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"Something has to be heard to be ignored” : Reporting and reception of institutional repository metrics Stephens, Tara


How an institutional repository communicates its value to key stakeholders should align with the interests and goals of their appropriate audience. But what does that look like in practice? And what if the audience isn’t really interested? Drawing on the experience of cIRcle, the institutional repository at the University of British Columbia, this presentation discussed the elements of cIRcle's annual Impact and Activity Report and its key metrics to demonstrate how repository managers at UBC combine quantitative and qualitative data to shape narratives about the IR's contributions to supporting teaching and research at UBC and itsrole in increasing its visibility. The presentation discussed the value of reflecting on, celebrating, and openly sharing cIRcle's successes and key partnerships in a rapidly evolving cultural and scholarly landscape, and provided an overview of the familiar tools used (such as Google Analytics and Tableau). The presentation concluded by placing the cIRcle report in the broader context of long-term advocacy goals in the continued shift toward open scholarship. [Presentation delivered at 2023 Canadian Library Assessment Workshop (CLAW) held in London, Ontario, October 23-25, 2024].

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