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Surveying client experiences in Burnaby Healthy Heart Program review Lee, Melissa; Fichett, Nicola 2012

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Surveying Client Experiences in Burnaby Healthy Heart Program Review Melissa Leeª & Nicola Fichettª ª UBC School of Nursing Program 2012, Vancouver, BC Fraser Health, Burnaby Hospital Healthy Heart Program: Margaret Meloche Summary Nicola and Melissa conducted a survey at the Burnaby Hospital Healthy Heart Program to measure client satisfaction and to determine strategies for program improvement. We began by speaking with the program’s multidisciplinary team to learn about the services offered by the program and its capacity to meet its clients’ health needs. Once we gained a basic understanding of our client population, we sought advice from the multidisciplinary team regarding how the program’s services could be improved to enhance client satisfaction. We then drafted survey questions, which were reviewed by our manager and the Healthy Heart team. With their assistance and feedback, we developed a three-page comprehensive survey consisting of questions covering topics such as program availability, heart healthy education, and overall client satisfaction.  We also developed open-ended questions to allow participants to expand on topics such as managing their own health, benefits they received from the program, and areas for program improvement. We distributed the surveys at six Healthy Heart classes.  Thirty-seven surveys were returned to us; the results were compiled and analyzed; and a summary of our findings were submitted to the Team. Overall, clients were very satisfied by the program. However, participants indicated they were “somewhat satisfied” or “not satisfied” with certain aspects of the education component of the program, such as Stress Management, Medication Management, and Emergency Management. Although they were given space to provide comments or feedback about the reasons they were dissatisfied or how the program could be improved, most left this space blank. However, the majority of comments focused on the positive aspects of the Healthy Heart Program, such as “I have better knowledge of exercise and diet, plus my confidence has returned” and “I lost weight and kept it off, and enjoyed the company of fellow suffering souls.” The staff at the Healthy Heart could further their knowledge of client satisfaction by verbally engaging with them about specific areas for improvement, which were indicated on the written surveys. UBC Nursing Student Journal, Vol.1, Issue 1. 14


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