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The Possibilities of Punjabi : Modern Punjabi Literature in India, Pakistan, and Beyond : [Interview with Jas Mand] Murphy, Anne; Bhardwaj, Ajay


In this 2014 interview for Dr. Anne Murphy’s SSHRC-funded project “Transnational modern Punjabi literature and the pursuit of the secular,” Jas Mand discusses his role in initiating a Punjabi literary association called the “Punjabi Sahit Sabha.” His interview stresses the importance of community in the context of Punjabi literature. Moreover, he speaks to the importance of preserving Punjabi language, an issue that the “new” generation of Punjabi speakers face. Interview by then-Ph.D. student Ajay Bhardwaj. Funded by SSHRC Insight Development (430-2013-000121) and Insight (435-2017-0406) Grants.

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