purpose The purpose of this culminating study was to explore the existing roles for NPs in orthopedic settings and examine the need for further development and implementation of these roles in Canadian hospitals NPs in Orthopedics •Patients are experiencing profound difficulty accessing orthopedic surgeons •A need exists for NPs to improve access to care for patients and reduce the burden on orthopedic surgeons! NP Roles •In preoperative assessment clinics  •In outpatient clinics assessing new patients and following postoperative patients •In hospitals providing preoperative  and postoperative care, including fracture reductions Conclusion A need exists for medical professionals in Canadians orthopedic surgical settings, and NPs are uniquely qualified to meet this need! What is an NP? An advanced practice nurse who is educated to “provide comprehensive clinical care including the diagnosis and management of disease/illness, prescribing medications, ordering/interpreting laboratory/diagnostic tests, and initiating referrals to specialists” (BCNPA, 2017). Increased Access to Care Improved communic-ation Positive impact on resident education Reduced patient length of stay  Increased Patient Satisfaction Improved Quality of Patient Care Benefits of Orthopedic NPs Orthopedic Injury Prevalence 


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