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Publications of the Faculty and Staff July 1, 1952 -- June 30, 1953 University of British Columbia; University of British Columbia. Library; Smith, Anne M. 1954-06-07

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Publications ofthe Faculty and StaffTHE UNIVERSITYOF BRITISHCOLUMBIA1954Publications ofthe Facultyand StaffJULY 1, 1952 - JUNE 30, 1953VANCOUVER, B.C.UNIVERSITY OFBRITISH COLUMBIA1954PUBLICATIONS OF THEFACULTY AND STAFFUniversity of British Columbia PublicationsBibliographical Series No. .This Faculty Bibliography hasbeen publishedunder the general directionof the UniversityEditorial Committee, but specialthanks aredue to the staff of theReference Division ofthe University Library who did thebasic wrkof preparation.July 1,.1952— June30,1953AKRIGG, G.P.V.“British Columbiaplace names.” Westernfolklore 12:q4—9January1953.1ALLEN, GEORGE S.“Fire controlke,rto successful forestmanagement.” Truck loggerMay 1953. p.32.2“A forester looks at forestrydevelouent in British Columbia.”British Colui.bialui.ber.an 37:54—6-i-June 1953. 3ANDISON, J. GORDON“I4Dntiagne and thecolleges.” Pacificnorthwest conference offoreign languageteachers. 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June 1952.10“Note on the BritishColumbia electionin June 1952.” Westernpolitical quarterly5:585—91 December 1952.i:i1BELSHAW, CYRIL S.Conuiunity deve1oxnentin Papua.” South Pacific6:37L—8o July1952.Reprinted fran Australianoutlook 6:5o—9 March 1952.“Implications of policyin New Guinea.” Australianquarterly25:79—90 March 1953.1213“Industrialization in theSouth Pacific.” South Pacificcommissionquarterly bulletin 32—4January 1953.14“Port I*wesby canoe aders”Oceania 23:26—39 September 1952.15“Revaluation of tiii ina Puan cailnunity.” South Pacific 6q66—72 NOVe1)ber 1952.a6BIELY, JACOB‘The effect of drying temperatureon the folic acid contentofherring meal.” J. Biely,B. March andH.L.A. Tarr. Scienceii6:—o September17‘The effect of feeding antibioticson the carbohydrate and proteinrequirements of the chick.”J. Biely, B.E. March and D.F. Srriith.Poultry science 31:863-70September 1952.i8“Nutrients in the poultryration.” Jacob Biely and B.March.Feedstuffs 25:20—51-March 28 1953.19‘The nutritive value of fishmeal and condensed fishsolubles. VI.An unidentified growth factor (S)in fish meal.” Jacob Biely,B.E. March, H.L.A. Tarr. Fisheriesresearch board of Canada.Progress reports of thePacific Coast stations 9210—3October1952.20“The nutritive value of fish mealand condensed fish solubles.VII. Herring autolysates, fermentationproducts, condensed sol—ubles, and meal as supplements for chick startingrations.”H.L.A. Tarr, Jacob Biely, B.E. March. Fisheriesresearch boardof Canada. Progress reports of the PacificCoast stations 94:27—March 1953.21BIRNEY, A. EARLE“Notes on ancestors.” Canadiznforum 32233 January 1953.222BIRNEY, A. EARLE (cant.)Trial of a cityand other verse. 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Conference report786 1953.[abstract]35BUCKLAND, DONALD C.“Animal damage to conifers in BritishColumbia.” British Colanbilumberaan 36:58i- October 1952.36“Mushrooms for the picking.t’ Western hoigesand living May 1953.p.53—5.Reprinted in Forest and miii 7:6 July 1953 as “Alnust allofBritish Columbia’s mushrooms arenon—poisonous and make tastyeating.”37“Northistern research — who’s doingwhat?” British Columbialumberman, Appears nunthly comencing withvolume37number L.April 1953.38“Reforestation — One man’s opinion.” British Columbialumberman37:L—1+F,j.y1953.39CAMPBELL, J.J.R.“Influence of temperature on the trace eleint requirements forcitric acid production by Aspergillus niger.” Paul A. Kitos,Jack J.R. Campbell and Neil Tomlinson. Applied•icrobio logy1:156—9 May 1953.“Surface activity as the cause of the anomalous behavior ofurethane as an inhibitor of yeast respiration.” Carl Lamannaand Jack J.R. Campbell. 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CLemensand G.V. Wilby. Fisheriesresearch board of Canada.Journal9:141—2 September 1952.148CONSTANTINIDES, PARIS“The effect of protamineon serum cholesteroland serum turbidityin cholesterol—oil fedrats.” George Szasz andParis Constantinides.Archives internationalesde pharmacodynamie et detherapie 93255—9March 1 1953.14.9“Mast cells and susceptibilityto experimentalatherosclerosis.”Science 117:505—6May 8 1953.50COULTHARD, JEANSonata for piano.Toronto, 1’1I CanadaLimited, June i 1953.2513.51BOYD, WILLIAMA text- book ofFebiger, 1953.(cont.)pathology.1024p.6th ad. Philadelphia, Lea and3314.5COULTHARD, THOMAS L.“Report. on the requirementsof agricultural engineering inB. C.agriculture.” British Columbiaagronomists’ association.Conference report 7:21—L 1953.52COWAN, IAN McT.“Ruts and ridges: somemajor issues in wildlifeconservation.”British Columbia. Game department.Game convention ...reportof proceedings 6:63—8 1952.53“Three cetacean records fromBritish Columbia.” I.McT.Cowan andCharles J. Guiguet. Murre let33:10—1 1952. 54CURTIS, GEORGE F.“Isolation, intention and income.”inLegal essays in honour ofArthur loxon, ed. byJ.A. Corry, F.C. Cronkite and E.F.Whitiore.tTorontIUniversity of Toronto press, 1953.p.239—62.ssDANIELS, J.M.“The alignment of Cobalt 8.”J.M. Daniels, M.A. Grace, H.Halban,N. Kurti and F.N.H. Robinson. Philosophicalmagazine 43127—130ODecember 1952.“Cerium magnesium nitrate,II. Detennination of the entropy—absolute temperature relationbelow i°K.” J.M. Danielsand F.N.H.Robinson. Philosophical magazine:63o—5 June 1953. 57“High power solenoids; stressesand stability.” British journalof applied physics q:5o—4 February 1953.“Polarized ‘-rays fran nucleialigned at l temperatures.” G.R.Bishop, J.M. Daniels, G. Goldschmidt,H. Halban, N. Kurti andF.N.H. Robinson. Physicalreview 88:2432—3 December i 195.2. 59DELAVAULT, ROBERT E.“Acetonic dithizone ingeochemistry.” Harry V. Warren,Robert H.Delavault and Ruth I.Irish. 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