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Using appreciative inquiry to envision a new future Morrison, Heather 2008

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Using Appreciative Inquiry toEnvision a New FutureHeather MorrisonBCLA 2007Beyond 20/20:  Envisioning theFutureApril 21, 2007Outline? Theory - very basics? Some resources? The BC ELN AI exercise? How? Results:? Core Values & Principles? Stories of BC ELN?s best - collection, quotes? Thoughts & ConclusionsWhat is Appreciative Inquiry??the cooperative, coevolutionary search forthe best in people, their organizations, andthe world around them.  It involvessystematic discovery of what gives life to anorganization or a community when it is mosteffective and most capable in economic,ecological, and human terms.From:  Cooperrider, David L. and Diana Whitney.  Appreciative Inquiry:  APositive Revolution in Change.  San Franciso:  Berrett-Koehler Publishers,2005.What?s different about AI?? Classic approach:? Focus on problems / what?s wrong? Appreciative Inquiry:? Focus on what we do bestThe BC Electronic Library NetworkAppreciative Inquiry Interview Exercise? February - March 2006? Two purposes:? Inform Strategic Planning for 2006 - 2011? Communications, e.g. Stories of BC ELN?s best    for websiteBC ELN Appreciative InquiryInterviews:  the process? Interview template:  a flexible series ofquestions designed to elicit:? Stories about BC ELN?s best? Perspectives on why these stories reflect wellon BC ELN? Example:  Tell me a story about a moment ofgreatness for BC ELN.  What was it aboutthis story that made it a moment ofgreatness?The participants? Everyone invited to attend a large in-personstrategic planning meeting March 20 - 22,2006 (BC ELN Directors & other keystakeholders)? Participants were asked to conduct at leastone other interview (e.g., with staff)The process? Each participant was assigned to:? Interview one other participant? Be interviewed by a different participant? Interview results:? submitted in writing to BC ELN (not inherent to AI)? Shared verbally at in-person strategic planningmeetingThe results? Close to 50 interviews submitted? A positive start to BC ELN strategic planning? BC ELN?s first ?Core Values and Principles?? A collection of stories about BC ELN frommany different perspectives, and throughoutits history? Quotes for the BC ELN websiteBC ELN Core Values andPrinciples? Collaboration? Trust? Innovation? Leadership? SustainabilityBC ELN - TogetherValues-based accounting? Collaboration:  Together we are stronger. We work as a collegialcommunity in a spirit of teamwork, participation, and inclusion. Welook for opportunities to form new partnerships.? Highlights 2005/06? Electronic Brainstorm: Wild Ideas! Strategic planning blog? Annual Ranking Survey determines licensing priorities? Significant role in formation of the e-HLbc consortiumQuote??ELN is us. That is, ELN is really the partner libraries workingwith ELN staff to create a successful partnership that in turn makesus all better, or at least better able to provide services to studentsand faculty."? Kim Isaac, University College of the Fraser ValleyFrom:  BC ELN Year in Review 2005/06http://www.eln.bc.ca/view.php?id=1375Stories of BC ELN?s bestUnderstanding   BC ELN understands the challenges ofvarious organizations, so, not a one size fitsall approach, there is an astute awarenessthat not all consortial players have thesame needs or abilities, BC ELN is still ableto move us all forward.   Leonora Crema, Head, Borrower Services,University of British ColumbiaFrom:  Appreciative Inquiry Interviews 2006http://www.eln.bc.ca/view.php?id=1420Stories of BC ELN?s beste-HLbc MagicNegotiating the e-HLbc deal was masterful,probably requiring a little magic!BC ELN provided leadership and a shared vision,skillfully negotiating with a diverse group ofplayers, many of whom were not experienced orcomfortable in working together for the benefitof a consortium.Ken Cooley, University of VictoriaStories of BC ELN?s BestWhat is best about BC ELN?Voting for databases. Anyone cansubmit suggestions. One vote perinstitution. Reference librarians get tosee what others are looking at?Maureen Witney,Library Coordinator, Capilano CollegeQuotes for the BC ELNwebsite?     ?.from AppreciativeInquiry?and AskAwayReflections? A worthwhile exercise - highly recommended!? Having people interview / be interviewed bydifferent people resulted in:? Domino effect; once started, kept going? Variety of perspectives and time frames (peoplewanted to talk about something different fromwhat they had heard)Additional reading? Hammond, Sue Annis.  The Thin Book ofAppreciative Inquiry.  2nd Edition.  Thin BookPublishing, 1996.? Appreciative Inquiry Commons   http://appreciativeinquiry.case.edu/Contact infoHeather MorrisonProject CoordinatorBC Electronic Library Networkhttp://eln.bc.caheatherm@eln.bc.ca778-782-7001


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