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At your leisure : establishing a popular reading collection at UBC Libraries Diers, Bailey; Simpson, Shannon 2011-03-11

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PURPOSE  FINDINGS  CONCLUSION  Implementing leisure reading collections is an emerging trend in academic libraries (Dewan, 2010). The scope of this study is to investigate the possible need for a leisure reading collection at the UBC Library as well as develop a picture of what type of collection will best suit the needs of the UBC community.  Our study showed overwhelming support for a leisure reading collection at UBC Library and also indicated strong leisure reading habits across all user groups.  The results of this study have prompted UBC Library to pilot a leisure reading collection. Since respondents indicated strong interest in titles and genres that are already well represented in UBC Library, a separate browseable space with materials UBC already owns could fulfill many patrons’ leisure reading desires.  Average hours per week of leisure reading Undergraduate Students 10%  7%  Graduate Students  Faculty + Staff  1%  0%  16%  37%  Community Members  15%  0% 25%  19%  37%  38%  45% 46%  I don’t read for leisure  Less than 2 hours  Between 2-6 hours  Specific authors and titles requested by respondents  56%  48%  More than 6 hours  19%  UBC has UBC does not have  METHODOLOGY This study consisted of an online questionnaire distributed to UBC undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty and community members. In October 2010, after passing ethical review, the questionnaire ran for two weeks. An email with a link to the online questionnaire was sent to a random sample of the user groups, and additionally was advertised for open participation.  81%  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Would you use a leisure reading collection at UBC? 70 Valid Percent  60  61.9  REFERENCES  50 40  31.9  30 20  6.2  10 Yes  Maybe  We would like to thank Rick Kopak, Jo Anne Newyear-Ramirez, and UBC librarians and Library staff for their assistance, input and support.  No  ‪Dewan, P. (2010). Why Your Academic Library Needs a Popular Reading Collection Now More‬‪Than Ever. College & Undergraduate Libraries, 17 (1), 44-46.‬ Gallick, J.D. (1999). Do they read for pleasure? Recreational reading habits of college students. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 42 (6), 480-488.  


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