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Publications of the Faculty and Staff July 1, 1955 -- June 30, 1956 University of British Columbia; University of British Columbia. Library; Smith, Anne M. 1957-06-07

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0U*0LU>zDLUPUBLICATIONS OF THE FACULTY AND STAFFSEPTEMBER 1, 1955 — AUGUST 31, 1956VANCOUVER, B.C.UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA1957rrANDERSON, W.J.An evaluation of the future of agriculturein British Columbia. British Columbia naturalresources conference. Transactions 9:255—631956.ANGUS, HENRYF.Federal—provincial finance; attitudesof theprovinces toward federal—provincial taxagreements pin—pointed. Industrial reportp.3+ February 1956.ASZKANAZY, CLARISSE L.Postnecrotic cirrhosis in fibrocystic diseaseof pancreas. Report of a case. Brian K.Montgomery and Clarisse L. Aszkanazy. American journal of clinical pathology 26:630—5June 1956.AUSTIN, JACOBInternational law; rivers and marginal seas.Papers by Leon J. Ladner, Charles B. Bourne,Peter Inglis, Jacob Austin and N.A.M.MacKenzie. Vancouver, University of BritishColumbia, 1956. p.35—45. (Lecture seriesno.27)AUSTIN, W.E.Acute regional ileitis. Canadian medicalassociation journal 74:289—90February 151956.BAGNALL, A.W.Adrenocortjcojd therapy in medical practice.R.A. Palmer, A.W. Bagnall, Marvin Darrach,H.S. Robinson, Reginald A. Wilson, Donald H.Williams. Vancouver medical association.Bulletin 32:255—62 March 1956.A new technique for the local use of hydro—cortisone in rheumatic disease. Canadianmedical association journal 73:972—3 December 1955.BAGNALL, A.W. (Cont.)A panel discussion of constructivecriticismof occupational andphysical therapy.A.W.Bagnall, K.C. Boyce,A.C. Pinkerton,E.C.Frazer, B.M. Hahn. Canadianjournal ofoccupational therapy 22:81—91September1955.Presented at 7th annualWestern international conference ofoccupational andphysical therapy,May 14, 1955. 15BANDY, P.J.Effect of age and plane ofnutrition on theblood chemistry of theColumbian black—taileddeer (Odocoileus hemionus columbianus)A.Packed—cell volume, sedimentationrate, andhemoglobin. W.D. Kitts, P.J. Bandy,A.J.Wood, and I. McT. Cowan. Canadianjournalof zoology 34:477—84 October 1956.The immediate post—natal growthin theColumbian black—tailed deerin relation tothe composition of themilk of the doe. W.D.Kitts, I. MeT. Cowan, JohnBandy and A.J. Wood.The journal of wildlife management20:212—4April 1956.17A method for the assessment ofthe nutritional status of wild ungulates.P.J. Bandy, I.MoP. Cowan, W.D. Kitts, andA.J. Wood. Canadian journal of zoology 34:48—52February1956.18BEEDLE, ARTHURThe chartered accountantand the unauditedstatement. The Canadian charteredaccountant69:115—9 August 1956.19BELSHAW, CYRIL S.Canadian policy andAsian society. International journal 11:36—45Winter 1955/56. 20The Indians of British Columbia; asurvey of8910111612131423BEI1SHAW, cmm s. (Coat.)social and economic conditions. A report tothe Minister of citizenship and immigration,H.B. Hawthorn, C.S. Beishaw, S.M. Jamiesonand others. Vancouver, University of BritishColumbia, 1955.3 v.Mimeographed,Small—scalepreliminaryMarch 1956.nical paper no. 89Also in French translation.BIELY, JACOBThe composition of the breeder diet and bloodclotting in dams and chicks. B.E. March, J.Biely and S.F. Touohburn. Poultry science34:1097—1100 September 1955.Fat studies in poultry.5.The effect ofdietary fat level on the choline requirementof the chick. B. March and Jacob Biely.Poultry science 35:545—9 May 1956. 24Folio acid supplementation of high protein—high fat diets. B. March and Jacob Biely.Poultry science 35:550—1 May 1956. 25The nutritive value of herring meals. J.Biely, B.E. March and H.L.A. Tarr. Poultryscience 34:1274—9 November 1955. 26BIRNEY, EARLECanada’s art colony in Mexico. Saturdaynight 70:9—10 October 15 1955. 27Down the long table. toronto, McClellandand Stewart ltd., 1955. 298p. 28Mexico in one jump. Saturday night 70:27—8August 20 1955. 29BIRNEY, EARLE (Cont.)Mexico without Acapulco.Saturday night70:43—4November 12 1955.30Record of service in thesecond world war;a supplement tothe University of BritishColumbia war memorial manuscriptrecord.Edited by Earle Birney. Vancouver,Universityof BritishColumbia, 1955. 46p.31The writer and the H—bomb.Why create?Queen’squarterly 62:37—44 Spring 1955.32BLACK, EDGAR C.Appearance of lactic acid inthe blood ofKamloops and lake troutfollowing live transportation. The Canadian fishcuiturist 18:20—7March 1956.33BLAKEMORE, J.S.Photoconductivity in indium—dopedsilicon.Canadian journal of physics34:938—48September 1956.34BIf.1H, OTTOOn the history and philosophyof science.Areply, American journal ofphysics 24:178—9March 1956.35Principles and applications ofphysics byOtto BlUh in collaborationwith JosephDenisOrlElder. Edinburgh, Oliver andBoyd, 1955.866 p.BOGOCH, A.Clinical features of acuteinflammationofthe pancreas.H.L. Bockus, M.H.Kaiser,J.L.A. Roth, A. Bogoch andG. Stein.A.M.A.Archives of internalmedicine96:308—21September 1955.The effects ofglucagon oncarbohydrate45industry for the South Pacific;papers. Nöumea, New Caledonia,(South Pacific commission. Tech—)2122233637BOGOCH, A. (Cont.)metabolism in patients with diabetes mellitus.A. Bogoch and H.W. McIntosh0Canadian medicalassociation journal 74:875—81 June1 1956. 38Liver disease in sickle cellanemia; a correlation of clinical, biochemical,histologicand histochemical observations. A. Bogoch,W.G.B. Casselman, M.P. Margoliesand H.L.Bockus. American journal ofmedicine19:583—609 October 1955.BORDEN, CHARLES E.An ancient coast Indian villagein southernBritish Columbia. Indian time2:9—19 Winter1955. 40Results of two archaeological surveysin theEast Kootenay region of British Columbia.State college of Washington. Researchstudies 24:73—104 March1956. 41BOURNE, CHARLES B.International law; rivers andmarginal seas.Papers by Leon J. Ladner, Charles B. Bourne,Peter Inglis, Jacob Austin and N.A.M.MacKenzie, Vancouver, Universityof BritishColumbia, 1956. p.17—25.(Lecture seriesno• 27)BOYLES, SADIE K.Ecoutezi Victoria, Departmentof education,1956. 25p.B.C. school broadcasts. Studentguide forsix programmes to supplement the high schoolFrench course.BOWERING, R.Existing and probable future developmentsin the municipal water supplyfield withinthe province. British Columbianatural resources conference.Transactions 9:228—32 1956.43BROOME, E.B.The teaching of grammar. Macmillan bulletinfor teachers. p.1—4 March1956. 44BROWN, LORNE B.Is school physical education important?Canadian association for health, physicaleducation and recreation. Journal 22:27—9March 1956.Physical education in the schools. BritishColumbia parent—teacher 22:6—7+ March—April1956.46BRYCE, W.A.Mass spectrometric investigation of thehydrogen—oxygen and methyl—oxygen reactions9K.U. Ingold and W.A. Bryce. Journal of chemical physics 24:360—4 February 1956.Reaction of methyl radicals with nitricoxide. W.A. Bryce and K.U. Ingold. Journalof chemical physics 23:1968 October 1955. 48BRYNER, CYRILThe origin of the communist autocracy: political opposition in the Soviet state, firstphase 1917—22. By Leonard Schapiro. Cambridge, Mass., Harvard university press, 1955.397p.International journal 11:149—50Spring 1956. Review. 49BURGESS, R.E.The a.c. admittance of temperature—dependentcircuit elements. Physical society. Proceedings B 68:766—74 October 1955.50Carrier concentration disturbances insemiconductors. Physical society. Proceedings B 68:793 October 1955. 5139454711426Electrical oscillations in thermistors and7BURGESS, R.E. (Cont.)germanium point—contact rectifiers. Journalof electronics (ser.i) 3:297—302 November1955. 52Electronic and ionic fluctuation processesin semiconductors. Electrochemical society.Journal 103:60C March 1956. Abstract.Presented at the meeting of the Electro—chemical society, San Francisco, May 2, 1956. 53Fluctuations of the numbers of electrons andholes in a semiconductor. Physical society.Proceedings B 68:661—71 September 1955. 54Line source with progressive phase shift.Canadian journal of physics 34:149—50 January1956. 55Progress in semiconductors; general editorAlan F. Gibson, American editor R.E. Burgess,European editor P. Aigrain. London, Heywood& company ltd., 1956. v.1. 56Reduction of noise in photoconductive cells.British journal of applied physics 6:385—7November 1955. 57Theoretical aspects of electron—photoninteractions in semiconductors. Royal societyof Canada, Programme of papers, June 12 meeting, 1956. p.20. Abstract. 58The turnover phenomenon in thermistors and inpoint—contact germanium rectifiers. Physicalsociety. Proceedings B 68:908—17 November1955. 59CAMPBELL, JACK J.R.The enzymes of the tricarboxylic acid cycleof Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Jack J.R. Campbelland Roberts A. Smith. Canadian journal ofmicrobiology 2:433—40 June 1956.CAMPBELL, JACK J.R. (Cont.)Evaluation of the energy gained by Pseudomonasaeruginosa during the oxidation of glucoseto 2—ketogluconate. J.J.R. Campbell, T.Ramakrishnan, A.G. Linnes and B.A. Eagles.Canadian journal of microbiology 2:304—9May 1956. 61CARISEN, IRINA M.An English—Russian vocabulary and nuniericonof inflections and stress—patterns forscientific Russian courses. Vancouver,University of British Columbia, Departmentof Slavonic studies, 1956. 84p.Mimeographed. 62A Russian opera reader.sity of British Columbia,Slavonic studies, 1956. 209p.CARROLL, JOHN J.Chiorpromazine and promethazine in obstetrics. John J. Carroll and Peter W. Hudson.Canadian anaesthetists’ society journal2:340—6 October1955.CARROTHERS, A.W.R.Case and comment: trade unions — wrongfulexpulsion from membership — cause of actionin contract or tort — representativeform —liability of union and members todeclaration,injunction and damages. Canadianbar review34:70—81 January 1956.65A legislative history ofthe B.C.tradeunions act: theRoseland miners’case.University of BritishColumbia legalnotes2:339—46 March 1956.66CAVERS, S.D.Solvent extractionof Saskatchewanlignites.I. Surveyof lignitesand solvents.R.L.Eager, S.D.Cavers, W.Graham,N.R. DunneVancouver, TJniver—Department of63646089CAVERS, S.D. (Cont.)and W.J.G. Cudinore. Canadianjournal oftechnology 34:121—30 May 1956.67CHANDRASEKHARAN, K.Application of the phase—exchange methodtothe demineralisation of Athabascabitumen—sand. K. Chandrasekharan andB. Weingaertner.Indian institute of science. Journal38A:169—76 July 1956.68CHANT, S.N.F.A Canadian education. In Katz, Joseph,ed.Canadian education today: a symposium.Toronto, McGraw—Hill company of Canadalimited, 1956. p.14—25.The need for understanding. Kokusaibunkashinkokai bulletin. Tokyo, Japan.p.1—2Autumn 1955 (In Japanese) 70Papers of the Shaw festival byS.N.F. Chant,George Woodcock and David C. Corbett.Introduction by M.W. Steinberg. Vancouver,University of British Columbia, 1956. p.1—7.(Lecture series no.26) 71Practical psychology. S.N.F. Chant andE.I.Signori, Vancouver, University ofBritishColumbia, Department of psychology, 1956.205 p. Mimeographed. 72The veteran returns. In Record of serviceinthe second world war; a supplement to theUniversity of British Columbia war memorialmanuscript record. Edited by EarleBirney.Vancouver, University of British Columbia,1955. p.25—31.CHAPMAN, J.D.British Columbia, atlas of resources.J.D.Chapman, D.B. Turner, editors; A.L. Parley,CHAPMAN, J.D. (Cont.)R.I. Ruggles, cartographiceditors. Vancouver, British Columbianatural resourcesconference, 1956. 92p.48 maps. 74CLEMENS, W.A.Research and fish.B.C. Game department.Game convention; reportof proceedings9:21—4May 1955.75Seasonal variations in the resistanceofgoldfish to temperature.William S. Hoarpresented by W.A. Clemens.Royal society ofCanada. Transactions 3d series.49(section5):25—34 June 1955.Some historical aspects ofthe fisheriesresources of British Columbia.BritishColumbia natural resources conference.Transactions 9:119—30 1956.77COADY, C.J.Mediterranean anaemia in ChineseCanadians.J.K. Siddoo, C.J. Coady,L. Morgan—Dean andW.H. Perry. Canadian medical associationjournal 74:124—30 January 15 1956.COLBECK, J.C.Eosinophilia and filariasis in aCanadianveteran. J.C. Colbeck andJ.P. Gofton.Canadian services medical journal11:803—7December 1955.Some aspects of hospitalinfection. H. RockeRobertson, J.C. Colbeck andW.H. Sutherland.American journal of surgery 92:233—9August1.956.80Studies in hospital infections,I. “Theimportance of fomites in the spread ofstaphylococcal infections,with particularreference to mattresses andwashing facilities.”11697678797310COLBECK, J.c. (Cont.)J.C. Colbeck, with thetechnical assistanceof Mr. H. Wrohan,Miss J.E. Gough andMrs.A.I. Ailman. Canadianservices medicaljournal 12:563—80July—August1956.CONSTANTINIDES, P.Effects of sulfatedpolysaccharides on pre—established atherosclerosis.P. Constant—inides, P.Saunders and A. Wood.A.M.A.archives of pathology62:369—79 November1956.CORBETT, DAVIDC.The economic objectivesand achievementsofimmigration policyin Canada since1946.World populationconference, Rome,31 August— 10 September1954. Papers 2:343—53.1955.(U.N. E/Conf.13/414)82Papers of the Shawfestival by S.N.F.Chant,George Woodcockand David C.Corbett. Introduction by M.W.Steinberg. Vancouver,University of BritishColumbia,1956. p.4l—56.(Lecture series no.26)71COULTHARD, JEANDevil’s dance. In14composers. Oakville,music Co. ltd., 1955.White caps; rondofrom the sonatinafor piano.Toronto, B.M.I. Canadaltd., c1955.4p.85A winter’s tale;ballade forstrings. Ottawa,Department of externalaffairs in cooperationwith the Canadianmusic council,1955.23p.86COWAN, I. HoT.Birds of Washingtonstate. By S.G. Jewett,W.P. Taylor, W.T.Shaw and J.W. Aldrich.University of Washingtonpress. XXXII, 767p.COWAN, I. McT. (Cont.)maps, plates. Canadian field—naturalist69:29—30 January—March 1955. Review.Effect of age and plane of nutrition on theblood chemistry of the Columbian black—taileddeer (Odocoileus hemionus coluinbianus) A.Packed—cell volume, sedimentation rate, andhemoglobin. W.D. Kitts, P.J. Bandy, A.J. Woodand I. MeT. Cowan. Canadian journal of zoology 34:477—84 October 1956. 16The immediate post—natal growth in theColumbian black—tailed deer in relation tothe composition of the milk of the doe. W.D.Kitts, I. McT. Cowan, John Bandy and A.J.Wood. Journal of wildlife management 20:212—4 April 1956.An instance of scabies in the marten (Martesamericana) Journal of wildlife management19:499 October 1955. 88Life and times of Coast black—tailed deer.In Taylor, W.P. ed. Deer of North America.Washington, Wildlife management institute,1956. p.521—617.89The maninals of British Columbia. By IanMcTaggart Cowan and Charles J.Guiguet.Victoria, Department of education, 1956.(British Columbia provincial museum.Handbook no.11)A method for the assessmentof the nutritional status of wild ungulates.P.J. Bandy,I.McT. Cowan, W.D. Kittsand A.J.Wood. Canadian journal of zoology34:48—52 February1956.Northern fur seal intheinside coastalwaters ofBritish Columbia.J.I. Manzerand121381878317pieces by CanadianOnt,, FrederickHarrisp.26—7.849018COWAN, I. MoP. (Cont.)I. HoT. Cowan. Journal of mammalogy 37:83—6February 1956. 91What and where are the mule and black—taileddeer? In Taylor, W.P. ed. Deer of NorthAmerica. Washington, Wildlife managementinstitute, 1956.P.335—59.92COWAN, ROBERT J.Reconstruction of the eyebrow by an up—and—down scalp flap. British journal of plasticsurgery 9:43—6 April 1956. 93CROUCH, L.G.R.Factors affecting mineral production. BritishColumbia natural resources conference. Transactions 9:416—22 1956. 94Factors affecting mineral production. BritishColumbia natural resources conference. Transactions 9:416—22 1956.Reprinted in Western miner and oil review29:42—5 Hay 1956.CROWE, DONALD W.The n—dimensional cube and the tower of Hanoi.American mathematical monthly 63:29—30 January 1956. 96CRUMB, J.A.Dispute settlement and third party intervention: a discussion. Canadian journal ofeconomics and political science 21:531—3November 1955.CURTIS, G.F.The lawyers’ part in law reform. Universityof British Columbia legal notes 2:273—80March 1956. 98DANIEL, EDWIN 3.Effect of maturity and desoxycorticosterone—14DANIEL, EDWINE. (Cont.)induced hypertensionon tissueelectrolytes.Edwin E. Danieland Betty N.Daniel. Americanjouna1 ofphysiology 182:567—71September1955.Evaluation ofanalgesic drugs withspecialreference tosubjectiveresponses.Canadiananaesthetists’society journal3:198—207 July1956.100DANIELLS, ROYCanadian letter.Landfall 38:136—41June1956.101A quarter—centuryof the Quarterly.University ofToronto quarterly25:3—9 October 1955.DANNER, WII1BERTR.Geology of OlympicNational Park.Seattle,Umiversityof Washingtonpress, 1955.68p.Published incooperation withthe Olympicnatural historyassociation.102Mississippian—Pennsylvanianunconformitynear Adams Mills,Ohio. WilbertR. Dannerand WilliamM. Bethke. Ohiojournal ofscience 55:182—4May 1955.104Some fossil wormtubes of westernWashington.Rocks and minerals30:451—7 September—October 1955.105DARRACH, MARVINAdrenocorticoidtherapy in medicalpractice.R.A. Palmer,A.W. Bagnall, Marvin Darrach,H.S. Robinson, ReginaldA. Wilson, DonaldH.Williams, Vancouvermedical association,Bulletin 32:255—62March 1956.Metabolism ofadrenal steroidsin the mouse.1. Observationson 20——dihydrocorticosteroneand corticosteronein the plasmaof mice1599951039713DARRACH, MARVIN (Cont.)treated with corticotropin. C.M. Southcott,H.E. Bandy, S.E. Newsom and Marvin Darrach.Canadian journal of biochemistry and physiology 34:913—8 September 1956.Studies on human adrenal steroids. I. Theeffect of corticotropin on components of thefree and conjugated plasma C21 adrenal steroidfractions. C.M. Southcott, S.K. Gandossi,A.D. Barker, H.E. Bandy, Hamish MCIntosh andMarvin Darrach. Canadian journal of biochemistry and physiology 34:146—57 March 1956. 107DAVIDSON, R.E.Sculpture in a summer course. Canadian art13:257—8 Winter 1956. 108DELAVAUIIT, ROBERT E.Biogeochetaical prospecting in northern latitudes. Harry V. Warren and Robert E. Delavault.Royal society of Canada. Transactions 3d series.49(section 4):111—5 June 1955. 109Geochemistry in minefinding. Harry V. Warrenand R.E. Delavault. Western miner & oil review28:35—9 March 1955. 110Sampling in biogeochemistry, Harry V. Warren,Robert E. Delavault and John A. Fortescue.Geological society of America. Bulletin66:229—38 February 1955. 111Soils what it means to us. Harry V. Warren,Robert B. Delavault. British Columbia naturalresources conference0 Transactions 8:91—4February 1955. 112Soils in geochemical prospecting. Harry V.Warren and R.E. Delavault. Western miner&oil review 29:36—42 December 1956. 113DELAVAULT, ROBERT E.(Cont.)Some biogeochemical investigationsin easternCanada. Harry V. Warren andRobert Delavault.Canadian mining journal 76:49—54, 58—63July,August 1955.Variations in the nickel contentof someCanadian trees, Harry V. Warren andRobertB. Delavault. Royal society ofCanada. Transactions 3d series. 48:(section4):71—4 June1954.115DEMBOWSKI, P.Julian Tuwim, 1894—1953. In CanadianSlavonicpapers I. Editorial committee:G.S.N. Luokyj,ed., W.J. Rose and L.I. Strakhovsky.Toronto,Published for the Canadian association ofSlavists by the University of Torontopress incooperation with the University of BritishColumbia, 1956. p.59—65.116DERRY, DOUGLASConvex hulls of simple space curves.Canadianjournal of mathematics 8 no.3:383—8 1956.On closed differentiable curvesof orderin —spaoe. Pacific journalof mathematics5:675—86 1955.DOI1MAN, C.E.The staphylococcus: sevendecades ofresearch(l85—l955) Canadian journalofmicrobiology2:189—200 May 1956.DORE, R.P.Japanese electioncandidates in 1955.Pacificaffairs 24:174—81June 1956.Left and rightin Japan.Internationalaffairs32:11—26 January1956.121DUNELL, B.A.Dispersion ofmechanicalpropertiesof viscose17106 11411711811912016DUNELI1,B.A. (Cont.)rayon at low temperature.B.A. Dunell, S.J.W.Price. Journalof polymer science 18:305—6October 1955.122Stress—relaxationand vibrational propertiesof some fibrous polymersat various conditionsof temperatureand relative humidity.S.J.W.Price, A.D. McIntyre,J.P. Pattison andB.A.Dunell. Textile researchjournal 26:276—83April 1956.DUTTON, G.G.SOThe constitution of hemicelluloseof westernhemlock (Tsuga heterophylla).I. Determinationof composition and identificationof 2—0—(4—o—methyl—D—glucopyranosiduronicacid)—D—xylose. G.G.S.Dutton and F. Smith.Americanchemical society. Journal78:2505—7 June 51956.124The constitution of hemicelluloseof westernhemlock (Tsuga heterophylla).II. Hydrolysisof the methylated hemicellulose.G.G.S.Dutton and F. Smith.American chemicalsociety.Journal 78:3744—8August5 1956.125The Fries rearrangement ofphenyl isobutyrate.T.I. Briggs, G.G.S. Duttonand E. Merler0Canadian journal of chemistry34:851—5 July1956.126The occurrence of 4—O—methyl—D—glucuronicacid in lemon gum.Canadian journalofchemistry 3:406—8March 1956.127Structural studies on thedialdehydesobtainedfrom sugar glycosides by periodateoxidation.John Cadotte., G.S. Dutton,Irwin Goldstein,Bertha A. Lewis,F. Smith and John W. VanCleve. American chemicalsociety, Divisionof carbohydrate chemistry.Abstracts ofpapersDUTTON, G.G.S. (Cont.)presented at Dallas,tex., April 8—13 1956.p.5D.128EAGLES, BLYTHE A.Eva1uation of the energy gainedby Pseudomonasaeruginosa during the oxidationof glucoseto 2—ketogluconate. J.J.R.Campbell, T.Ramakrishrian,A.G. Linnes and B.A. Eagles.Canadian journal of microbiology2:304—9May 1956.EDEN, JOHNA comparative study of Benedict’smethod andnew enzyme tests for the detectionof glycos—uria. Canadian medical associationjournal75:677—9 October 15 1956.ELLIOT, GEORGE R.F.An experiment in continuing in—serviceeducation for health officers0 JamesN.Mather, A. John Nelson, James A. Taylorand George R.F. Elliot. Canadianjournalof public health 47:293—5 July 1956.Poliomyelitis vaccination program in BritishColumbia, 1955. J.A. Taylor,G.R.F. Elliotand A.J. Nelson. 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