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Ancient Thessalians Canlas, Gino


The Ancient Thessalians (Thessaloi/Thettaloi/Petthaloi) refer to the inhabitants of Thessaly, whose dominant population belonged to the spectrum of Greek identity. Strictly speaking, "Thessaly" refers to the tetradic Thessalian plains and "Thessalian" refers to the dominant population. Broadly speaking, Thessaly can include the inhabitants of the surrounding regions (the perioikoi), which could include Achaia Phthiotis, Perrhaibia, Magnesia, Malis, Ainis, Oitaia, Dolopia, and Athamania (in different time periods). In addition to the dominant populations of the plains and the perioikoi, Ancient Thessaly could be used to include its serf populations (penestai), its slaves, pastoral nomads, and foreign inhabitants.

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