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It Takes A Team: Families Talk About Traveling for Care for Advanced Cancer Robinson, C.A 2011

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   ☐   Family ☐   Friends ☐   Neighbours ☐   Doctors ☐   Nurses ☐   Pharmacists ☐   Other families undergoing        treatment ☐   Social workers ☐   Counselors ☐   Other ________________ Before making the commute I will: ☐   Practice driving with a        friend ☐   Arrange care for children        and the animals ☐   Make sure my vehicle has        proper tires ☐   Check fluids ☐   Ask someone to share the        driving We learned quickly that there is no such thing as being too prepared.  ☐ List of medications and doctors’ names  ☐ Extra medication (for both of us)  ☐ Extra clothing (for both of us)  ☐ Blanket and pillows  ☐ Road maps or GPS  ☐ Snacks and water  ☐ Peppermints for dry mouth  ☐ Bucket with lid  ☐ Wet wipes  ☐ Activities to pass the time (e.g., talking or books)  ☐ Cell phone and charger  ☐ Flashlight  ☐ First aid kit  ☐ Candles  ☐ Other: ______________________________________   • Ask for the video or pamphlet Financial Information for Cancer Patients. • Ask to speak with a patient and family counsellor, they are the experts and are there to help. ☐   Mow the lawn ☐   Look after the kids on        Wednesday afternoon ☐   Make dinners that can        be frozen and reheated ☐   Take care of the animals ☐   Clean the bathrooms        and wash the floors ☐   Help with the laundry ☐   Do some of the driving ☐   Plow the snow ☐     _________________  


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