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Erratum to: Exploring the effects of coexisting amyloid in subcortical vascular cognitive impairment Dao, Elizabeth; Hsiung, Ging-Yuek R; Sossi, Vesna; Jacova, Claudia; Tam, Roger; Dinelle, Katie; Best, John R; Liu-Ambrose, Teresa Aug 31, 2016

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ERRATUMErratum to: Exploring the effects ofcoexisting amyloid in subcortical vascularcognitive impairment1 2 3 laudia Jacova4, Roger Tam5,6, Katie Dinelle7,1. Dao E, Hsiung GY, Sossi V, Jacova C, Tam R, Dinelle K, et al. Exploring theDao et al. BMC Neurology  (2016) 16:157 DOI 10.1186/s12883-016-0673-58Department of Physical Therapy, University of British Columbia, 212-2177Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3, Canada* Correspondence: teresa.ambrose@ubc.ca1Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health, University of British Columbia,2215 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver, BC V6S 0A9, CanadaBMC Neurol. 2015;15:197. doi:10.1186/s12883-015-0459-1.effects of coexisting amyloid in subcortical vascular cognitive impairment.Elizabeth Dao , Ging-Yuek Robin Hsiung , Vesna Sossi , CJohn R. Best1 and Teresa Liu-Ambrose1,8*ErratumAfter publication of the original article [1], it came tothe authors’ attention that there were data entry errorsin the following variables: age, sex, education, MOCA,WML volume, and ADAS-Cog. Changes have been madeto Tables 1, 2, 3 and 4, to reflect the updated results,which are published in their correct version here. How-ever, the authors note that the study conclusions have notchanged.Author details1Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health, University of British Columbia,2215 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver, BC V6S 0A9, Canada. 2Department ofMedicine, University of British Columbia, UBC Hospital S152, 2211 WesbrookMall, Vancouver, BC V6T 2B5, Canada. 3Department of Physics andAstronomy, University of British Columbia, 6224 Agricultural Road, Vancouver,BC V6T 1Z1, Canada. 4School of Professional Psychology, Pacific University,190 SE 8th Avenue, Hillsboro, OR 97123, USA. 5Department of Radiology,University of British Columbia, 3350-950W 10th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5Z1M9, Canada. 6MS/MRI Research Group, University of British Columbia, 2215Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver, BC V6S 0A9, Canada. 7PET Group, VancouverHospital and Health Science Centre, Brain Research Centre, 2211 WestboorkMall, Vancouver, BC V6T 2B5, Canada. 8Department of Physical Therapy,University of British Columbia, 212-2177 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T1Z3, Canada.Reference© 2016 The Author(s). Open Access This articInternational License (http://creativecommonsreproduction in any medium, provided you gthe Creative Commons license, and indicate if(http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zeOpen Accessle is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0.org/licenses/by/4.0/), which permits unrestricted use, distribution, andive appropriate credit to the original author(s) and the source, provide a link tochanges were made. The Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication waiverro/1.0/) applies to the data made available in this article, unless otherwise stated.Table 1 Descriptive characteristicVariable Mean SDAge 71.73 7.91Female Sex, No. (%) 7 32Education, No. (%)High school education 6 27Trade or professional certificate or diploma 2 9University education 14 64MMSE (max. score 30) 27.50 1.95MOCA (max. score 30) 23.32 2.08WHR 0.91 0.08BMI 26.95 4.78PIB-positive, No. (%) 6 27.27Global PIB BPND 0.07 0.23WML volume (mm3), n = 16 2004.40 2761.15Cognitive AssessmentsADAS-Cog (max. score 70) 9.63 3.88Exit-25 (max. score 50) 10.59 4.38Stroop CW-C, sec. 61.44 26.01Trails B-A, sec. 50.51 24.84Digits F-B, sec. 3.23 2.79SD Standard Deviation, MMSE Mini-Mental State Examination, MOCA MontrealCognitive Assessment; WHR Waist-to-Hip Ratio, BMI Body Mass Index, ADAS-CogAlzheimer’s Disease Assessment Scale – Cognitive subscale, Exit-25 ExecutiveInterview Test, Stroop CW-W Stroop Color Words minus Stroop colored x’s, TrailsB-A Trails B (numbers and letters) minus Trails A (numbers), Digits F-B DigitsForwards minus Digits BackwardsTable 2 Correlation matrixPIB BPND Age Education APOE ε4 ADAS-Cog MOCA EXIT 25 Digits Stroop TrailsPIB BPNDAge -0.00Education -0.23 -0.39APOE ε4 0.36 0.09 -0.20ADAS-Cog 0.53* 0.16 -0.11 0.53*MOCA -0.54* -0.20 0.06 -0.11 -0.45*EXIT-25 0.13 0.20 -0.20 0.25 0.49* -0.52*Digits 0.02 0.17 -0.35 -0.45* -0.30 0.13 -0.04Stroop 0.17 -0.06 0.02 -0.11 0.27 -0.29 0.34 0.04Trails 0.19 -0.08 -0.25 0.48* 0.15 -0.18 0.29 0.01 0.13*significant at p ≤ 0.05Dao et al. BMC Neurology  (2016) 16:157 Page 2 of 3Table 3 Multiple linear regression models assessing the contribution of PIB retention on ADAS-CogIndependent variables R2 Adjusted R2 R2 Change Unstandardized B (Standard Error) Standardized β P- ValueModel 1PIB BPND 0.28 0.24 - 9.09 (3.29) 0.53 0.01Model 2Step 1 0.30 0.18 0.30Age 0.07 (0.11) 0.14 0.54Education 0.41 (1.86) 0.05 0.83APOE ε4 4.30 (1.64) 0.53 0.02Step 2 0.44 0.31 0.15*Age 0.09 (0.10) 0.18 0.37Education 1.15 (1.74) 0.14 0.52APOE ε4 3.20 (1.59) 0.39 0.06PIB BPND 7.23 (3.42) 0.42 0.05*significant at p ≤ 0.05Table 4 Multiple linear regression models assessing the contribution of PIB retention on MOCAIndependent variables R2 Adjusted R2 R2 Change Unstandardized B (Standard Error) Standardized β P- ValueModel 1PIB BPND 0.29 0.26 - -5.00 (1.74) -0.54 0.01Model 2Step 1 0.05 -0.11 0.05Age -0.06 (0.07) -0.21 0.41Education -0.22 (1.16) -0.05 0.85APOE ε4 -0.43 (1.02) -0.10 0.68Step 2 0.37 0.22 0.32*Age -0.07 (0.06) -0.28 0.20Education -0.80 (0.99) -0.18 0.43APOE ε4 0.44 (0.91) 0.10 0.63PIB BPND -5.71 (1.95) -0.62 0.01*significant at p ≤ 0.05Dao et al. BMC Neurology  (2016) 16:157 Page 3 of 3


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