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The Possibilities of Punjabi : Modern Punjabi Literature in India, Pakistan, and Beyond : [Interview with Harbhajan Bajwa] Murphy, Anne; Bhardwaj, Ajay


In this 2014 interview for Dr. Anne Murphy’s SSHRC-funded project “Transnational modern Punjabi literature and the pursuit of the secular,” Harbhajan Bajwa traces his literary upbringing back to his rural roots in which he was first introduced to photography and art. This interview is unique in that the artist himself gives a narrative description of some of his photography, explaining the histories and stories behind his art ultimately locating it within a certain time and space. Interview by then-Ph.D. student Ajay Bhardwaj. Funded by SSHRC Insight Development (430-2013-000121) and Insight (435-2017-0406) Grants.

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