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Publications of the Faculty and Staff July 1, 1950 -- June 30, 1951 University of British Columbia; Smith, Anne M.; Univesity of British Columbia. Library 1952-06-07

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VANCOUVER, B. C.UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA1952PUBLICATIONSOF THEFACULTY ANDSTAFFJULY , 1950 - JUN& 30, 1951-; j,-.-PUBLICATIONS OF THE FACULTY ANDSTAFFJuly 1, 1950 - June 30, 1951AZUUGG, G.P.V,“England in 1609.” Huntington library quarterly14:75-94 November 1950.University of British Columbia PublicationsBibliographical Series No. 2This Faculty Bibliography has been publishedunder the general direction of the UniversityEditorial Conmiittee, but special thanks aredue to the staff of the Reference Division ofthe University Library who did the basic workof preparation.ALLARDYCE, JOHN“Experimental hypertension.” John Allardyce, James Salter andRay Rixon. American journal of physiology 164:68-72 January1951. 2ALLEN, G.S.“A comparison of several regeneration survey methods in terms ofcost and usefulness.” G,S, Alien, B.G, Griffith and J,W. 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