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Electron Transport Chains within the Nitrogen Cycle and the Carbon Cycle Rogers, Lindsay


These six figures represent electron transport chains functioning within the processes of nitrification and denitrification within the nitrogen cycle, and methanogenesis within the carbon cycle. Each figure is included with and without a legend. Figure 1 represents oxidation of ammonia to nitrite, the first phase of nitrification. Figure 2 represents oxidation of nitrite to nitrate, the second phase of nitrification. Figure 3 represents reduction of nitrate to molecular nitrogen through denitrification. Figure 4 represents oxidation of ammonia to nitrous oxide by ammonia-oxidizing bacteria. Figure 5 represents reduction of nitrate to nitrous oxide by incomplete denitrification. Figure 6 represents reduction of carbon dioxide by hydrogen gas to produce methane. OER Description: These figures were developed for use in upper-level undergraduate environmental biology courses. This open educational resource (OER) includes diagrams and summaries to support student understanding of electron transport chains. The most recent version of this OER can be found in Merlot OER repository.

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