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Ancient Egypt : Early Dynastic Period Arbuckle, Caroline


The Early Dynastic Period in ancient Egypt includes the first and second dynasties. This covers the cultural period of Naqada IIIc-d, and approximately 2950BCE-2670BCE (though these exact dates are debated). During this period, Egypt was politically united, and we therefore have a true Egyptian state. Throughout the history of ancient Egypt, the concept of religion does not seem to have been debated. The gods were an assumed part of life, and individuals were expected to make offerings to the gods and participate in religious festivals. In this way, the entire population can be considered part of the religious group. Much of the iconography and burial practices from the previous Predynastic Period continued into the Early Dynastic, though there were a number of additional advances. While there are more numerous examples of writing than previously, largely in the form of objects inscribed with royal names, most of what we know about Egyptian society and beliefs at this time is based on interpretations of the material evidence.

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