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Sport, Peace, and Development: How Can Sport Contribute to Positive Social Change? Katz, Sid; Toope, Stephen J.; Chong, Ida; Lemke, Wilifried; Lewis, Stephen; Koss, Johann Olav; Dourado, Carlos; Nzobonankira, Benjamin; Laumann, Silken; Kreek, Adam; Stone, Nikki; Rice, Anna; Rutledge, Ben


The following discussion is one of the five thought-provoking dialogues in the Sport and Society series (February 8th-March 15th 2010) featuring Olympic and Paralympic athletes who have used their celebrity to make a difference in the world. The series was hosted by Intellectual Muscle: University Dialogues for the Vancouver 2010 Games, developed by Vancouver 2010 and the University of British Columbia, in collaboration with universities across Canada and The Globe and Mail. Abstract: Globally, sport and play are increasingly garnering recognition as agents of social change with the power to contribute to national and international development goals and objectives – including the promotion of health, the achievement of education, the inclusion and empowerment of girls and women and the pursuit of peace. Just hours before the torch is lit in Vancouver, a dynamic mix of influential advocates and champions will come together in dialogue to explore the ways in which sport can be harnessed to promote global peace and development.

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