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Publications of the Faculty and Staff July 1, 1959 -- June 30, 1960 University of British Columbia; University of British Columbia. Library; Smith, Anne M. 1961-06-14

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1961JPUE L][CAT][ONSoftheFACULTY AND STAFFTHE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIAVANCOUVER1961JPUE L][CATJ[ONSof theFACULTY AND STAFFSEPTEMBER I, 1959TOAUGUST 31, 1960THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIAVANCOUVERCONTENTSPAGE5Guide to Arrangement of List7Administration7Department of Agricultural Engineering7Department of Anatomy9Division of Animal Sciencei o Department of Anthropology andSociology10 School of Architectureii Asian Studiesi i Department of Bacteriology andImmunology‘2 Department of BiochemistryI 2 Department of Biology and BotanyI4Department of Chemical EngineeringI 4 Department of Chemistry20 Department of Civil Engineering21 Department of Classics22 Faculty of Commerce and BusinessAdministration23 Department ofEconomics and Political Science24 College of Education26 Department of Electrical Engineering26 Department of English31 Department of Fine Arts3’Faculty of Forestry32 Department of Geography33 Department of Geology34Department of German34Department of History35Faculty of Law36 Library38 Department of Mathematics41 Department of MechanicalEngineeringCONTENTS THE UN1VERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA PUBLICATIONSBIBLIOGRAPHY SERIES NO. I IPAGE 42 Department of Medicine45 Department of Miningand Metallurgy46 Department of Neurological Research46 School of NursingGuide to Arrangement ofList47Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology47Institute of OceanographyAs an experiment, partly in response to numerous requests, partly as ameasure of economy, the list this year is arranged by departments, rather48 Department of Paediatricsthan alphabetically. If two men of the same department are joint authors49 Department of Pathologyof an article, it is entered once under the first name on the title page. Shouldthe second man be a member of another department, the article will alsoo Department of Pharmacologybe listed under his name in the appropriate place. For example, an article50 Faculty of Pharmacyby Dr. Ian Cowan and Dr. A.J.Wood is entered under Zoology for Dr.50 Department of PhilosophyCowan and under Animal Science for Dr. Wood, but an article by Dr. andMrs. Friedman and Miss Miyoshi Nakashima would be listed only once in51 School of Physical Education and RecreationAnatomy, under the name first listed in the journal. All names are included52 Department of Physicsin the index. No article is listed twice under the same man, regardless of the54 Department of Physiologyfact that the author is a member of several departments.Division of Plant ScienceFor the first time this year, in a special section, recognition is given to thework of those who serve as Editors-in-Chief of journals with a circulation of56 Department of Poultry Sciencesome significance beyond the campus.57Department of Preventive MedicineAs usual the Faculty Bibliography has been published under the auspicesof the Editorial Committee.57 Department of PsychiatryANNE M. SMITH, Compiler and Editor.57 Department of Psychology8 Department of Romance Studies59 Department of Slavonic Studies59School of Social Work59 Department of Soil Science6o Department of Surgery62 Department of University Extension62 Department of Zoology(including the Institute of Fisheries)67 Editors-in-Chief69 Index5PUBLICATIONS OFTHE FACULTY ANDSTAFFSEPTEMBER I, 1959 - AUGUST31, 1960ADMINISTRATIONANDREW, GEOFFREY C. Reportof the Committee on New Zealanduniversities; December 1959. By David HughesParry, Geoffrey C. Andrew,Roy W. Harman. Wellington, Governmentprinter, 1960. 130 p.MACKENZIE, NORMAN A. M. “Facultyparticipation in university administration.” Vestes; the Australian universities’ review: 16-9 June 1960.“. . . Neighbourly influences.” Timessupplement on Canada 54631 : iiiNovember 30 1959.“The place of a Faculty of education in auniversity.” Journal of education : 128-3 i March 1960.Publication of the Faculty and College of education,University of British Columbia: Vancouver-Victotia.DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERINGSTALEY, L. M. “Controlling environmentin farm construction.” Countrylife in British Columbia 46:9+ August1960.“Wide range of costs uncovered from useof forage harvesting machinery.”Country life in British Columbia 46:5June 1960.WATSON, E. L. “B.C. farmers not takingadvantage of electric powerpotential at hand.” Country life in BritishColumbia 46:8 July 1960.“Prompt handling plus proper coolingfor better quality.” Canadian foodindustries 31:33-5 June 1960.“Vegetable storage.” Country life in British Columbia45: 15 September1959.DEPARTMENT OF ANATOMYCONSTANTINIDES, pis “Humanhyperlipaemia and hypercholesterolaemia. Rapid correction witha sulphated polymannuronide.” ByP.Constantinides, C. Johnson, B. M.Fahrni, R. Nakashima and H. W. McIntosh. British medical journal5172:535-40 February 20 1960.“Inhibition of progress of preestablished atherosclerosisby diethyistilbestrolin the rabbit.” P. Constantinides and N.Gutmann-Auersperg. A.M.A.archives of pathology 70:35-42July 1960.ERIKSON, LLOYD B. “Diurnaltemperature variation in the rhesus monkeyunder normal and experimental conditions.” Nature186:83-4 April 21960.7“Menstrual irregularities in rhesus monkeys elicited by reserpine administered on selected days of the cycle.” Lloyd B. Erikson, S. R. M. Reynoldsand VincentJ.De Feo. Endocrinology 66:824-31 June 1960.“Reserpine and the chronic stress of reduced barometric pressure in femalerats. Observations on body weight, adrenal weight and histology and hematocrit values.” Robert Epstein, Lloyd B. Erikson and S. R. M. Reynolds.Endocrinology 66:167-74 February 1960.FRIEDMAN, SYDNEY M. and CoNsTANCE L. “Gradiente del sodio e hipertension renopriva.” Por Sidney M. Friedman y Constance L. Friedman.In Peptidos activos, ed. by Dr. Hector Croxatto. Santiago, Universidadde Chile, 1960. p. 155-63.Simposio organizado por la Sociedad de biologia de Santiago.FRIEDMAN, SYDNEY M. and CONSTANCE L., and NAKASHIMA, MIYOSHI.“The effect of lecithin and lecithinase on DCA hypertension in the rat.”Archives internationales de pharmacodynamie et de thérapie i 23:216-26December i 1959.“Effect of pitressin on old-age changes of salt and water metabolism in therat.” American journal of physiology 199:35-8 July 1960.“Relation of saluretic and hypotensive effects of hydrochiorothiazide inthe rat.” American journal of physiology 198:148-52 January 1960.“Sodium gradient and renoprival hypertension in the rat.” Circulationresearch 7:917-25 November 1959.“Sodium ion and smooth muscle contraction.” Sydney M. Friedman,James D. Jamieson, Mihoshi Nakashima, and Constance L. Friedman.American heart association. Council for high blood pressure research.Proceedings: Hypertension 8:57-74 April 1960.“Sodium- and potassium-sensitive glass electrodes for biological use.”Sydney M. Friedman, James D. Jamieson, Miyoshi Nakashima, and Constance L. Friedman. Science 130:1252-4 November 6 1959.SCHERRER, HARALD r. “Electrical activity in the renal nerve of the rat:interaction between hypothalamic and afferent influences.” Canadianfederation of biological societies. Proceedings 3:95 1960. Abstract.“Hypothalamic stimulation and blood pressure homeostasis.” Acta neuroVegetativa 20(2) :205-18 June 1959.“Posterior hypothalamic influence on water balance in the rat.” Experimental neurology 2:97-I o8 April 1960.“The relation between electrical activity in the renal nerve and bloodpressure changes with hypothalamic stimulation in the rat.” Anatomicalrecord 136:273 February 1960. Abstract.SRETER, FRANK A. ‘Role of cationic shifts in muscular contraction.”Anatomical record 136:284 February 1960. Abstract.SRETER, FRANK A. and FRIEDMAN, . M.“Effect of pitressin on intracellular sodium and potassium inindirectly stimulated rat gastrocnemiusmuscle.” F. A. Sreter and S. M. Friedman.Canadian federation of biological societies. Proceedings 3: I91960. Abstract.DIVISION OF ANIMAL SCIENCEBERRY. j. C. “Continuing agriculturaleducation. i. Advisory committees& their work. 2. Current research on sire appraisal.”Continuing agricultural education seminar. Proceedings i :49-531960.Theme i g6o: Farm management.University of British Columbia, Department ofuniversity extension, May 30-June3,1960.CAMPBELL,3. j.R. “Dependence of oxidation-reductionpotential of milkon its vitamin C content.”J. J.R. Campbell, R. H. Phelps and LynetteB. Keur. Journal of milk and food technology 22:346-7November 195.9.“Endogenous respiration of Pseudomonas aeruginosa.”R. A.J.Warren,Audrey F. Ells, andJ. J.R. Campbell. Journal of bacteriology79:875-9June 1960.“Role of leucocytes in the reduction ofresazurin in raw milk.”J. J.R.Campbell and R. A. Phelps. Journal of dairyscience 43:187-92 February1960.KITTS, wARREN ii “Estrogenic activity of foragecrops.” Feedstuifs 32:18+January 1960.“Feed additives.” Continuingagricultural education seminar. Proceedings 1:54-7 1960.Theme i 960: Farm management.University of British Columbia, Department ofuniversity extension, May 30-June3,1960,“Note on the effect of gibberellin onred clover.” V. C. Brink, W.D.Kitts, and R. W. Hogg. Canadian journal ofplant science 40:586 July1960.KITTS, WARREN D. and WOOD, A. j.“The estrogen-like substances incertain legumes and grasses. IT. The effectof stage of maturity and frequency of cutting on the estrogenicactivity of some forages.” W. D. Kitts,E. Swierstra, V. C. Brink and A.J.Wood. Canadian journal of animalscience 39:158-63 Decemberi959.WOOD, A. j. “Performancetesting; facts or fantasy.” Beef performanceregister; official publication ofPerformance registry international :6-7August 1960.WOOD, A. j. andKITTS, WARREN D. “The interpretation of the proteinlevel in the ruminal contents of deer.” A.J.Wood, W. D. Kitts and I.McT. Cowan. California fish and game 46:227-9April 1960.89DEPARTMENT OF ANTHROPOLOGY AND SOCIOLOGYBLISHEN, BERNARD R. Social research in the field of health; a survey undertaken for the Community chest & Councils of the Greater Vancouvermetropolitan area. Vancouver, University of British Columbia, Department of anthropology & sociology, 1960. 298p.BORDEN, CHARLES E. “DjRi3.An early site in the Fraser Canyon, BritishColumbia.” In Contributions to anthropology 1957. Ottawa, Department of northern affairs and national resources, 1960. (National museumof Canada, Bulletin no. 162, Anthropological series no. 45)p.101-18.“Notes and news; Northwest.” American antiquity 25:303 October 1959.“Notes and news; Northwest.” American antiquity 25:442 January 1960.“Notes and news; Northwest.” American antiquity 25:627-8 April 1960.COHN, WERNER “Jewish political attitudes — their background.” Judaism: a quarterly journal of Jewish life and thought 8:,-,i Fall 1959.“On the language of lower-class children.” School review 67:435-40 Winter 1959.“Social status and the ambivalence hypothesis: some critical notes and asuggestion.” American sociological review 25:508-13 August 1960.HAWTHORN, HARRY B. “Darwin and social evolution.” In Evolution:its science and doctrine; symposium presented to the Royal society ofCanada in 1959. Edited by Thomas W. M. Cameron. Toronto, Universityof Toronto press, 1960. (Its “Studia varia” series no.4) p.182-8.SUTTLES, WAYNE “Affinal ties, subsistence, and prestige among the CoastSalish.” American anthropologist 62:296-305 April 1960.Marius Barbeau. Medicine-men on the North Pacific Coast. Nationalmuseum of Canada, Bulletin 152, Ottawa, 1958. 95p.British Columbialibrary quarterly 23:39-40 October 1959. Review.TOPPING, a. W. Crime & you. Toronto, Ryerson press, 1960. vii, 82p.SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTUREHODGE, GERALDj.F. and ROBINSON, IRA M. Jobs, people and transportation; their role in metropolitan physical development. Vancouver,February 1960. xvi, 134p.Mimeographed.A report to the Metropolitan joint committee.LASSERRE, FREDERIC Contribution to “Viewpoint; ‘No Canadian architect has yet obtained international fame, such as have Le Corbusier, FrankLloyd Wright, Neutra, Gropius, and others. What is the reason?’” Royalarchitectural institute of Canada. Journal 37: 110 March 1960.“A major change of program; UBC school of architecture.” Royal architectural institute of Canada. Journal 37:107-8 March ig6o.“Regional influences on student design.” Royal architectural institute ofCanada. Journal 37:91-102 March 1960.LYMAN, VLAD F. Working drawings. Vancouver, UBC School of architecture, September 1959. 41p.OBERLANDER, H. PETER “The ‘patron saint’ of town planning in BritishColumbia.” Plan Canada ,(i) :47-52 1959.A report on the establishment, organization and administration of an institute for community planning in Ghana. New York, United NationsCommissioner for technical assistance, Department of economic and socialaffairs, February 2 1960. 22 p. (TAO/GHA/6).ROGATNICK, ABRAHAM “The Queen Elizabeth theatre, Vancouver; criticism.” Canadian architect 5:63-6 January 1960.ASIAN STUDIESHO, PING-TI “The examination system and social mobility in China, 1368-191 I.” American ethnological society. Proceedings i 959:60-5.Title of proceedings: Intermediate societies, social mobility, and communication.LANGDON, FRANK C. The Chinese family in the Communist revolution:C. K. Yang; S. J. Reginald Saunders. Canadian forum 40:47 May 1960.Review.“Tibet and autonomy.” Canadian forum 39: 126-7 September 1959.WANG, YI-T’UNG “The Lamentation of Ts’ai Yen (ca A.D. 200) .“ Delta10: I i-8 January-March 1960.DEPARTMENT OF BACTERIOLOGY AND IMMUNOLOGYCOCKCROFT, W. H. “Observations on the bacteriology and epidemiologyof nursery infection. I. Staphylococcal skin infections.” A. F. Hardyment, R. A. Wilson, W. Cockcroft and Betty Johnson. Pediatrics supplement 25:907-27 May 1960.DOLMAN, C. E. “Fish eggs as a cause of human botulism; two outbreaksin British Columbia due to types E and B botulinus toxins.” C. E. Dolman, Maria Tomsich, C. C. R. Campbell and W. B. Laing. Journal ofinfectious diseases 106:5-19 January-February 1960.STOCK, j. j. “Observations on yeast glycerophosphatases.” M. G. Dun-10 IIcan andJ. J.Stock. Canadian society of microbiologists. Program andabstracts io:no.491960. Abstract.“Some characteristics of alpha- and beta-amylase and the assay of theirantienzymes.” By H. D. Sanders andJ. J.Stock. Canadian pharmaceutical journal 93:69-73 April 1960.DEPARTMENT OF BIOCHEMISTRYBEER, CHARLES T. “Biological properties of Vincaleukoblastine, an alkaloid in Vinca rosea Linn, with reference to its antitumor action.”J.H.Cutts, C. T. Beer, and R. L. Noble. Cancer research 2o: 1023-3 I August1960.“The inactivation of pregnant mares’ serum gonadotrophin by hydroquinones and quinones.” R. C. B. Graham, C. T. Beer and R. L. Noble.Endocrinology 66:647-57 May 1960.JELLINCK, P. HARRY “The enzymic oxidation of [i6-’4C] oestrone invitro.” Biochimica et biophysica acta 41:37-45 June 17 1960.“Enzymic oxidation of stilboestrol labelled with Carbon-14,” Nature ,86:157-8 April91960.NIXON, JOHN C. and ZBARSKY, SIDNEY H. “The incorporation of for-mate-C14 into the nucleic acids of rats with regenerating liver and Novikoff hepatoma.” Canadian journal of biochemistry and physiology 37:1405-16 December 1959.TENER, GORDON M. “Studies on the chemical synthesis and enzymaticdegradation of desoxyribo-oligonucleotides.” G. M. Tener and others.New York academy of sciences. Annals 8i :757-75 September 1959.DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGY AND BOTANYBIER, JOHN E. “Moisture relations in disease development.” Internationalbotanical congress, gth, Montreal, 1959. Proceedings 2:32 1959.“The relation of bark moisture to the development of canker diseases causedby native, facultative parasites. 2. Fusarium canker on black cottonwood.”Canadian journal of botany 37:781-8 September 1959.“The relation of bark moisture to the development of canker diseases causedby native, facultative parasites. III. Cephalosporium canker on westernhemlock.” Canadian journal of botany 37: 1140-2 September 1959.The relation of bark moisture to the vitality and to the susceptibility or resistance of willow and poplar to canker diseases caused by facultative parasites. Rome, Food and agriculture organization of the United Nations,September 6 p. figure. (FAO/CIP/MAL/7 Annex x).COLE, KATHLEEN “Inheritance of male sterility in green sprouting broccoli.” Canadian journal of genetics and cytology i :203-7 December 1959.HUTCHINSON, A. H. A genetic evaluation of tree growth through ananalysis of the progenies of individual trees, filiotypes and regional populations. Vancouver, June 28 1960. 8p.Report to the Committee on forest tree breeding in Canada under a grant fromthe National research council of Canada and the auspices of theUniversity ofBritish Columbia.KRAJINA, vLnIMIR j. “Can we find a common platform for the differentschools of forest type classification?” Silva Fennica 105:50-5 1960.This issue devoted to Symposium on forest types and forest ecosystems during the9th International botanical congress, Montreal, August 24th 1959.Ecological classification of pine forests in the interior region of BritishColumbia. Vancouver, Author, September 20 1959.1959 Progress report (No.3)E.M.R. grant no. 98.Ecological classification of pine forests in the interior region ofBritishColumbia. Vancouver, B.C., Author, April I 1960.5960 Progress report (No. 4) E.M.R. grant no. 98.Ecology of the forests of the Pacific Northwest. Vancouver, B.C.,Author,January 20 1960.5959 Progress report on N.R.C. grant no. T-92.“Ecosystem classification of forests.” Silva Fennica 105:107-10, 123-381960.Finnish textp.139-42.This issue devoted to Symposium on forest types and forest ecosystems during the9th International botanical congress, Montreal, August 24th 5959.The ecosystem concept in forestry.J.S. Rowe, P. G. Haddock, G. A.Hills, V.J.Krajina, A. Linteau. Fifth world forestry congress, Seattle,Washington, August 29-September 10 1960. SP/17/I —Canada. 5p.Mimeographed.Influence of slash burning on the growth of Douglas-fir, western hemlock,and western redcedar. Vancouver, B.C., Author, March 14 1960.First Progress report on NRC special research grant.The role of corticolous, lignicolous and epilithic bryophyte and lichencommunities in an ecosystem classification of the forest. Vancouver, B.C.,Author, August io ig6o.3 p.Presented at the Symposium on the ecology of bryophytes and lichens. A.I.B.S.annual meeting at Stiliwater, Oklahoma, August 29, 196o.KUIJT, JOB “The distribution of dwarf mistletoes, Arceuthobium, in California.” Madrono 15:129-39 January 1960.“Morphological aspects of parasitism in the dwarf mistletoes (Arceuthobium) .“ University of California publications in botany 30(5) :337-4361960.“A study of heterophylly and infiorescence structure in Dendrophthora and1213Phoradendron (Loranthaceae) .“ Acta botanica Neerlandica 8(5) :506-46CLARK, HOWARD C. “Chemistry of the trifluoromethyl group. Part I.959•Complex formation by phosphines containing the trifluoromethyl group.”M. A. A. Beg and H. C. Clark. Canadian journal of chemistry 38: 119-24WORT, ii j. “Terminal oxidases of the mature sugar beet root.” D.J.January 1960.Wort and D. M. Shrimpton. American society of sugar beet technologists.Journal 10:594-602 October 1959. CLARK, HOWARD C. and WILLIS, c.j. “Perfluoroalkyl compounds of germanium.” Chemical society. Proceedingsp.282 August ig6o.“Perfluoroalkyl derivatives of tin. I. Trimethyltrifluoromethyltin.” Amen-DEPARTMENT OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERINGcan chemical society. Journal 82: 1888-9 I April 20 1960.CAVERS, s. D. “Solvent extraction of Saskatchewan lignites. II. Note onthe properties of the extract.” S. D. Cavers, R. L. Eager andJ.H. Hudson. Canadian journal of chemical engineering 38:88 June 1960.CULLEN, W. R. “Decarboxylation of dimethyltrifluoroacetoxyarsine.”W. R. Cullen and L. G. Walker. Canadian journal of chemistry 38:472-5March 1960.SCOTT, ii s. “Flowmeters for the measurement of gas temperatures.”Chemical engineering science 12:127-32 May i 960.“Perfluoroalkyl arsenicals. Part I. The preparation of alkyl perfluoroalkyl“Removal of a mist in a fluidized bed.” D. S. Scott and 0. A. Guthrie.arsemcals.” Canadian journal of chemistry 38:439-44 March 1960.Canadian journal of chemical engineering 37:200-3 October 1959.“Perfluoroalkyl arsenicals. Part II. The preparation and properties of arylperfluoroalkyl arsenicals.” Canadian journal of chemistry 38:445-51SHEMILT, L. W. “Equations for determining diffusion coefficients in liquidMarch 1960.systems by the diaphragm-cell technique.” F. A. L. Dullien and L. W.Shemilt. Nature 187:767-8 August 27 1960. CULLEN,w. R. and HOCHSTRASSER, ROBIN M. “The electronic spectraof the arylarsines. Part I. The nature of the transitions in the phenylarsines and the relative influence of -CH3 and -CF3 groups.” Journal ofDEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRYmolecular spectroscopy 5:118-32 August 1960.BARTLETT, N. “Two new fluorides of platinum.” By N. Bartlett and0. H. Lohmann. Chemical society. Proceedingsp.14-5 January 1960. DUNELL, n. A. “Proton magnetic resonance absorption in the C-form ofstearic acid.” R. F. Grant and B. A. Dunell. Canadian journal of chemisBONNETT, R. A. “The total synthesis of chlorophyll.” R. B. Woodward,try 38:35964. March 1960.R. Bonnett and others. American chemical society. Journal 82:3800-2 “Viscoelastic behaviorof nylon 6-6 monofilaments below room tempera-July 20 1960. ture.” B. A. Dunell, Ann A.Joanes, R. T. B. Rye. Journal of colloidscience 15:193-204 June 1960.BRYCE, W. A. and RUZICKA, i. j. “Reactions of allyl radicals with ole-fins.” Canadian journal of chemistry 38:835-44 June 1960.DUTTON, G. C. s. “The constitution of the hemicelluloses of sitka spruce(Picea sitchensis). III. Structure of an arabomethoxyglucuronoxylan.”BUTLER, JAMES N. “Reactions of methylene. IV. Propylene and cyclo- By G. G. S. Dutton and K. Hunt. American chemical society. Journalpropane.” By James N. Butler and G. B. Kistiakowsky. American chemi- 82: 1682-4April51960.cal society. Journal 82:759-65 February 20 1960.DUTTON, o. a. s. and TANAKA, y. “The synthesis of 5-O-methyl-L-CHAMBERS, R. D., CLARK, HOWARD C. and WILLIS, C. j. “The reaction arabinose.”G. G. S. Dutton, Y. Tanaka, and K. Yates. Canadian jour-of hexamethyl-ditin with trifluoro-iodomethane.” Chemistry and industry nal of chemistry 37: 1955-8 December 1959.3:76-7 January i6 3960.“The trifluoromethyifluoroborate anion.” Chemical society. ProceedingsFROST, DAVID C. “A demonstration atomic model.” Journal of educationp.114 March 1960.4:90-4 March 1960.Publication of the Faculty and College of education, University of British ColuinCICCONE, STEFANIA and HALPERN, JACK “Catalysis of the cis-transbia: Vancouver-Victoria.isomerization of azobenzene by acids and cupric salts.” Canadian journalof chemistry 37:1903-10 November 1959. FROST, DAVIDC. and MCDOWELL, C. A. “The ionization and dissociation14of some halogen molecules by electron impact.” Canadian journal ofchemistry 38:407-20 March 1960.“Recent electron impact studies on simple molecules (02, Cl2,‘2).“ InAdvances in mass spectrometry, ed. by J. D. Waidron. London, Pergamon press, 1959.p. 413-30.Proceedings of a Joint conference organized by the Hydrocarbon research group,Institute of petroleum, and A.S.T.M. Committee E. 24 and held in the Universityof London,24th-26th September 1958.GRAY, PETER and REEVES, LEONARD W. “Potential energy barrier to rotation in methyl nitrite measured by PMR.” Journal of chemical physics32:1878-80 June 1960.HALPERN, JACK “The catalytic activation of hydrogen in homogeneous,heterogeneous, and biological systems.” Advances in catalysts 11:301-70‘959.“Electron-transfer reactions; introductory paper.” By J. Halpern and L. E.Orgel. Faraday society. Discussions 29:7-20 April 1960.“Mechanism of the oxidation and reduction of metal ions by hydrogenatoms.”J.Halpern, G. Czapski,J.Jortner and G. Stein. Nature i86:629-30 May 21 1960.“Medium effects in the homogeneous catalytic activation of molecularhydrogen by metal salts. I. Cupric and cuprous heptanoates in heptanoicacid.” By A.J.Chalk andJ.Halpern. 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