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Film Listings By Cinema and Newspaper in Vancouver from January to December 1914 McIlroy, Brian; Lester, Peter; Tabbarraee, Babak; Inouye, Shaun; Clerici, Nathen; Ferguson, Joshua; Evans, Christine; Burgess, Diane


This SSHRC funded project (Council Grant number 430-2011-006) set out as its goal to advance our knowledge of the character of film exhibition in the early part of the 20th century in Vancouver, with a specific focus on 1914 as a case study. Dr. Peter Lester researched the majority of the theatre data. Graduate Students Babak Tabbarraee, Shaun Inouye, Nathen Clerici, Joshua Ferguson, and Dr. Christine Evans, and Dr. Diane Burgess have contributed to these data and contextual matters. The following dataset is one the of three surrounding 1914 exhibition history in Vancouver. In this dataset, the four main newspapers that published in Vancouver at this time –The Province, The Vancouver Sun, The Vancouver Daily World, and The Vancouver News-Advertiser were scanned for advertisements and notices of film screenings. We discovered that only a small number of theatres did advertise films compared to the theatre list found on the maps which can be found in cIRcle http://hdl.handle.net/2429/45267. The second dataset, a comparison of 1914 film listings in Vancouver, Seattle and Winnipeg is located in the "Screens in Vancouver: Cinemagoing and the City in 1914" collection in cIRcle. A comparison with Toronto and Montreal will follow in early 2014.

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