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Publications of the Faculty and Staff July 1, 1960 -- June 30, 1961 University of British Columbia; University of British Columbia. Library; Smith, Anne M. 1962-06-14

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1962PUBLICATIONSThe University of British ColumbiaVancouverof the Facultyand Staff1962PUBLICATIONSof the Facultyand StaffSeptember I, 1960to August 31, 1961The University of British ColumbiaVancouver, 1962CONTENTSPrefaceDESIGNED AND PRINTED BY THE MORRIS S PRINTING COMPANYLTD., VICTORIANUMBER I12‘4‘9324056636672798894177185199777205208209232281299398424441450457493498499507AdministrationDepartment of Agricultural EconomicsDepartment of Agricultural MechanicsDepartment of AnatomyDivision of Animal ScienceDepartment of Anthropology and SociologySchool of ArchitectureDepartment of Asian StudiesDepartment of Bacteriology and ImmunologyDepartment of BiochemistryDepartment of Biology and BotanyDepartment of Chemical EngineeringDepartment of ChemistryDepartment of Civil EngineeringDepartment of ClassicsFaculty of Commerce and Business AdministrationComputing CentreDepartment of Continuing Medical EducationCounselling, Placement, Staff Personnel,Veterans’ ServicesDepartment of Economics and Political ScienceCollege of EducationDepartment of Electrical EngineeringDepartment of EnglishFaculty of ForestryDepartment of GeographyDepartment of GeologyDepartment of GermanDepartment of History and International StudiesDepartment of the History of Medicine andScienceSchool of Home EconomicsFaculty of LawSchool of LibrarianshipCONTENTSTHE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA PUBLICATIONSDepartment ofMathematicsDepartment ofMechanical EngineeringDepartment ofMedicineDepartment of Miningand MetallurgyDepartment of MusicSchool of NursingDepartment of Obstetricsand GyncologyInstitute ofOceanographyDepartment of PdiatricsDepartment of PathologyDepartment ofPharmacologyFaculty of PharmacyDepartment ofPhilosophySchool of PhysicalEducation and RecreationDepartment of PhysicsDepartment of PhysiologyDivision of PlantScienceDepartment of PoultryScienceDepartment of PreventiveMedicineDepartment of PsychiatryDepartment of PsychologyDepartment of RomanceStudiesDepartment of SlavonicStudiesSchool of Social WorkDepartment of Soil ScienceDepartment of SurgeryDepartment of UniversityExtension857 Departmentof Zoology(including the Institute ofFisheries)904 Editors-in-ChiefIndexThis list, which is published under the general auspices of the PublicationsCommittee, is an attempt to give a picture of the activities of faculty andstaff through their publications. As usual the number of entries shows asubstantial increase over that of the previous year. A rapid survey of thelists since 1950 proved both interesting and gratifying, for it indicated thatthe work of the faculty is being published from Sweden to Hong Kong andfrom East Africa to Australia. Better still is its appearance in such journalsas the Transactions of the Royal Society, Nature, and the American journalof physiology, to name only a few.Not everything submitted can be included. Abstracts, unless they representthe sole publication of the material, introductions, unless of some lengthand genuinely critical, news notes from the field, however useful to the menconcerned, and translations, unless Of a substantial work and of true literaryvalue, are all omitted.Since last year’s arrangement under departments proved satisfactory, ithas been continued. As a further measure of economy, joint authors areindicated merely by cross references to numbered items.I wish to express my appreciation of the work of Mrs. MargaretFukuyama, who did all the typing and most of the “leg work”.ANNE M. SMITH, Compiler and Editor.NUMBER 520 LibraryBIBLIOGRAPHY SERIES NO. 12Preface5435905926196276346366416626766836868969373274075°76076578379’8xi8,6824828847PrefaceThis list, which is published under the general auspices of the PublicationsCommittee, is an attempt to give a picture of the activities of faculty andstaff through their publications. As usual the number of entries shows asubstantial increase over that of the previous year. A rapid survey of thelists since 1950 proved both interesting and gratifying, for it indicated thatthe work of the faculty is being published from Sweden to Hong Kong andfrom East Africa to Australia. Better still is its appearance in such journalsas the Transactions of the Royal Society, Nature, and the American journalof physiology, to name only a few.Not everything submitted can be included. Abstracts, unless they representthe sole publication of the material, introductions, unless of some lengthand genuinely critical, news notes from the field, however useful to the menconcerned, and translations, unless of a substantial work and of true literaryvalue, are all omitted.Since last year’s arrangement under departments proved satisfactory, ithas been continued. As a further measure of economy, joint authors areindicated merely by cross references to numbered items.I wish to express my appreciation of the work of Mrs. MargaretFukuyama, who did all the typing and most of the “leg work”.ANNE M. SMITH, Compiler and Editor.THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA PUBLICATIONSBIBLIOGRAPHY SERIES NO. 12CONTENTSNUMBER 520 Library543Department of Mathematics590 Departmentof Mechanical Engineering592 Departmentof Medicine619 Departmentof Mining and Metallurgy627 Departmentof Music634 School ofNursing636 Departmentof Obstetricsand Gymecology641 Institute ofOceanography651 Departmentof Pdiatrics662 Departmentof Pathology676 Departmentof Pharmacology683 Faculty ofPharmacy685 Departmentof Philosophy689 School ofPhysical Education and Recreation693 Departmentof Physics732 Departmentof Physiology740 Division ofPlant Science750 Departmentof Poultry Science760 Departmentof Preventive Medicine765 Departmentof Psychiatry783 Departmentof Psychology791 Department ofRomance Studies811 Department ofSlavonic Studies816 School ofSocial Work824 Departmentof Soil Science828 Departmentof Surgery847 Departmentof University Extension857 Departmentof Zoology(including the Instituteof Fisheries)904Editors-in-ChiefIndex5PUBLICATIONS OF THE FACULTY ANDSTAFFSEPTEMBER 1, 1960- AUGUST 31,1961ADMINISTRATIONANDREW, GEOFFREY C. “The role of the National federationof iCanadian university students in the development of anationalculture.” National federation of Canadian universitystudents.National seminar. Report 3:206-13 1960.Topic: Education, research, and national development.“Utilization of resources and institutions for research.”Agricultural 2institute review i6:16-20+July-August 1961.GRAUER, A. E. “The export of electricity from Canada.” In Cana-3adian issues; essays in honour of Henry F. Angus, ed. by Robert M.Clark. Toronto, University of Toronto press, 1961.p.248-85.“Welcome address.” National federation of Canadian university 4students. National seminar. Report 3:47-55 1960.Topic:Education, research, and national development.Held at the University of British Columbia August 28 September 4 1960MACKENZIE, NORMAN A M ‘Canada must solve its own problems”5New York herald tribunep.28 Thursday November 171960.“Canada resents being taken for granted’ New York heraldtribune 6p.28 Wednesday November i6 1960.“The expansion of higher education in Canada” International asso7ciation of universities. Papers 6:67-75 1960.Title: The expansion of higher education.“Federal aid to education.” U.B.C. alumni chronicle 15:14-6 Sum-8mer 1961.“The transition years.” In New horizons for Canada’s children;9proceedings of the first Canadian conference on children, ed. byB. W. Heise. Toronto, University of Toronto press, 1961.p.135-7.World peace through world law Grenville Clark andLouis B 10Sohn.2d ed. rev. S.J.Reginald Saunders. Canadian forum 4171-2 June 1961. Review.WALLIS, JOHN H. “Your certification.” BC teacher 40:289-90+ IIMarch 1961.DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICSANDERSON, w. j. “Maintaining the vitality of the A.I.C.” Agri- 12cultural institute review 16:30-I July-August 1961.Presidential address to the 41st annual meeting of the Agricultural instituteof Canada, Regina, Sask., June 1961.7“Prospects for Canadian agriculture.”National federation of Canadian university students. Nationalseminar. Report : 15 o-6 1 1960.Topic: Education, research, and nationaldevelopment.DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURALMECHANICSSTALEY, L. M. A new self-propelledmachine for removing droppings from laying-cage houses. L. M.Staley and G. R. Komorowski. Victoria, B.C., Queen’s printer,1961. (B.C. Department ofagriculture. Agricultural engineeringdivision. Bulletin A.E. ii)STALEY, L. M. and WATSON, E. L.“Some design aspects of refrigerated potato storages.” Canadianagricultural engineering 3:20-2 January 1961.WATSON, E. L. “Food processing key torising food costs.” Countrylife in British Columbia 47:9 July 1961.“(Plate heat exchangers) Flow characteristics.”E. L. Watson,A. A. McKillop, W. L. Dunkley, and R. L.Perry. Industrial andengineering chemistry 52:733-40 September1960.A survey of electrical equipment in useon B.C. farms. Victoria,B.C., American society of agriculturalengineers, October 1960.13 p.Paper presented at the Annual conference,PNW section ASAE, Victoria,B.C., October ig6o.DEPARTMENT OF ANATOMYCONSTANTINIDES, PARIS“Production of advanced cholesterol I9atherosclerosis in the rabbit.” P.Constantinides,J.Booth, andG. Carlson with the technicalassistance of B. Cox, R. Nakashima,and K. Williams. Archives ofpathology 70:712-24 December 1960.“Rabbit arterial thrombosis production bysystemic procedures.” 20P. Constantinides and R. N. Chakravarti.Archives of pathology72:197-208 August 1961.FRIEDMAN, SYDNEY M. “Cationicexchange and control of blood 21pressure.” Medical clinics of North America45:285-300 March1961.“Sodium and potassium shifts associatedwith peripheral resistance 22changes in the dog.” James D. Jamiesonand Sydney M. Friedman.Federation proceedings 2o: 114 March 1961 PartI.FRIEDMAN, SYDNEY M. and CONSTANCE L.“The use of ion- 23specific glasses in biological systems.” Anatomicalrecord i 38:129-36 October 1960.8FRIEDMAN, SYDNEY M. and CONSTANCE L., andNAKASHIMA, 24MIYOSHX “Accelerated appearance of DCA hypertensionin ratstreated with pitressin.” Endocrinology 67:752-9 December1960.“Additive extrarenal effects of small doses of pitressin andDCA or 25aldosterone.” American journal of physiology 199:1195-8 December 1960.FRIEDMAN, SYDNEY M. and SRETER, FRANK A. “Effectsof vaso- 26pressin on sodium, potassium and water distribution inrat gastrocnemius muscle.” Endocrinology 69:386-8 August 1961.HINKE, JOSEPH A. M. “The measurement of sodium and potassium27activities in the squid axon by means of cation-selective glassmicro-electrodes.” Journal of physiology 156:314-35 April 1961.SCHERRER, HARALD . “Cardio-vascular and respiratorychanges 28following intracarotid injection of hypertonic saline in therat.”Anatomical record 139:271 February 1961.SRETER, FRANK A. and FRIEDMAN, SYDNEY M. “Effect of pitres- 29sin on cationic exchange and muscular activity in the dibenzyleneblocked rat gastrocnemius.” Society for experimental biologyandmedicine. Proceedings I o6: 10-3 January i 961.“The effects of adrenergic blockade on cationic exchanges in con-30tracting muscle.” Journal of pharmacology and experimentaltherapeutics 131:158-66 February 1961.WEBBER, WILLIAM A. “Interactions of amino acids in renal tubular31transport.” W. A. Webber,J.L. Brown and R. F. Pitts (with thetechnical assistance ofJ.L. Klein). American journal of physiology200:380-6 February 1961.DIVISION OF ANIMAL SCIENCECAMPBELL, j. j. K. “Nitrogenous compounds as substrates for 32endogenous respiration in microorganisms.” Audrey F. GronlundandJ. J.R. Campbell. Journal of bacteriology 81:721-4 May1961.“Role of xanthine oxidase in the reduction of resazurin by raw milk.”33J. J.R. Campbell and Lynette B. Keur. Journal of dairy science44:425-9 March 1961.“Substrate-dependent phosphorylation in resting cells of Pseudomonas 34aeruginosa.” C. A. Strasdine,J. J.R. Campbell, H. P. C. Hogenkamp, andJ.N. Campbell. Canadian journal of microbiology :91-7 February ig6i.EAGLES, BLYTHE A. “Agricultural extension at U.B.C. past and35present.” In Seminar on agricultural extension in British Columbia. Proceedingsp.9-23 1961.Held at the University of British Columbia, May 18, 1961.913‘415i8KITTS, WARREN n. “Cellulose digestion in thebeaver (Castor canadensis)” A. Currier, W. D. Kitts, and I.McT. Cowan. 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In Libraries and librarians of the Pacific Northwest,ed. by Morton Kroll. Seattle, University of Washington press, 1960.(Pacific Northwest library association. Library development project reports v.4) p. 51-137.“Superintendency versus superintendents: a critical essay.” Harvard 50educational review 30:372-93 Fall 1960.Theories of society; foundations of modern sociological theory. Ed. 51by Talcott Parsons, Edward Shils, Kaspar D. Naegele and Jesse R.Pitts. New York, The free press of Glencoe, inc., 1961. 2 v.SUTTLES, WAYNE Okinawa:the history of an island people. By 52George H. Kerr. Rutland, Vermont, and Tokyo, Charles E. Tuttleco., 1958. 542p.Pacific affairs 34:85-7 Spring 1961. Review.“Pattern and change in Halkomelem Salem dialects.” William W.53Elmendorf and Wayne Suttles. Anthropological linguistics 2:1-32October 1960.WILLMOTT, WILLIAM E. The Eskimo community at Port Harrison,54P.Q. 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