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Pecha Kucha-Inspired Olympics Forum Chau, Denise 2010

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Pecha Kucha & the Olympics IKBLC Olympic Programming Vancouver, BC January 21, 2010 HISTORICAL EVENTS, OLYMPIC GAMES, MEMORIES AND VALUESPecha Kucha Style Presentation Vancouver 2010 Rodolfo Perea rperea@ipn.mx                    Aboriginal Participation in the 2010 Games Professor Joe Weiler – Faculty of Law UBC Robin Sidsworth – Candidate for LLM Faculty of Law UBC • Musqueam First Nation • Lil’wat First Nation • Squamish First Nation • Tsleil-Waututh First Nation  Shared Legacies Agreement • November 22, 2002 • Squamish and Lil’wat First Nations • Vancouver 2010 Bid Corporation • Province of British Columbia • SLA sets the stage for aboriginal participation in the 2010 Games Shared Legacies Agreement Guaranteed Benefits • 300 acres for economic development • Skills and training project • Naming and recognition project • Funding support for the Squamish and Lil’wat Cultural Centre Shared Legacies Agreement Benefits if Bid Successful • Shared ownership of the new athletic facilities • Youth sport legacy fund • Contracting opportunities in the Callaghan Valley • A housing legacy Memorandum of Understanding • July 1, 2003 • Musqueam and Tsleil-Waututh • Vancouver 2010 Bid Corporation • Commitment to seek similar benefits for Musqueam and Tsleil-Waututh Memorandum of Understanding • “As we got a little more skilled and knowledgeable, we realized that there were Four Host First Nations. They (the two Nations that weren’t part of the SLA) chose to trust us, to sign the agreement (MOU) in Prague.  They chose to trust us that they would be treated similarly.  Chief Leonard George said we’ve decided we’re going to trust you.  That puts a lot of pressure” – Jack Poole, CEO of Vancouver Bid Corporation “If it hadn’t been for the full support of the Four Host First Nations in our bid, we likely wouldn’t be talking about Vancouver 2010 today.”   Jack Poole, VANOC Board Chairman Four Host First Nations Four Host First Nations & VANOC • November 30, 2005 Protocol Agreement FHFN/VANOC Protocol FHFN/VANOC Protocol Implementing the SLA Implementing the SLA Olympic Legacies Agreement • June 13th 2008 • Musqueam and Tsleil-Waututh • VANOC • Federal Government • Approx. $17 million each for land purchase, development, skills development and capacity building Olympic Legacies Agreement Concluding Remarks Concluding Remarks Concluding Remarks UBC’s unique Olympic Legacy Exhibit until March 1, 2010 Irving K. Barber Learning Centre 2nd floor Gallery Enter to win a Team Canada Hockey Jersey on display!              Vanri no Comparing the Host Cities of Vancouver & Torino                    Laura Fedoruk LEED AP 5th Year Engineering Physics Sustainable Sustainable Sustainabl e S ustainabl e The Commitment Social Sustainability Equality Culture Human R ights    S us ta in ab le ? Su st ai na bl e? Environmental Sustainability Building The Games    Transportation Everyone can be involved “The total set of GHG emissions caused by an organization, event or product” Carbon Offsets Money is  Green!  Accountability / Measurement  Thank You! Merci! PROJECT DATE CLIENT PLACE IM AGE IN VANCOUVER I .K .B.L.C OLYM PIC PROGRAM M ING GROUP • REDEFINING VANCOUVERISM • Place Image in Vancouver –Presented by Ali R. Jessa PHOTO CREDIT: ALI  R JESSA JANUARY 23, 2010 VANCOUVERISM •- Chamberlain. Lisa. "Trying to Build the Grand Central of the West," The New York Times 28 Dec 2005. Accessed on 5 Apr 2009. PHOTO CREDIT: ALI  R JESSA NAM ED AFTER THE CITY OF BRITISH COLUM BIA, VANCOUVERISM  IS CHARACTERIZED BY TALL, BUT WIDELY SEPARATED, SLENDER TOWERS INTERSPERSED WITH LOW- RISE BUILDINGS, PUBLIC SPACES, SM ALL PARK S AND PEDESTRIAN-FRIENDLY STREET SCAPES AND FACADES TO M INIM IZE THE IM PACT OF A HIGH-DENSITY POPULATION. VANCOUVERISM STREETSCAPES • YALETOWN PHOTO CREDIT: ALI  R JESSA PLACE IMAGE AND SENSE OF PLACE PHOTO CREDIT: ALI  R JESSA LARRY BEASLEY AND LI-KA SHING’S YALETOWN Beasley and Li-Ka Shing’s Yaletown • Roundhouse Community Centre PHOTO CREDIT: ALI  R JESSA YALETOWN AND ECODENSITY PHOTO CREDIT: FLICK R DRAGONWOM AN ECODENSITY • DOWNTOWN VANCOUVER PHOTO CREDIT: FLICK R ECSTATICIST “GREEN” VANCOUVER • STANLEY PARK PHOTO CREDIT: ALI  R JESSA LIVEABLE REGION SUSTAINABILITY PLAN • AGRICULTURAL LAND RESERVES - DELTA, BC PHOTO CREDIT: FLICK R STEPHEN REESE SUBURBAN SPRAWL • SURREY PHOTO CREDIT: ALI  R JESSA RENT INCREASE • COAL HARBOR PHOTO CREDIT: ALI  R JESSA A DIFFERENT BRAND OF VANCOUVERISM • THE DIVISION BETWEEN THE WESTEND AND THE EAST-SIDE PHOTO CREDIT: FLICK R HONEYM AY EXPERIENCING TOO MUCH VANCOUVERISM • STANLEY PARK PHOTO CREDIT: ALI  R JESSA THE RESORT CITY • WOODWARDS TOWER PHOTO CREDIT: ALI  R JESSA THE RESORT CITY • FOREIGN REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT IN COAL HARBOR PHOTO CREDIT: ALI  R JESSA CONDOMINIUMS VS. HEAD OFFICES • THE WESTEND PHOTO CREDIT: FLICK R STEWART LACK OF AFFORDABLE HOUSING • YALETOWN PHOTO CREDIT: ALI  R JESSA TRANSPORTATION IN VANCOUVER • THE CANADA LINE PHOTO CREDIT: ALI  R JESSA WHAT KIND OF CITY IS VANCOUVER • $2020/SQ. FT.  BY 2020? PHOTO CREDIT: ALI  R JESSA WHAT WILL THE FUTURE HOLD • OLYMPIC RINGS IN FRONT OF CANADA PLACE PHOTO CREDIT: ALI  R JESSA


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