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Wash With Care: Laundry Instructions Murphy, David; Nicol, Anne-Marie


This project received an honourable mention in the UBC Library's 2011 Innovative Dissemination of Research Award competition. Wash With Care is a community-based, collaborative research project aimed at raising awareness about pesticide safety in farming communities in BC’s Lower Mainland. The project uses a series of Public Service Announcement videos to communicate information about how to safely launder pesticide-contaminated clothing. Because the primary audience for this information is Punjabi-speaking women, the videos feature a specially-choreographed bhangra dance and well-known Punjabi actors to disseminate its message. This video provides step-by-step instructions for how to launder clothing that has been worn during farm work or pesticide application. It is accompanied by text-based resources (in English and Punjabi) that lay out the laundry instructions in detail. These text-based resources were transformed into magnets that adhere to washing machines. Learn more about this project at http://www.washwithcare.ca

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