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Screens in Vancouver: Cinemagoing and the City in 1914 [Maps: 1906-1930] McIlroy, Brian; William, Sonya; Myers, Emma


These maps were created as part of the SSHRC funded project "Screens in Vancouver: Cinemagoing and the City in 1914" (Council Grant number 430-2011-006). The project set out as its goal to advance our knowledge of the character of film exhibition in the early part of the 20th century in Vancouver, with a specific focus on 1914 as a case study. As one is dealing with broad issues, it is useful to have a permanent and accessible record of the research data on which further analysis will be made. A number of undergraduates, graduates and postdoctoral researchers have been hired on the grant to research in archives and libraries to provide empirical data and contextual information. They include undergraduates Sonya William and Emma Myers working specifically on the maps reproduced below 1906-1930. They were asked to examine the Vancouver street directories to identify performance spaces, including what was termed “legitimate” theatre (performance of live plays), vaudeville theatres, and purpose built cinemas. They then plotted these spaces onto a map of Vancouver in order to track the number and location of these theatres/cinemas. What one quickly discovers is that Vancouver gradually had two entertainment districts: along Granville Street and along Hastings Street. In this period, the more sophisticated venues opened up along Granville Street.

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