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Corrigendum to J. Appl. Meteor., 38, 1262–1292. Grimmond, C. S. B. 2011

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2494 VOLUME 39J O U R N A L O F A P P L I E D M E T E O R O L O G Y q 2000 American Meteorological Society CORRIGENDUM C. S. B. GRIMMOND Atmospheric Science Program, Department of Geography, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana T. R. OKE Department of Geography, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada In Grimmond and Oke (1999), we inadvertently misstated Eqs. (10) and (15). The equations should appear as follows: Ba0 is  0.4 z 5 (z 2 z ) exp 2 (10) 0 H d 0.5 C L z 1 C L zO Odb y,ib H dt y,it Hib it0.5 1 2AT  and Rad is 0.5z 1 2 exp[2(c 2l ) ]d d1 F5 1 2 . (15) 0.55 6z (c 2l )H d1 F All terms are defined in Grimmond and Oke (1999). These errors are typographical and do not affect the content of the paper. REFERENCE Grimmond, C. S. B., and T. R. Oke, 1999: Aerodynamic properties of urban areas derived from analysis of surface form. J. Appl. Meteor., 38, 1262–1292. Corresponding author address: Dr. Sue Grimmond, Atmospheric Science Program, Indiana University, Student Building 104, 701 E. Kirkwood Ave., Bloomington, IN 47405-7100. E-mail: Grimmon@indiana.edu


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