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Publications of the Faculty and Staff July 1, 1954 -- June 30, 1955 University of British Columbia; University of British Columbia. Library; Smith, Anne M. 1956-06-07

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Publications of the Facultyand StaffTHE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISHCOLUMBIAPublications of the Faculty and StaffJULY 1, 1954 -AUGUST 31, 1955VANCOUVER, B. C.UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA1956PUBLICATIONS OF THEFACULTY AND STAFFJuly 1, 1954 — August31, 1955ABRAHANSON, ARTHUR C.Counseling during a three—year period.Journal ofUniversity of British Columbia Publicationshigher education25:384—8+ October 1954. 1Bibliographical Series no.6Criteria for evaluation of field work.A.C. Abrahamson, D.W. Fowler and others.Social worker23:1—7 March1955. 2This Faculty Bibliography has been publishedSocial work practice in Canada:case records andexamples for study and teaching. Vancouver,tJniverunder the general direction of the Universitysity of British Columbia, School of social work,1955. 252 p. 3Editorial Committee, but special thanks areThe supervisory process in publicwelfare. Publicdue to the staff of the Reference Divisionwelfare 13:63—8 April1955. 4and to Miss Anne M. Smith, Assistant Librar—ADAMS, JAI’IES R.A survey of the parasites of freshwater fishesfromian who together did most of the basic workthe mainland of British Columbia.Ralph V Banghamand James R. Adams. Fisheries researchboard ofof preparation.Canada. Journal 11:673—708 November1954. 5AKRIGC, GQP.VOThe pocket—money of a prince. Daihousie review34:397—407 Winter 1955.6ALIEN, G.S.Establishing the crop. Forestrychronicle 31:31—4March 1955.7The 1951 aerial baiting and seeding project,Ashriver tract, MacMillan and Bloedel limited.G.S. Allen, I.K. Barber and Ian Mahood. Forestrychronicle 31:45—59 March 1955.8ALLEN, G.S. (Cont.)A procedure for appraisal of damage in premerchantable stands. George S. Allen and others. Westernforestry and conservation association. West coastforestry procedures committee. Report 11:89—94November 1954.9Report to Royal commission on forests and forestry,British Columbia 1955. Vancouver, University ofBritish Columbia, Faculty of forestry, 1955. 56p.Mimeographed. 10ANDERSON, W.J.The future of agriculture in British Columbia.Vancouver, University of British Columbia, 1955.Economic extension publication no. Al. 10p.Mimeographed.Address delivered before the Vancouver instituteDecember 5, 1953.Productivity àf labour in Canadian agriculture.Canadian journal of economic and political science21:228—36 May 1955.1112ANDISON, J.G.Bergsonian philosophy and Thomism by JacquesMaritain. Translated by Mabelle L. Andison in collaboration with J. Gordon Andison. New York, Philosophical library, 1955. 383p.13ANDREW, G.C.The Canada council: a national necessity. Queen’squarterly 61:291—303 Autumn 1954.The Kyoto conference. International journal10:26—32 Winter 1954—55.ANGUS, HENRY F.Asia in revolt. International journal 9:220—9Summer 1954. Review article.141516ANGUS, HENRY F. (Cont.)Canada and Colombo:political aims and effects.Queen’s quarterly 61:337-44Autumn 1954.The Colombo plan. B.C.professional engineer6:18—21 March1955.The great Canadian housingsubsidy. Canadian taxjournal 3:178—80 May—June1955.171819Rights1 University of BritishColumbia legal notes2:149—53 March1955. 20ARMSTRONG, W.M.Electric smelting ofiron ore. Canadian instituteof mining and metallurgy.Transactions57 :315—20August1954.21BAIRD, N.M.Tuberculous pericarditis. M.M.Baird and G.C. Walsh.Canadian medical associationjournal 71:154—9 August1954.22BARNES, C.A.Gamma radiation fromthe inelastic scatteringofprotons by F-9• Physicalreview97:1226—33 March1955,BELL, DONALD K.Business outlook for 1955:British Columbia.Pacific northwest business14:10—4 December 1954.BELSHAW, CYRIL S.Anthropology in Oceania.Eastern world8:42—3December1954.Changing Melanesia.Melbourne, Oxford universitypress, 1954. 197p.23242526The cultural milieu ofthe entrepreneur: acriticalessay. Explorationsin entrepreneurialhistory7:146—63 February 1955.2723BELSHAW, CYRIL S. (Cont.)In search of wealth: a study of the emergenceofcommercial operations in the Melanesian society ofSoutheastern Papua. American anthropological association,, Memoir 80:1—84 February-1955.American anthropologistv.57 no.1 part 2.The South seas in transition. Man 54:178 November1954. Correspondence02829BIELY, JACOBFat studies in poultry. 1. Herring oil, santomerse—80 and thyroprotein in the laying ration. J. Biely,B.E. March and D.A. Silvestrini, Poultry science33:1130—5 November 1954.30Fat studies in poultry. 2. Fat supplementsin chickand poult rations. J. Biely and B. March. Poultryscience 33:1220—7 November 1954.313. Folic acid and fatB.E. March and Jacob Biely,January 1955.324.The effect of Tritonlevels in cockerels.Poultry science 34:293—533The nutritive value of fish meal andcondensed fishsolubles. VIII. Interaction between unidentifiedfactors in herring meal and in dehydrated greenfeed.B.E. March, Jacob Biely and H.L.A. Tarr.Fisheriesresearch board of Canada. Progress reportsof thePacific coast stations 99:12—3 July1954. 34The nutritive value of fish meal and condensedfishsolubles. IX. Condensed herring solubles, condensedwhale solubles and dried herring — whale solublesinchick rations. Jacob Biely, B.E, March and H.L.A.Tarr. Fisheries research board of Canada. Progressreports of the Pacific coast stations101:27—31December 1954.35BIELY, JACOB (Cont.)Poultry keeping. (Agriculture39) E.A. Lloyd andJacob Biely. Victoria, British Columbia,Departmentof education, July1955. Mimeographed,Vocational correspondence course,36Studies on an unidentified chickgrowth factor indehydrated green feed. B. March,J. Biely and S.P.Touchburn. Poultry science34:968—72 July1955. 37BLACK, EDGAR C.Blood lactic acid in somefreshwater fishes followingexercise. Federationproceedings 14:44 March 1955.38A hypothesis regarding the relationof temperatureto biochemical and physiologicaldifferences incertain fresh-water fishes andtheir distribution andactivity. Royal society of Canada.Proceedings 3dseries, 49(section 5):60—1 June1955, Abstract.39The influence of carbon dioxideon the utilization ofoxygen by some fresh-water fish,Edgar C. Black,F.E.J. Fry and Virginia S. Black.Canadian journalof zoology 32:408—20 December 1954,40Some effects of muscular activityon the blood of theKamloops trout, Salmogairdnerii kamloops. Royalsociety of Canada. Proceedings3d series,49(section 5):59 June1955. Abstract. 41200. Hemoglobin values forsome British Columbiafreshwater fishes. Anatomicalrecord 120:798 November1954. Abstract.42BL&H, OTTODown to the roots, BC, teacher34:212—3+ February1955.43Physics and culture. Americanjournal of physics23 :161—8 March1955.Fat studies in poultry.tolerance in the chick.Poultry science 34:39—44Fat studies in poultry.1R-l339 on tissue lipidB. March and J. Biely.March 1955.4445BLtJH, OTTO (Cont.)Principles and applications ofphysics by Otto Blflhin collaboration with Joseph DenisonElder. Edinburgh, Oliver & Boyd,1955. 866P.45B000CH, ABRAHAMStudies of hepatic functionin diabetes meilitus,portal cirrhosis and otherliver diseases. A. Bogochand others. Americanjournal of medicine18:354—84March 1955.46The weight and extractable insulinof the pancreas inadult nondjabetic man.Gerald A. Wrenshall andA. Bogoch. Journalof clinical endocrinology andmetabolism15:455-41 April 1955.47BORDEN, CHARLES E.John Henry Sewell,Provincial museum.4:37—8 1953—54.A Scottsbluff—Eden point fromBritish Columbia.Wilson Duff and Charles E. Borden.British Columbia.Provincial museum. Anthropology inBritish Columbia4:33—4 1953—54.49Some aspects of prehistoric coastal—interiorrelationsin the Pacific northwest. BritishColumbia. Provincial museum. Anthropologyin British Columbia4:26—32 1953—54.50BRabN, D.G.Evaluative inference. Philosophy30:214-28 July1955.51Misconceptions of inference. Analysis 15:135—44June1955.52The nature of inference.Philosophical review64:351—69 July 1955.53BRYCE, W.A.The thermal decomposition of dimethy].disulphide.John A.R. Coope and W.A. Bryce. Canadianjournalof chemistry 32 :768—79 August1954. 54BRYNER, CYRILMoscow university 1755-1955. Russian review14:201—13 July1955.55Russia and the Slays. Current history28:74—9February 1955.56BUCKLAND, D.C.Northwestern research — Who’s doing what?BritishColumbia lumberman. v.38—9, July1954—August 1955.An illustrated monthly column outliningforestresearch programs underway in thePacific northwest.57Pest or pet? Squirrels have to be managed.BritishColumbia lumberman 38:52—6 September1954. 58Research of re—search? BritishColumbia lumberman38:44—6 October 1954.59BURGESS, R.E.Electronic fluctuations in semiconductors.Britishjournal of applied physics 6:185—90June 1955. 60Fluctuations in the number of charge carriersin asemiconductor. Physica 20:1007—101954. 61Low frequency noise in illuminatedgermanium diodes.Physical society. Proceedings68(section B) :569—71August 1 1955.62Thermal effects in point—contactrectifiers. Journalof applied physics 26:1058 August1955. 63BURKE, BRIAN E.Cost accounting by Clarence B. Nickerson. NewYork,McGraw-Hill book company, 1954. 462p.InAccounting review 30:164—5 January1955. Review. 641885-1953. British Columbia.Anthropology in BritishColumbia486 7BWI’TERS, R.G.A high—temprrature X—ray goniometer. R.G.Buttersand J. Gordon Parr. Canadian journal of technology33:117—21 March 1955. 65Some techniques for meltingreactive metals.D.H. Polonis, R.G. Butters and J. GordonParr.Research 7:272—7 July 1954. 66The structure and magnetic properties ofthe alloyMn3A1C. R.G. Buttersand H.P. Myers. Philosophicalmagazine 46:895—902 August 1955. 67The structure and properties of some ternaryalloysof manganese, zinc andcarbon. R.G. Butters andH.P. Myers. Philosophical magazine 46:132—43February 1955. 68CAMPBELL, J.J.ROGluconic dehydrogenase of Pseudomonasaeruginosa.T. Ramakrishnan and J.J.R. Campbell.Biochimica etbiophysica acta 17 :122—7 Nay- 1955. 69Growth of Pseudomonasaeruginosa with glucose,gluconate, or 2—ketogluconate as carbon source.Jack J.R. Campbell, Audrey G. Linnesand Blythe A.Eagles. Royal society of Canada. Transactions 3dseries. 48(section 5):49—50 June 1954.Metabolism of microorganisms. Annual reviewofmicrobiology 8:71—104 1954. 71CARLSEN, IRINA N.An English—Russian vocabulary and numericon ofinflections and stress—patterns for basicRussiancourses. Vancouver, University of BritishColumbia,Department of Slavonic studies, c1955.Mimeographed.72A numericon of Russian inflections and stresspatterns; a guide for students of Russian.Irma N.Carisen and P. Maximilian H. Edwards.Vancouver,University of British Columbia, c1955.Mimeographed.73CARROLL, JOHN J.Hy-dergine therapy of uterine inertia. P.B. Perchesonand John J. Carroll. Canadian anaesthetists’ societyjournal 1:87—94 October 1954.74The use of hydergine in obstetrics. P.B. Perchesonand John J. Carroll. Canadian medical associationjournal 71:588—94 December1954. 75The use of short acting muscle relaxing drugs inobstetrical anaesthesia. JW, Dennis and John J.Carroll. Canadian anaesthetists’ society journal1:82—6 October 1954.76CARROTHERS, A.W.R.By the page and the pound. Advocate 12:145—7 July—August 1954.77A study in the law of picketing. University ofBritish Columbia legal notes 2:187—243 March 1955.78CHA.PMN, JOHN D.British Columbia geography manual. J. Lewis Robinson,John D. Chapman and others. Victoria, British Columbia, Department of education,1954. 119p.79CHASE, W.H.Acute staphylococcus enteritis. B.B. Moscovich andW.H. Chase. Vancouver medical association. Bulletin30:398—405 July 1954.80CLARK, ROBERT N.Provincial municipal financial relations in Canada,Canadian federation of mayors and municipalitiesAnnual conference, Edmonton, Alberta 18:1—10 August28-September 1, 1955. Mimeographed. 81CLEMENS, W.A.Co—operation between the B.C. game commission and theUniversity of British Columbia. British Columbia.Game department. Game convention•..report of proceedings 8:1—9 May 26-9 1954, Mimeographed. 82708983Journal ofCanadian919394ClEMENS, W.A. (Cont.)Fishes collectedon the cruises of H.R. Mac!1illan’syacht “Marijean” to thetropical eastern Pacificin1953 and 1954.A special report accompanyingtheReport of the Institute Of fisheries,October 1,1953—November 1, 1954.Vancouver, UniversityofBritish Columbia, 1954. 3 p.Mimeographed.COCKCROFT, W.H.Septi.cmia due to gram—negativebacilli. D.S. Munroeand W.H. Cockcroft.Canadian medical associationjournal 72 :586—91 April 15 1955.84CODERE, 1IENA genealogical study ofkinship in the United States.Psychiatry: journalfor the study of interpersonalprocesses 18:65—79February 1955. 85CONSTANTINIDES, PARISAntilipemic activity ofsulfated polysaccharides.P. Constantinides,A. Cairns and A. Werner. Archivesinternationales depharmacodynamie et de thérapie99:334—45 octobre1 1954.Presented at the 8thAnnual scientific conferenceof the Western section,Medical division,Nationalresearch council of Canadain Winnipeg, February 191954.86The effect ofheparin on the endogenouslipemiaproduced by- protractedcortisone treatment intherabbit. P. Constantinides,G. Szasz and M. Darrach.Canadian journal of biochemistryand physiology33:226—31 March 1955.Presented at the 7thAnnual meeting of the Westernsection, Medical division,National research council,in Saskatoon on February 5 1953,and abstracted inthe Proceedings of the XIX Internationalphysiologicalcongress in Montreal, August 195387CONSTANTINIDES, PARIS (Cont.)88. rast cells and human atherosclerosis.Anatomicalrecord 118:290 February1954. Abstract.Presented at the 67th meeting of the American association of anatomists at Universityof Texas, Galveston, Texas. April7—9 1954.Also published in Science120:31—2 July 2 1954. 88Endocrine effects on theheparin—induced lipeinia—clearing activity (ICA) of rat plasma.A. Cairns andP. Constantinides. Canadianjournal of biochemistryand physiology 33:530—8 July1955. 89Inhibition of experimentalatherosclerosis by sulfatedalginic acid. Nelly Gutmann and ParisConstantinides.A.M.A. archives of pathology 59:717—22June 1955. 90COOPER, H.G.Treatment of genito—urinary tuberculosis.urology 72:950—8 November 1954.COPP, 0. HAROLDAbsorption of radiottrium(y91)through intact skinand skin lesions. John V.G. Hail andD. Harold Copp,Revue canadienne de biologie13 :469—70 decembre 1954.Abstract.Paper presented at 18th Annual meetingof theCanadian physiological society inToronto. October22—3 1954.92Measurement of initial bone àlearanceof Ca4 fromblood in the rat. John M. Frederickson, A.JohnHonour and 0. Harold Copp.Federation proceedings14:157 March 1955.Abstract1CORBETT, DAVID C.Provincial rights and the ivory tower.forum 34:248-50 February- 1955.1011•17,CcWAN, IAN McT.Birds of Jasper national park, Alberta, Canada.Ottawa, Department of northern affairs and naturalresources, 1955. 66p.map. (Canadian wildlifeservice, Wildlife management bulletin. Series 2no • 8)The distribution of the pikas (Ochotona) in BritishColumbia and Alberta. Murrelet 35:19—24 May—August1954. 96The growth rate of the black—tailed deer (Odocoileushemionus columbianus) I,McT, Cowan and A,J, Wood.Journal of wildlife management 19:331—6 July 1955,97An indication of population mixing in Canada geese.Murrelet 35:45 September—December 1954.98A new northern record for Xanthus Murrelet Brachyrhamphus hypoleuca.Murrelet 35:50 September—December:1.954.99The normal temperature of the Columbian black-taileddeer. I.McT, Cowan and A.J. Wood. Journal of wildlife management 19:154—5 January1955. 100Observations on wildlife conservation and managementin Britain and Norden, British Columbia, Gamedepartment, Game convention .,, report of proceedings 8:22—30 May 1954. 101.Wildlife conservation in Canada, Journal of wildlifemanagement 19:161—76 April 1955.COWAN, R0BT J.Dupuytren’s contracture. Robert G. Langston andRobert J. Cowan. International coilege of surgeons.Journal 23:710—4 June 1955. 103CRAGG, R.C.Valley of bones. TheEuropean inheritance.3 v,Edited by Sir Ernest Barker, Sir GeorgeClark andProfessor P. Vaucher. Oxford,Clarendon press,1954, In Dalhousje review34:303—9 Autumn 1954.Review.CURTIS, GEORGE F,Thelawyers?part of law reform.London, Solicitors’law stationery society,July 1955, 6p. 105DANIELTJS, ROYCanadian letter. Landfall9:138—43 June1955. 106DANIELS, J.M.The effect of interactionsin a paramagnetic on theentropy and susceptibility.Physical society.Proceedings 66(section A) :673—88July 1 1953. 107Experiments on nuclearorientation at very low temperatures, I. Establishmentof a method of nuclearalinement and its applicationto cobalt—60. J.M.Daniels and others. Royalsociety of London,Proceedings 221(series A):170—88 February91954, 108Polarized v—rays from oriented 54Mn nuclei,J.N.Daniels and others. Philosophicalmagazine 45:1197—9November1954.109Some experiments andtheoretical considerations onthe electric H.F.S. methodof nuclear alignment,Canadian journal ofphysics 32:662—73 October1954.110The thermal and magneticproperties of chromiumpotassium alum belowO°1°K, J,M, Daniels and N.Kurti, Royal society of London,Proceedings221(series A) :243—56 February91954,11195 1041021213DARRACH, MIJRVINThe effect of cortisone acetate on the production ofcirculating hemolytic antibodies in the mouse.Shirley E. Newsom and Marvin Darrach. Canadian journal of biochemistry and physiology 32:372—82 July1954. 112The effect of heparin on the endogenous liperniaproduced by protracted cortisone treatment in therabbit. P. Constantinides, G. Szasz and M. Darrach.Canadian journal of biochemistry and physiology33:226—31 March 1955.Presented at the 7th Annual meeting of the Westernsection, Medical division, National research council,in Saskatoon on February 5 1953 and abstracted in theProceedings of the XIX International physiologicalcongress in Montreal, August 1953. 87DAVIDSON, GEORGE A.Observations on the anxiety tension syndrome. HermanA. Dickel, Henry H. Dixon and James 0. Shanklin incollaboration with George A. Davidson. Canadianmedical association journal 72:1—6 January 1 1955.113DAVIS, HARRY F.A note on Haar measure. American mathematicalsociety. Proceedings 6:318—21 April1955. 114DeBRUIN, J.Writing effective English. Vancouver, Certifiedgeneral accountants association of British Columbia,1955. 53p.Mimeographed. 115DEKABAN, A.S.Long survival in juvenile essential hypertensioncomplicated by bilateral hemiplegia. Canadianservices medical journal 11:83—93 February 1955. 116DOLMA.N, C.E.Additional botulism episodes in Canada. Canadianmedical association journal 71:245—9 September 1954.117DOLM(.N, G.E. (Cont.)Human botulism. Canadian journal of public health45:4Q3—6 September 1954, 118D(3JER, GORDON E.An inexpensive mobile vectorcardiograph. Gorcion E.Dower and A. Donald Moore. American heart journal49:705—12 May 1955. 120DUNELL, B,A.Some considerations on the elementary physical chemistry laboratory. 8$. Dunell and A.E.Werner.Journal of chemical education 32:307—8 June 1955. 121DUNN, HENRY 0.Oxalosis. American journal of diseases ofchildren90:58—80 July 1955.122DUTTON, 0.0.5.The reaction of nitro8lefins with indole,Wayland E.Noland, Glenn N. Christensen, Gerald L. Sauer andG.G.S. Dutton. American chemical society.Journal77:456—7 January 20 1955. 123EADES, E.G.An investigationspectrum of Al27Canadian journalEAGIJS, BLYTHE A.Growth of Pseudomonas aeruginosa withglucose,gluconate, or 2—ketogluconate as carbonsource.Jack J.R. Campbell, Audrey G. Linnes andBlythe A.Eagles. Royal society of Canada.Transactions 3dseries. 48(section 5):49—50 June1954.Type E botulism due to salmon eggs. G.E. Do].man,George E. Darby and Robert F. Lane. Canadian journalof public health 46:135—41 April 1955. 119of the nuclear resonance absorptionin a single crystal of euclase,of physics 33 :286—97 June1955. 1247014 15EDWARDS, P. MAXIMILIAN H.A numericon of Russian inflections and stresspatterns; a guide for students of Russian. Irma M.Carisen and P. Maximilian H. Edwards. Vancouver,University of British Columbia, c1955. Mimeographed.73EPSTEIN, NORMANGraphical determination of maximum capacity of awashing filter press. Canadian journal of technology32 :164—6 July 1954. Abstract. 125EVELYN, INNETH A.Drugs for hypertension. Modern medicine of Canada9:43—9 July 1954. 126The natural history and prognosis of hypertension.American life convention. Medical section. Proceedings 42:3—31 1954. 127FIDLER, H.K.Carcinoma of the Fallopian tube detected by cervicalsmear. H.K. Fidler and D.R. Lock. American journalof obstetrics and gynecology 67:1103—11 May 1954. 128FIELDS, DONALD B.Canadian income tax problems by Marcel Belanger andDonald B. Fields. Toronto, CCH Canadian limited,1955. 128p.129FORWARD, F.A.Acid pressure leaching of uranium ores. F.A. Forwardand J. Halpern. Journal of metals 7:463—6 March1955. 130Chemistry of the ammonia pressure process for leaching Ni, Cu, and Co from Sherritt Gordon suiphide concentrates. F.A. Forward and V.N. Mackiw. Journal ofmetals 7:457—63 March 1955. 131Development in the carbonate processing of uraniumores. F.A. Forward and J. Halpern. Journal of metals6:1408—14 December 1954. 132FLWARD, F.A. (Cont.)Les effets des temperatures et pressions elevees sw’l’extraction et la precipitation de metau.x non ferreuxpar de méthodes hydrométallurgiques. Congrs dechimie industrielle, 27e, Bruxelles, 11—20 septembre1954.Compte rendu 2:320—5 1954.Industrie chimique beige t.20, nuznéro special. 133FOULKS, JAMES G.Homeostatic adjustment in the renal tubular transportof inorganic phosphate in the dog. James G. Foulks.With the technical assistance of Anne C. Robertson andWilliam Martin. Canadian journal of biochemistry andphysiology 33 :638—50 July 1955. 134The use of sympathomimetic amines in the treatment ofshock. Canadian anaesthetists’ society journal1:1—9July 1954. 135FOWLER, D.W.Criteria for evaluation of field work. A.C. Abrahamson, D.W. Fowler and others. Social worker 23:1—7March 1955. 2FRIEDMAN, CONSTANCE L.Depressor effect of pitressin in the rat. Sydney M.Friedman and Constance L. Friedman. Federationproceedings 14:162 March 1955. Abstract. 136The effect of pitressin on sodium tolerance in experimental hypertension. Sydney N. Friedman, David F.Hardwick andJ•A.M. Hinke with the collaboration ofConstance L. Friedman. 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Friesen and others.Adult education5:5—10Autumn l94,147Effect of pitressin inin the rat, Sydney M.and Miyoshi Nakashima.180:469—74 March 1955.experimental renal hypertensionFriedman, Constance L. FriedmanAmerican journal of physiology1371819GAGE, WALTER H.Helps to higher education. British Coluibia parent-teacher 21:6+ January—February 1955. 148GIBSON, WILLIAM C.Contributions by medical undergraduates to the scienceof preventive medicine. Public health reports70:935—42 October 1955.149From Jenner to Salk. Vancouver medical association.Bulletin 31:334—5 May 1955. 150Makers of the University — Henry Esson Young. U.B.C0alumni chronicle 9:16—7 Summer 1955. 151A new hallucinogen: 3,4,5—trimethoxyphenyl—B—aminopropane with notes on the stroboscopic phenomenon.Dwight I. Peretz, John R, Smythies and William C.Gibson. 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