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Wash With Care: Laundry Instructions Murphy, David; Nicol, Anne-Marie 2010-5-23

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Wash with care Launder protective clothing after each use. Wash separately from regular laundry. Discard any pesticide-soaked clothing. Always use gloves. Pre-soak clothes. Use HOT water (140°F/60°C). Use the highest water level. Use the longest wash cycle. Use STRONG detergent. Use two FULL cycles for heavily contaminated clothes. Hang clothes to dry in sun. Clean washing machine after use (full cycle with no clothes).  www.washwithcare.ca   kµm dy k`pVy hr vwr vrqx qoN bwAd Dovo[ kµm dy k`pVy Awm k`piVAW qoN Al`g Dovo[ kItnwSk dvweIAW nwl il`bVy k`pVy su`t idau[ hmySW dsqwny vrqo[ k`pVy pwxI iv`c fubo ky r`Ko[ grm pwxI vrqo (140 ifgrI PwrnhIt jW 60 ifgrI sYNtIgryf) v`D pwxI nwl k`pVy Dovo[ izAwdw dyr leI k`pVy Dovo[ k`pVy Dox vwlw qyz pwaUfr vrqo[ izAwdw ilbVy k`piVAW nµU do vwr Dovo[ D`up iv`c k`piVAW nµU sukwau[ Dox qoN bwd vwiSµg-mSIn nµU Dovo qy swP kro[  www.washwithcare.ca  


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