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Great Hall of the Three Clarities (Sanqing dadian 三清大殿), Fengxian guan (奉仙觀) Rusk, Bruce, 1972-; Liu, Jie; Wu, Sijia


The Great Hall of the Three Clarities (Sanqing dadian 三大清殿) in the Fengxian guan 奉仙觀, a Daoist temple in Jiyuan, Henan, China. This five-bay wide hall is the main building of the temple complex, and the oldest, dating to 1184 (the first temple on the site was built in 685). The massive wooden beams and brackets are largely original. The walls and roof have been repeatedly renovated. The south-facing building lies in the north centre of the main courtyard of the temple courtyard. Photos 1 to 3 show the front entrance. Photos 4 and 5 show the construction of the west and east earth and brick walls. Photos 6 to 8 show the main altar area, including a large statue of the deified Laozi (Taishang laojun 太上老君) and tablets representing the Three Clarities worshiped in the hall: Yuanzhi tianzun 元始天尊 or Yuqing 玉清, Lingbao tianzun 靈寶天尊 or Shangqing 上清, and Daode tianzun 道德天尊 or Taiqing 太清.

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