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Stone sarcophagus Rusk, Bruce, 1972-


Stone sarcophagus with lid, stored in precincts of the Fengxian guan 奉仙觀, a Daoist temple in Jiyuan 濟源, Henan, China. Original provenance unknown. Its unidentified principal occupant was born in 1465 and died in 1533, and was buried with his wife, Mme. Zhao 趙. Stone carvings on the sides depict famous exemplars of filial piety. Photos 1 to 4 show the left side, 5 to 8 the right side, 9 to 13 the lid, 14 and 15 the foot, and 16 to 18 the head. As of May, 2017 the sarcophagus was located to the west of the Sanqing dian 三清殿 in the Fengxian guan.

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