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Comparison of 1914 Film Listings in Newspapers in Three Cities: Vancouver, Seattle, Winnipeg McIlroy, Brian; Lester, Peter; Tabbarraee, Ba; Inouye, Shaun; Clerici, Nathen; Ferguson, Joshua; Evans, Christine; Burgess, Diane 2013

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Brian McIlroy Screens in Vancouver: Cinemagoing and the City in 1914   Comparison of Film Listings in Newspapers in Three Cities: Master List (LEGEND)  This document provides the legend for abbreviated cinema names in the three cities (Seattle, Winnipeg and Vancouver) identified in the, “Comparison of Film Listings in Newspapers in Three Cities: Master List,” part of the SSHRC funded project (Council Grant number 430-2011-006) led by UBC Film Studies Professor Brian McIlroy,  Screens in Vancouver: Cinemagoing and the City in 1914 https://circle.ubc.ca/handle/2429/45204   SEATTLE Alaska – Ala. Alhambra – Alh. Circuit – Cir. Class A. – CLA. Clemmer – Cle. Colonial – Colo. Dream – Dre. Empress – Emp. The Grand Opera House – GOH. Liberty – Lib. Madison – Mad. Melbourne – Mel. Metropolitan – Met. Mission – Mis. Moore – Moo. Orpheum – Orp. Seattle – Sea. Temple Baptist Church - TBC Tivoli – Tiv.  Winnipeg Colonial – Colo. Columbia – colu. Eldorado – Eld. Empress – Emp. Furby – Fur. Gaiety – Gai. Majestic – Maj. Orpheum – Orp. Pantages – Pan. Province – Pro. Starland – Sta. Walker – Wal. Winnipeg – Win. Brian McIlroy Screens in Vancouver: Cinemagoing and the City in 1914    Vancouver Airdome – Air. Alcazar – Alc. Arena Rink – ArR. Avenue – Ave. Colonial – Colo. Columbia – Colu. Dominion - Dom Empress – Emp. English Bay Airdome – EBA. Globe – Glo. Granville – Gra. Imperial – Imp. Loew’s – Loe. Maple Leaf – Map. Orpheum – Orp. Pantages – Pan. Regal – Reg. Rex Tomlinson Hall – ToH  


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