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Person- and Family-Centred Care: What it Means in Gerontological Nursing within Acute Care Hung, Lillian; McPherson, Gladys 2013-04

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POSTER TEMPLATE BY: Person- and Family-Centred Care: What it Means in Gerontological Nursing within Acute Care Lillian Hung RN, BN, MA1., Gladys McPherson RN, PhD2  1Nurse Educator, Elder Care Program, PHC, Vancouver BC      2Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, UBC, Vancouver BC    Background  Method Conclusion References ? Person- and family-centred care and related concepts (e.g., person-centred care) are widely used across professions and care settings and have been variously defined. The ambiguity about what these concepts mean hampers efforts to actualize them in practice.  ? Older adults usually have complex interactive health conditions and hospital environments are typically non-elder friendly, acute care nurses are well in position to advocate person- and family-centred care and promote safe and effective care for older patients.   ?  A shared meaning/ common understanding of the concept is required to help nurses work with patients, families and other professions to make person- and family-centred care a reality in everyday practice.       ? A ?search ?of ?terms: ??person-centred?, ??family-centred?, ??patient-centred?, ??client-centred?, ??customer-focused? ?was ?conducted ?in 4 databases (CINAHL, Medline, PsychInfo, and PubMed), and ?these ?were ?combined ?with ?terms ??older ?people?, ??elderly?, ??nursing?, ??medicine?, ??occupational ?therapy?, ?and ??healthcare ?management. Gray literature in the Internet including publications, best practice guidelines and reports from government websites, and professional organizations were reviewed.  ?  Our objective is to critically examine the concept from diverse disciplines and create a working model for acute gerontological nursing.   Medicine:  Patient-Centred Medicine Nursing:  Person-Centred Nursing Occupational Therapy: Client-Centred Occupational Therapy  Healthcare Management: Customer-Focused Healthcare Management  Working Definition:  Person-and family-centered care  is a humanistic relational approach to delivering care that is respectful and dignified, information is shared in open communication, patients and families are engaged in care and decision-making, and nurses collaborate with patients, families and  professionals to ensure safe and quality care.2   Key Principle: Patients and families bring their  experiences, knowledge and expertise about themselves whereas nurses bring their specific body of knowledge of gerontology, their skills and the art and science of nursing. Results  Figure: Person- and Family-Centred Care Model in Acute Gerontological Nursing   Sympathetic Presence, Authentic Caring Relationship,3 Humanistic and Holistic Approach, Collaborative Teamwork   Compliance, Adherence, Therapeutic Alliance, Sharing Power and Responsibility  Enablement, Autonomy, Occupational Performance     Customer Satisfaction, Cost Effectiveness, Safety and Quality Improvement  ? Although the core themes of person- and family-centered care are consistent across disciplines, each profession tends to have their own focus on particular aspects, reflecting the nature of their work.  ?  A working model is created for acute gerontological nursing and it has potential contribution to inter-professional use.  ?  Further research is needed to compare the way different professions operationalize person- and family-centered care and to develop a commonly accepted definition.      1. British Columbia Ministry of Health. Hospital Care for Seniors: 48/6  Approach 2012; 1-4. 2.   Institute for Patient and Family Centred Care.  Advancing the   practice of Patient and Family-Centered Care: How to get  Started. Institute for Patient and Family Centred Care, Bethseda,   2008; 1?28. 3.   McCormack B. Person-centredness in gerontological nursing:  an overview of the literature. International Journal of Older People  Nursing in association with Journal of Clinical Nursing 2004; 13:  31?38.  .  1   1 


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