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Publications of the Faculty and Staff July 1, 1961 -- June 30, 1962 University of British Columbia 2010

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PUBLICATIONS of the Faculty and Staff SEPTEMBER 1, 1961 TO AUGUST 31, 1962 THE UNWERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA VANCOUVER, DECEMBER 1962 a: ___ _ PUBLICATIONS of the Faculty and Staff SEPTEMBER 1, 1961 TO AUGUST 31, 1962 THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA VANCOUVER, DECEMBER 1962 F •V DESIGNED AND PRINTED BY THE MORRISS PRINTING COMPANY LTD., VICTORIA NUMBER I 7 20 24 40 47 55 59 7’ 84 90 ‘55 162 167 ‘74 ‘75 176 192 201 243 251 3,7 321 334 350 361 369 389 392 398 404 Administration 3 Department of Agricultural Mechanics Department of Anatomy Division of Animal Science Department of Anthropology and Sociology School of Architecture Department of Asian Studies Department of Bacteriology and Immunology Department of Biochemistry Department of Biology and Botany Department of Chemical Engineering Department of Chemistry Department of Civil Engineering Department of Classics Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration Department of Continuing Medical Education Counselling, Placement, Staff Personnel, Veterans’ Services Institute of Earth Sciences Department of Economics and Political Science College of Education Department of Electrical Engineering Department of English Department of Fine Arts Faculty of Forestry Department of Geography Department of Geology Department of German Department of History and International Studies Department of the History of Medicine and Science Faculty of Law School of Librarianship Library CONTENTS Preface CONTENTS NUMBER 418 436 443 453 459 Department of Mathematics Department of Mechanical Engineering Department of Medicine Department of Metallurgy Department of Mining and Geological Engineering 460 Department of Music 461 Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 466 Institute of Oceanography 482 Department of Paediatrics 497 Department of Pathology 513 Department of Pharmacology 519 Faculty of Pharmacy 520 Department of Philosophy 524 School of Physical Education and Recreation 528 Department of Physics 562 Department of Physiology 575 Division of Plant Science 577 Department of Poultry Science 579 Department of Preventive Medicine 584 Department of Psychiatry 598 Department of Psychology 599 Department of Romance Studies 604 Department of Slavonic Studies 615 School of Social Work 619 Department of Soil Science 624 Department of Surgery 647 Department of University Extension 648 Department of Zoology (including the Institute of Fisheries) 685 Editors-in-Chief Index THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA PUBLICATIONS BIBLIOGRAPHY SERIES NO. 13 Preface This list, which is published under the general auspices of the Publications Committee, is an attempt to indicate the activities of the faculty and staff through their published work. For the first time the total number of entries is smaller than that of the preceding year because of the early deadline. We hope to pick up the items which were received too late for this list in the next issue. To all the faculty members who sent in promptly, books, journals, or reprints (with complete bibliographical details supplied where necessary), my most grateful thanks. This courtesy saved us hours of time. Once again I wish to express my appreciation of the work of Mrs. Margaret Fukuyama who typed the list within the allotted time despite difficulties. October 17, 1962 ANNE M. SMITH, Compiler and Editor. 5 PUBLICATIONS OF THE FACULTY AND STAFF SEPTEMBER I, 1961 — AUGUST 31, 1962 ADMINISTRATION JEFFELS, RONALD R. “A fall of birds.” Maclean’s 74:21+ No- i vember4 196i. MACKENZIE, NORMAN A. M. The autobiography of James T. Shot- 2 well. New York, Bobbs-Merrill; Toronto, McClelland & Stewart, 1961. 347 p. International journal i7: 165-7 Spring 1962. Re view. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURAL MECHANICS STALEY, L. M. “Recent developments in potato sprayer research,” 3 by T. A. Windt and L. M. Staley. Canadian agricultural engineer ing 4:36-8+ January 1962. WATSON, E. L. “Convert poultry manure to liquid; new method.” 4 Country life in British Columbia 48:20-I July 1962. “New B.C. Institute of technology.” Canadian food industries 33: 5 38-40 March 1962. “Variations in heat treatment of individual product particles in plate 6 heat exchangers.” W. L. Dunkley, E. L. Watson, and A. A. McKillop. Food technology 15:400-3 September 1961. DEPARTMENT OF ANATOMY CONSTANTINIDES, pis “Advanced atherosclerosis of the human 7 type in the rabbit.” International symposium on drugs affecting lipid metabolism, Milan, June 1960. Proceedings i :277-87 [19611 Title of proceedings: Drugs affecting lipid metabolism. - “Estriol and prednisolone in rabbit atherosclerosis.” P. Constanti nides, N. Gutmann-Auersperg, D. Hospes, and K. Williams. Ar chives of pathology 73:277-80 April 1962. “Production of experimental atherosclerosis in animals.” Journal of atherosclerosis research i :374-85 December 1961. FRIEDMAN, SYDNEY M. “Measurement of sodium and potassium i o by glass electrodes.” Methods of biochemical analysis 10:71-106 1962. - “Sodium and potassium shifts associated with peripheral resistance i i changes in the dog.” By James D. Jamieson and Sydney M. Fried man. Circulation research 9:996-1004 September 1961. 7 / ‘ -4 .- .,—,‘ 8 9 “Sodium and tension in an artery segment.” By Sydney M. Friedman 12 and D. Bruce Allardyce. Circulation research II :84-9 July 1962. FRIEDMAN, SYDNEY M. and CONSTANCE L. “The relation of salt and water homeostasis to blood pressure with some reference to age ing.” Czechoslovak academy of sciences. Symposium on the development of homeostasis with special reference to factors of the environmert, Pragu; 1960. [Papers] 1961. p. 123-31. “Sodium and potassium exchanges and peripheral vascular resist- 14 ance.” American journal of cardiology 8:564-70 October 1961. FRIEDMAN, SYDNEY M. and NAKASHIMA, MIYOsHI “Single 15 sample analysis with the sodium electrode.” Analytical biochemistry 2:568-75 December 1961. SCHERRER, HARALD F. “Hypothalamic influences on electrical activity in the renal nerve of the rat.” Acta neurovegetativa 23: 499-522 März 1962. “Nature of the post-excitatory inhibition of sympathetic discharge.” Canadian federation of biological societies. Proceedings 5:72-3 1962. SRETER, FRANK A. “Relation of ionic distribution to work perform- i8 ance in young and old rats.” Federation proceedings 21 :317 March- April1962. WEBBER, WILLIAM A. “Interactions of neutral and acidic amino acids in renal tubular transport.” William A. Webber (with the technical assistance of Joel Klein) American journal of physiology 202:577- 83 March 1962. DIVISION OF ANIMAL SCIENCE KITTS, WARREN D. “Estrogen-like substances in legumes and grasses; the influence of fractionation and route of administration on the estrogenic activity of plant materials.” D. Ostrovsky and W. D. Kitts. Canadian journal of biochemistry and physiology 4o: 159-64 February 1962. NEILSON, NORA E. “Aconitic hydrase from Aspergillus niger; cis- 21 aconitate + H20 F citrate.” Methods in enzymology 5:614-6 1961. WOOD, A. j. “Nutritional requirements of the mink.” Western fur 22 farmer I: io-i April 1962. “Periodicity of growth in ungulates as shown by deer of the genus 23 Odocoileus.” A. J. Wood, I. McT. Cowan, and H. C. Nordan. Canadian journal of zoology 40:593-603 July 1962. See also nos. 55, 653. DEPARTMENT OF ANTHROPOLOGY AND SOCIOLOGY / BELSHAW, CYRIL s. “On gathering population data.” South Pacific 24 bulletin 11:34+ October 1961. BORDEN, CHARLES E. Cultural sequences at The Dalles, Oregon: a contribution to Pacific Northwest prehistory. L. S. Cressman in collaboration with David L. Cole, Wilbur A. Davis, Thomas M. Newman, Daniel J. Scheans. American philosophical society. Transactions n.s., v.50, pt.I0. Philadelphia, 1960. io8 p. figures, maps, appendices. American antiquity 27:437-8 January 1962. Review. Fraser River archaeological project; progress report April 20, 1961. 26 Ottawa, Department of northern affairs and national resources, December 29 1961. 6 p. (National museum of Canada. Anthro pology papers no. i) DUNNING, R. WILLIAM “An aspect of recent Eskimo polygyny and 27 wife-lending in the eastern Arctic.” Human organization 2I 17- 20 Spring 1962. “Indians and Eskimos.” In Britannica book of the year; the year 28 in Canada 1962. p. 37. HAWTHORN, AUDREY E. Japanese music and musical instruments. 29 By William P. Malm. Rutland, Vt. and Tokyo, Charles E. Tuttle Co., 1959. 299 p. Pacific affairs 34:306 Fall 1961. Review. HAWTHORN, HARRY B. “The artist in tribal society: the Northwest Coast.” In The artist in tribal society; proceedings of a symposium held at the Royal anthropological institute, ed. by Marian W. Smith. London, Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1961. p. 59-70. (Royal anthro pological institute. Occasional paper no. i) Method in social anthropology. Selected essays by A. R. Radcliffe- 3’ Brown. Ed. by M. N. Srinivas. Chicago, University of Chicago press, 1958. 189 p. Pacific affairs 34:418 Winter 1961-62. Review. LYMAN, STANFORD M. The Oriental in North America. Vancouver, 32 B.C., Department of university extension, University of British Columbia, 1962. 67 p. A series of i i lectures given on CBU Radio. “Overseas Chinese in America and Indonesia: a review article.” 33 Pacific affairs 34:380-9 Winter 1961-62. The quest for equality—the Constitutions, Congress and the Supreme 34 Court. Robert J. Harris. Louisiana state university press. Uni versity of British Columbia law review I :595-6 April 1962. Review. 13 25 iG ‘7 20 30 8 MEISSNER, MARTIN Problems in the measurement of educational television consumption. Eugene, Ore., Institute for community 9 35 studies, November ig6i. 54 P. (Educational television project Preliminary report no. 4) At head of title: Studies in resistances to cultural innovations. NAEGELE, KASPAR D. “Youth and society; some observations.” 36 Daedalus; journal of the American academy of arts and science i: 47-67 Winter 1962. RICHMOND, ANTHONY H. The cultural integration of immigrants. 37 By W. D. Borne, et al. Paris and New York, Unesco, 1959. 297 p. Pacific affairs 34:320 Fall 1961. Review. WILLMOTT, WILLIAM E. The overseas Chinese. By Lois Mitchison. 38 London, Bodley head, 1961. 93 p. (Background books, ed. by Stephen Watts) Pacific affairs 34:307-8 Fall 1961. Review. The struggle for survival; Indian cultures and the Protestant ethic 39 in British Columbia. Forrest E. La Violette. Toronto, University of Toronto press, c1961. 201 p. illus. British Columbia library quarterly 25:35-6 January 1962. Review. SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE OBERLANDER, H. PETER “Planning education for newly inde- 40 pendent countries.” American institute of planners. Journal 28: 116-23 May 1962. ROGATNICK, ABRAHAM “Essence of city.” Canadian literature II: 41 77-8 Winter 1962. Review. “John Korner.” Canadian art 19:134-5 March/April 1962. “Onley.” Canadian art 19:146-7 March/April 1962. “Roy K. Kiyooka.” Canadian art i: 132-3 March/April 1962. 44 “The Palace Grand Theatre; reconstruction of a gold rush era opera 45 house in the Yukon.” R. M. Garret and A. Rogatnick. Royal architectural institute of Canada. Journal 39:63-6 April 1962. WISNICKI, B. PAUL “Architects and the structure.” Royal archi- 46 tectural institute of Canada. Journal 38:65-9 September 1961. DEPARTMENT OF ASIAN STUDIES HO, PING-TI Mei Lan-fang, leader of the pear garden. By A. C. 47 Scott. Hong Kong, Hong Kong university press; New York and London, Oxford university press, 1959. 139 p. Pacific affairs 34: 403-4 Winter 1961-62. Review. “Some problems of Shang culture and institutions: a review article.” 48 Pacific affairs 34:291-7 Fall 1961. HOWES, JOHN F. Japanese genre painting: the lively art of Renais sance Japan. By Kondo Ichitaro. Translated by Roy Andrew Miller. Rutland, Vt., and Tokyo, Japan, Charles E. Tuttle co., 1961. 148 p. Trades and crafts of Old Japan: leaves from a con temporary album. By Eric A. Kaemmerer. Rutland, Vt., and Tokyo, Japan, Charles E. Tuttle CO., 1961. I 14 p. Pacific affairs 35:179-80 Summer 1962. Review. KATO, SHUICHI The flower and willow world: the world of the geisha. By A. C. Scott. New York, Orion press, 1960. 208 p. Pacific affairs 34:396-7 Winter 1961-62. Review. “Nihon no shimbun — gaikoku no shimbun.” Asahi janaru 4:20-5 June 17 1962. LANGDON, FRANK C. “Big business lobbying in Japan: the case of 52 central bank reform.” American political science review 55:527-38 September 1961. “Organized interests in Japan and their influence on political parties.” 53 Pacific affairs 34:271-8 Fall 1961. Post-war democratization in Japan. v.i, nO.1 (1961) of Inter- 54 national social science journal. Paris, Unesco, 1961. p. 7-91. Pacific affairs 34:303-4 Fall i g6 i. Review. DEPARTMENT OF BACTERIOLOGY AND IMMUNOLOGY DOLMAN, CLAUDE E. “Botulism . . . mink losses due to botulism,” 55 by R. J. Avery, P. L. Stovell, C. E. Dolman and A. J. Wood. Western fur farmer 1:18-21 February 1962. “Clostridium botulinum type F with recert observations on other 56 types.” C. E. Dolman and Lily Murakami. Journal of infectious diseases 1o9: 107-28 September-October 1961. GERWING, JULIA and DOLMAN, CLAUDE E. “Activation phenome- 57 non of Clostridium botulinum type E toxin.” Julia Gerwing, Claude E. Dolman, and David A. Arnott. Journal of bacteriology 84:302- 6 August 1962. STOCK, j. j. “Immunological studies on yeast phospho-monoesterases.” 58 By P. E. Braun, J. J. Stock, and F. A. Morrison. Canadian pharma ceutical journal 95:69-73 February 1962. DEPARTMENT OF BIOCHEMISTRY BRAGG, PHILIP IL “The arnminehydroxocopper(II) -diolate chela- 59 tion reaction.” By Richard E. Reeves and Philip Bragg. Ameri can chemical society. Journal 84:2491-5 July 5 1962. 49 50 51 42 43 I0 II “Cuprammonium-glycoside complexes. VIII. The copper to diol 6o combining ratio.” Richard E. Reeves and Philip Bragg. Journal of organic chemistry 26:3487-9 September 1961. “Studies on the carbohydrate metabolism of a gram-negative anaerobe 6i (Bacteroides symbiosus) used in the culture of Entamoeba histo lytica.” P. D. Bragg and Richard E. Reeves. Journal of bacterio logy 83:76-84 January 1962. BRAGG, PHILIP D. and POLGLASE, w. j. “Extracellular metabo- 62 lites of streptomycin mutants of Escherichia coli.” Journal of bac teriology 84:370-4 August 1962. JELLINCK, P. HARRY “Interactions of‘4C-Estrone with tryptophan in the presence of peroxidase.” P. H. Jellinck and Louise Irwin. Nature 192:660-I November x8 1961. “The oxidation of estrone- i6-C14 by peroxidase.” P. H. Jellinck and Louise Irwin. Canadian journal of biochemistry and physiology 40:459-69 April 1962. O’DONNELL, VINCENT j. “The biogenesis and transformations of steroid hormones by the adrenal cortex in the adrenogenital syn drome.” V. J. O’Donnell, Jean Birnie and Elizabeth MacArthur. Conference on the human adrenal cortex, Glasgow, 1960. Proceed ings p. 393-406 August 1962. Title of proceedings: The human adrenal cortex. PATERSON, A. R. p• “Resistance to 6-mercaptopurine. II. The 66 synthesis of thioinosinate in a 6-mercaptopurine-resistant subline of the Ehrlich ascites carcinoma.” Canadian journal of biochemistry and physiology 4o: 195-206 February 1962. PATERSON, A. R. i’. and HORI, A. “Resistance to 6-mercaptopurine. 67 I. Biochemical differences between the Ehrlich ascites carcinoma and a 6-mercaptopurine-resistant subline.” Canadian journal of biochemistry and physiology 4o: 181-94 February 1962. POLGLASE, w. j. “Alkaline degradation of dihydrostreptomycin.” 68 Journal of organic chemistry 27:1923 May 1962. TENER, GORDON M. “A method for the stepwise degradation of 69 deoxyribopolynucleotides.” By J. P. Vizsolyi and G. M. Tener. Chemistry and industry p. 263-4 February 10 1962. “The use of urea to eliminate the secondary binding forces in ion 70 exchange chromatography of polynucleotides.” American chemical society. Journal 84:2644-5 July 5 1962. DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGY AND BOTANY BANDONI, ROBERT j. “The genus Naematelia.” American midland 71 naturalist 66:319-28 October 1961. BIER, JOHN E. “An application of the clinical approach for expres sing the degree of tree vigor and vulnerability to disease.” FAO, International poplar commission, Working party on diseases, 3d session, Vienna, September io, 1961. Report September i8, 1961, p. 8-12 Annex 3. (FAO/CIP/MAL/i4) “A clinical approach to determine the degree of local tree vigor — a hypothesis.” National shade tree confereice, Minneapolis, August 20-5, 1961. Combined proceedings 37: i6o-i 1961. National shade tree conference, Western chapter, 28th, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, June 20-3, 1961. “The relation of bark moisture to the development of canker diseases caused by native, facultative parasites. VI. Pathogenicity studies of Hypoxylon pruinatum (Klotzsch) Cke., and Septoria musiva Pk. on species of Acer, Populus, and Salix.” Canadian journal of botany 39:1555-61 October 1961. “The relation of bark moisture to the development of canker diseases caused by native, facultative parasites. VII. Some effects of the saprophytes on the bark of poplar and willow on the incidence of hypoxylon canker. VIII. Ascospore infection of Hypoxylon pruina. tum (Klotzsch) Cke.” John E. Bier and Marian H. Rowat. Cana dian journal of botany 40:61-9, 897-901 January, June 1962. COLE, KATHLEEN “Chromosomal alternation of generations in Nereocystis luetkeana (Mertens) Postels and Ruprecht.” Lindley Kemp and Kathleen Cole. Canadian journal of botany 39:1711-24 November 1961. KRAJINA. VLADIMIR j. Campus trees and plants, by V. J. Krajina, 77 J. F. Rock and Harold St. John. Honolulu, University of Hawaii, 1962. 28p. map. Ecology of the forests of the Pacific Northwest. Vancouver, B.C. 78 Author, January 2 1962. 37 p. 1961 Progress report on N.R.C. grant no. T-92. KUIJT, JOB “Notes on the anatomy of the genus Oryctanthus 79 (Loranthaceae)” Canadian journal of botany 39:1809-16 No vember 1961. “A revision of Dendrophthora (Loranthaceae)” Wentia6: 1-145 1961. 8o ROUSE, GLENN E. “Devonian plants from the type section of the 81 Ghost River formation of western Alberta.” R. G. Greggs, D. C. McGregor and Glenn E. Rouse. Science 135:930-I March x6 1962. ‘3 63 64 65 72 73 74 75 12 “Perforosporites, a new genus of plant spores from the Lower Devonian of Eastern Canada.” Darcy L. Scott and Glenn E. Rouse. Journal of paleontology 35:977-80 September 1961. “Plant microfossils from the Burrard formation of western British Columbia.” micropaleontology 8: 187-2 18 april 1962. STEIN, JANET R. See nos. 474, 476. DEPARTMENT OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING EPSTEIN, NORMAN “Apply fluidization to gas humidification.” Chemical engineering 68:81-4 December 25 1961. SCOTT, DONALD s. “Diffusion of ideal gases in capillaries and porous solids.” D. S. Scott and F. A. L. Dullien. A.I.Ch.E. journal 8: 113-7 March 1962. “The flow of rarefied gases.” D. S. Scott and F. A. L. Dullien. A.I.Ch.E. journal 8:293-7 July 1962. “Gas diffusion with chemical reaction in porous solids.” Canadian journal of chemical engineering 4o: 173-7 August 1962. SMITH, j. w. “Heat transfer coefficients at the entry to the heating section.” Chemical engineering science i6: 128-31 December 1961. “Heat transfer to liquid fluidised systems and to suspensions of coarse particles in vertical transport.” By J. F. Richardson and J. W. Smith. Institution of chemical engineers. Transactions 40: 13-22 February 1962. DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY BARTLETT, NEIL R. “Dioxygenyl hexafluoroplatinate (V) O2+[PtF].” By Neil Bartlett and D. H. Lohmann. Chemical society. 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I “Reaction of group V iodides with iodomethane and trifluoroiodo- 104 . methane in the presence of mercury” M M Baig and W R Cullen Canadian journal of chemistry 40 i6i 2 January 1962 2 “Reaction of iodomethane with tertiary arsine mercuric iodide corn- 105 plexes.” M. M. Baig, W. R. Cullen and D. S. Dawson. Canadian journal of chemistry 40:46-9 January 1962. CULLEN, w. R. and TROTTER, JAMES “Crystal data for diphenyl- 107 arsenicals.” Canadian journal of chemistry 39:2602-3 December 1961. “Stereochemistry of arsenic. Part III. o-phenylenediarsine oxy- io8 chloride.” Canadian journal of chemistry 4o: 1113-7 June I962. DUNELL, BASIL A. “A proton magnetic resonance study of phase 109 transitions in rubidium and caesium stearates.” By D. J. Shaw and B. A. Dunell. Faraday society. Transactions 58:132-7 January 1962. DUTTON, G. o. S. “The constitution of a hemicellulose of cherry iio wood (Prunus avium L. var. Bing)” G. G. S. Dutton and Shirley A. McKelvey. 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The total emission spectra of l-naphthoic acid.” Cana dian journal of chemistry 39:1776-82 September 1961. HOOLEY, j. GILBERT “Complexes between lamellar structures and 122 bromine, iodine chloride, and chromyl chloride.” Canadian journal of chemistry 4o: 745-64 April 1962. JAMES, D. G. L. “A kinetic study of the addition of the ethyl radical 123 to conjugated dienes.” By A. C. R. Brown and D. G. L. James. Chemical society. Proceedings p. 81 February 1962. “A kinetic study of the metathetical and addition reactions character- 124 istic of ally1 polymerization.” A. C. R. Brown and D. G. L. James. Canadian journal of chemistry 4o: 796-803 April 1962. KUTNEY, JAMES P. “Alkaloid studies XXXII. Studies on Skytan thus acutus Meyen. The structure of the monoterpenoid alkaloid skytanthine.” Carl Djerassi, J. P. Kutney and M. Shamma. Tetra hedron 18:183-8 January 1962. “Synthesis in the pyridine series. II. The synthesis of new 3,4,5- trialkylated pyridines.” James P. Kutney and T. Tabata. 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