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Praxis Dialogues : Academic Engagements with Knowledge in the World The Dialogue Group


This work consist of edited transcripts of dialogues with eight researchers-scholars-activists about knowledge practices. They include: Nicolas Crier, Nicholas Ubels, Dara Culhane, Shannon Walsh, Ana Vivaldi with Identidad Marrón, Caroline RunningWolf, Pilar Riaño-Alcalá, Kim TallBear (Leslie A Robertson, Editor and Introduction, i-xvii ). Funded by an ACEL grant from the Centre for Engaged Learning at UBC, this collection was created through a graduate course to be used as an online reading/teaching resource at UBC. [An updated file with revisions to the bibliography was uploaded on 2023-09-07. An updated file with revisions to image spacing was uploaded on 2023-09-11.]

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