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Theory and key concepts in gender, sex, and health research Institute of Gender and Health


Leading experts present a foundational introduction to the field of gender, sex, and health research. Participants will expand their understanding of: 1. The differences between sex and gender, while taking into account the complexities of each category (Dr. Joy Johnson); 2. How paradigms inform definitions and designs in gender, sex, and health research (Dr.Blye Frank); 3. The concept of intersectionality, and how other markers of social difference intersect with gender and sex (Dr. Olena Hankivsky); and 4. How gender and sex can be integrated in health research, as well as best practices and emerging innovations in the field (Dr. Gillian Einstein). Presenters: Dr. Joy Johnson, Scientific Director, CIHR Institute of Gender and Health; Dr. Blye Frank, Chair, Institute Advisory Board, Institute of Gender and Health; Professor and Head of Division of Medical Education, Dalhousie University; Dr. Olena Hankivsky, Associate Professor, Public Policy Program, Simon Fraser University; Dr. Gillian Einstein, Associate Professor, Departments of Psychology and Public Health Sciences, University of Toronto.

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