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Letter from the editor Kwon, Jae-Young 2012

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We are proud and excited to present the inaugural edition of the UBC Nursing Student Journal (UBC-NSJ). This idea started because we wanted to encourage and acknowledge the work of our nursing students in a non-intimidating way and to share with our community what kinds of nursing research we do. The highlight of our journal is the synthesis projects in the N344 course where nursing students were involved in practice-based projects in diverse healthcare settings guided by practice partners and faculty facilitators. We sincerely believe that this journal will serve as a medium to explore and analyze our nursing practice in order to address diverse challenges of our healthcare system. This journal could not have started without the support from the faculty, nursing students, and staff. Finally, we would like to acknowledge nursing students and practice leaders who participated in research projects in collaboration with the UBC School of Nursing. We welcome your feedback on Volume 1 of UBC-NSJ and encourage you to consider publishing with us in our next edition. Sincerely, - Jae-Young Kwon, UBC-NSJ Coordinator UBC Nursing Student Journal, Vol.1, Issue 1. 4 UBC-NSJ Editorial Board Faculty Advisors: Colleen Varcoe, Vicki Smye, John Oliffe, Bernie Garrett, Pam Ratner, Maura MacPhee, Jennifer Baumbusch Editorial Board: Jae-Young Kwon, Samantha Thompson, Stella Yeung, Melissa Godinho, Emily Hsiung, Darlene Tam, Natalie Tabakman Special Thanks to Merrilee Hughes, Paul Zimeras, Lee Ann Bryant, Julia Thompson, and Hilde Colenbrander for their support and encouragement Letter from the Editor


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