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Where is critical analysis of power and positionality in knowledge translation? Crosschild, Chloe; Huynh, Ngoc; De Sousa, Ismalia; Bawafaa, Eunice; Brown, Helen


In Canada, the Eurocentric epistemological foundations of knowledge translation (KT) approaches and practices have been significantly influenced by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) KT definition. More recently, integrated knowledge translation (IKT) has emerged in part as epistemic resistance to Eurocentric discourse to critically analyse power relations between researcher and participants. Yet, despite the proliferation of IKT literature, issues of power in research relationships and strategies to equalize relationships remain largely unaddressed. In this paper, we analyse the gaps in current IKT theorizing against the backdrop of the CIHR KT definition by drawing on critical scholars, specifically those writing about standpoint theory and critical reflexivity, to advance IKT practice that worked to surface and change research-based power dynamics within the context of health research systems and policy.

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