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Letter from the editor Kwon, Jae-Yung 2013

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Building on the success of our first edition, we have moved forward with another exciting edition. The research highlight for this year's edition is the Graduate Student Symposium 2013, organized by the Graduate Students in Nursing Association (GNSA). We have also added interviews from the symposium award winner, notable faculty members as well as a new peer-reviewed section as a learning opportunity for the student reviewers to understand how the reviews work at the other end of the submission process. By understanding both ends of the journal submission and review process, we believe that students are better positioned to be more reflective and to engage in continuous learning. This journal could not have continued without the support from the faculty, students, and staff in the School of Nursing. We would also like to thank the members of the GNSA who collaborated with us to support scholarly activities of nursing students. Please, do not hesitate to give us feedback at ubc.nsj@gmail.com and we encourage you to consider publishing with us in our next edition.                    Sincerely,- Jae-Yung Kwon, Editor-in-ChiefUBC Nursing Student Journal, Vol.2, Issue 1. 5UBC-NSJ Editorial Board Faculty Advisors: Suzanne Campbell, Pam Ratner, Maura MacPheeEditorial Board: Tracy Truant, Jennifer Stephens, Melissa Godinho, Emily Hsiung, Darlene Tam, Stella YeungSpecial Thanks to Lee Ann Bryant, Julia Thompson, and Hilde ColenbranderLetter from the Editor


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