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The Centre of Excellence in Cancer Prevention Archive of Website Blog Posts (October 2013 to October 2018) Gotay, Carolyn C., 1951-; Bottorff, J. L. (Joan L.), 1950-; Campbell, Kristin; Dale, Laura Chiaranna; Neil-Sztramko, Sarah E.; Seely, Kathryn; Cyca, Michelle; Kalia, Sunil; Dummer, Trevor J. B.; Ristovski-Slijepcevic, Svetlana; et al.


The Centre of Excellence in Cancer Prevention Blog was a web-based resource that was published online for five years (October 2013 through October 2018). The blog provided a regular source of accessible, evidence-based and current information on cancer prevention topics written by experts in the field. It was developed to be a useful and interesting resource for researchers, students, community organizations, policymakers, and members of the public interested in learning more about cancer prevention. Authors of blog posts include faculty from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver and Okanagan campuses, and the University of Victoria, students and staff at the Centre of Excellence in Cancer Prevention, BC Cancer, and community organizations (Canadian Cancer Society British Columbia Yukon, Canadian Cancer Society National, the BC Healthy Living Alliance, and the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation). Collectively, the blog topics comprise a tour de force of the field of cancer prevention, with special focus on activities carried out by the Centre of Excellence in Cancer Prevention and in Canada more widely during this time period. Blogs include attention to a wide array of cancer risk factors (energy balance, shiftwork, tobacco, sun exposure, nutrition, radioactivity, infections, alcohol, obesity, physical activity, and environmental exposures including climate change). A number of defined population groups with special concerns are highlighted, including Aboriginal Canadians, South Asian immigrants, gay men, men in general, Filipinos, and international variation. Issues that affect the population as a whole are also addressed, including economics, taxation, complementary and alternative medicine, and socioeconomic status. Specific intervention programs at the Centre of Excellence in Cancer Prevention are highlighted (e.g., the Breast Cancer Prevention and Risk Assessment Clinic, Cooking Class for Prostate Cancer Patients and Partners, Cancer Prevention 101, and the shiftworkers project), as well as other programs in BC and Canada (e.g., Food Explorers, It’s My Life). Please note that this is an archive and hyperlinks are no longer active.

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