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[Publications 1940/41] University of British Columbia 1941

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REPORT OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE! -UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR ENDED AUGUST 31st. 1941. PUBLICATIONS FACULTY OF ARTS AND SCIENCE DEPARTMENT OF BACTERIOLOGY AND PREVENTIVE MEDICINE: Dr. C. E. Dolman: "The Present Status of Milk-borne Disease Hazards", Canadian Public Health Journal, Vol.32, April, 1941, Dr. C. E. Dolman, Miss D. E. Kerr and Miss D. E. Helmer: "A New Phage and a Susceptible Form of S. typhi. Isolated from a Typhoid Fever Case", Canadian Public Health Journal, Vol. 32, Dr. L. Z, Rants and Dr. C. Jolnan: "Preliminary Observations on the Survival of S. typhi Canadian Public Health Journal, Vol. 32, February, 1941, Dr. C. E. Dolman: Abstract: Miss Ruth P. Dow, "Active Immunization by the Intranasal Route - A Comparison of Various H. pertussis Canadian Public Health Journal, Vol.31,No.8,1940,pp.370-375. Abstract: Mr. Donald T. Fraser, Mr. Eric L. Davey and Mr. K. C. Halpern, "Antitoxin Response to Concentrated Diphtheria Toxoid Applied to the Nasal Mucous Membrane", Canadian Public Health Journal, Vol.31,No.8,1940,pp.376-380. Abstract: Mr. E. W. McHenry, "Observations on the Nutritive Value of Bread", Canadian Public Health Journal, Vol.31, No.9, 194-0, pp.428-432 Abstract: Miss Dorothy E. Helmer, Miss Donna E. Kerr, Dr. C. E. Dolman and Dr. L. E. Ranta, "Two Phage-susceptible Types of B.Typhosus Isolated from a Typhoid Fever Case",' Canadian Public Health Journal, Vol.31, No.9,194-0,pp.433-440. Abstract: Mr, R. J. Wilson, "Laboratory Procedures in Canadian^Public Health Journal' Vol. 31, No, 12, 1940, Abstract: Mr. R.J.Gibbons and Mr. F.A.Humphreys, "Plague Surveys in Western Canada", Canadian Public Health Journal, Vol. 32, No.l, 1941, pp.24-28. Department of Bacteriology and Preventive Medicine (continued): Dr. C. E. Dolman: Abstract: Mr. U. Gareau and Mr. J. S. Fulton, "Human and Equine Encephalomyelitis in Saskatchewan", Canadian Public Health Journal, Vol.32, No. 1, 1941, pp.1-12. Dr. D. C. B. Duff: "The Furunculosis Investigation in 1939-40", Summary Reports of the Pacific Biological Station, No. 69, December, 1940, pp. 86-92. DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGY AND BOTANY: Dr. A. H. Hutchinson: "Polygonal Graphing of Ecological Data", Ecology 21, 4, October, 1940. Mr. J. Davidson: "Propagation of the Cascara Tree", B.C.Department of Agriculture, Bull.108, 1941. DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY: Dr. R. H. Clark. Mr. R. D. Heddle and Mr. J. S. Brawn: "The Phosphorous and Iodine Content of British Columbian Fish Oils", Canadian Journal of Research, Vol. 18, p. 386, 1940. Dr. W. Ure and Mr. H. H. Herd: "Surface Chemistry in the Flotation of Galena", Journal of Physical Chemistry, January, 1941, pp.45-93. DEPARTMENT OF CLASSICS: Dr. 0. J. Todd: "Servius on the Satumian Metre". The Classical Quarterly (London), July-October,1940, pp.133-145. Mr. L. A. MacKay: "A Hidden Lyric Fragment in Herodotus", Classical Journal, Vol. 2XJCVI, No. 2, November, 1940. "Horace Satires II, 3, 84-103", Classical Journal, Vol. XXXVI, No. 3, December, 1940. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE: Dr. A. W. Currie: "Some Economic Aspects of Air Transport", Canadian Journal of Economics and Political Science, Vol. 7, No. 1, February, 1941, pp, 13-24. DSPARTMT OF ECONOMICS. POLITICAL SCIENCE AND SOCIOLOGY: Mr. H. F. Angus: "The Future Order in the Paoific Area", China Quarterly, Summer, 1940. Mr. G. F. Druamond: "Statistical Concepts and the Theory of Cost", Proceedings, Pacific Coast Economics Association, September, 1940. Dr. J. A. Crumb: "Canada's Burden of War Finance", Proceedings, Pacific Coast Economics Association, December, 1940. "Canada's War Time Controls", Proceedings of Northwest Bankers Association, Pullman, Washington, April, 1941. Review: "Canadians in and Out of Work", Survey Graphic, New York, January, 1940. Dr. C. W. Topping: Article: "The Dynamic Family", Vancouver Sun, February 28th, 1941. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION: Dr. M. A. Cameron: "Education and the Rowell-Sirois Report", The School, Vol. 2XDC, No. 5, PP. 424-8. Dr. D. H. Russell: "Trends and Needs in the Study of Special Abilities and Disabilities", Teachers College Record, 42: December, 1940, pp. 239-49. "Reading Preferences of Younger Adolescents in Saskatchewan", English Journal, 30: February, 1941, PP. 131-6. Department of Education (continued): Dr. D. H. Russell and Mr. W. W. Black: "The Magazines They Read", The School, (sec.ed.), Toronto, 29, November, 1940, pp. 245-250. Dr. D. E. Russell and Mr. S. R. Laycock: "Analysis of Thirty-Eight High School How to Study Manuals", School Review, 49: May, 1941. DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH: Dr. G. G. Sedgewickr "The Progress of Chaucer's Pardoner, 1880-1940", Modern Language Quarterly, December, 1940, The University of Washington Press. DEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGY AND GEOGRAPHY": Dr. C. 0. Swanson: "The Use of the Dip Needle in Mapping Structure", Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Transactions, Vol. XLIV, 1941. "Flow Cleavage in Folded Beds", Bulletin, Geological Society of America, August 1, 1941. Dr. H. C. Gunning: Four geological maps of "Bousquet-Joannes Area, Quebec", Nos. 612A - 615A (inclusive), Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa, 1941. Dr. H. V. Warren and Mr. A. C. Lyle: "The Size and Mineralogical Distribution of Gold Particles in a Flotation Feed Sample, Britannia", B. C. Bulletin-, Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, August, 1940, pp.1-11. Dr. H. V. Warren and Mr. P. Davie: "Some Bismuth Minerals from B.C.", University of Toronto Studies, Geological Series, No. 44, 1940, pp.107-111. Dr. H. V. Warren. Mr. W. H. White and Mr. P. Davis: "A Study of the Distribution of Gold in the Tailings of Chelan Mine", B.C.Miner, November, 1940, pp.56-62. Republished in Bulletin, Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, April, 1941, pp.143-150. DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY: Dr. W. N, Sage: "John Foster McCreight", Transactions, Royal Society of Canada, Third Series, Vol. XXXIV, 1940, Section II, pp. 173-185. "The Historical Peculiarities of Canada with regard to Hemisphere Defense", The Pacific Historical Review, Vol. X, No. 1, March, 1941, pp. 13-27. Review: F. W. Howay, "Colnett's Journal", The Champlain Soci ety, Toronto , 1940, The British Columbia Historical Quarterly, Vol. V, No. 2, April, 1941. Mr. F. H. Soward. Dr. J. F. Parkinson. Dr. N. AT M. MacKenzie and Mr. T. W. L. MacDermot: "Canada in World Affairs: The Pre-War Years", Oxford University Press, Toronto, 1941, pp. xiv, 347. Mr, F. H. Soward: Article: "The Social Scienoes in the Post-War World", A Symposium. Canadian Historical Review, June, 1941, pp. 122-24. Review: Clarence K. Streit, "Union Now with Britain", University of Toronto Quarterly, July, 1941, pp. 511-13. Review: A. R. M. Lower, "Canada and the Far East", Pacific Affairs, June, 1941, pp. 233-34. Reviews: Numerous reviews for the Magazine Section of the Vancouver Daily Province. Edited section on Canada for the 1941 edition of the annual publication, "Political Handbook of the World". Dr. S. L. Thrupp; "The Pedigree and Prospects of Local History", The British Columbia Historical Quarterly, Vol. IV, No. 4, October, 1940, pp. 253-265. DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS: Mr. L. Richardson: "Solution of Problem on Precession of Gyroscope", American Mathematical Monthly, November, 1940. Department of Mathematics (continued) Dr. S. A. Jennings: "The Structure of the Group ring of a p-group over a modular field", Transactions of American Mathematical Society, Vol. 50, July, 1941, pp. 175-185. DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY AND PSYCHOLOGY: Mr. J. A. Irving: "Notes and Comments", Bulletin, Canadian Psychological Association, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 6-8; No. 2, pp. 15-16. DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY: Dr. W. A. Clemens: "Contributions to the Life History of the Sockeye Salmon Paper 26, Report, Provincial Fisheries Department for 1940, 1941. Mr. G. J. Spencer: "Ectoparasites of Birds and Mammals  in British Columbia" VI. A Preliminary list of Parasitic Mites. Proc. Ent. Soc. B.C., No. 37, 1941. "The Effect of Hailstorms on Grasshoppers", Can.Ent. 1940. "Control of Human Lice under War Conditions',, Can. Ent. 1941. (Note) "Lead or Tin Tubes in a Biological Laboratory", Can.Ent.1941. (Note) Dr. I. McT.Cowan: "Two Apparently Fatal Grouse Diseases", Journal Wildlife Management, Vol.4, No. 3, 1940. "Bird Records from British Columbia", Murrelet, Vol. 21, No. 3, 1940. "Distribution and Variation in the Native Sheep of North America" , Amer. Midland Nat., Vol. 24, No. 3, 1941. "Longevity of Red-legged Frog", Copeia, No. 1, 1941. "Insularity in the genus Sorex on the north coast of British Columbia", Proc.Biol.Soc.,Wash. j>4, July 31, 1941, pp.95-108. FACULTY OF APPLIED SCIENCE DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL AND ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: Mr. W. B. Coulthard: Article: "A Generalized Equivalent Circuit in the Theory of Polyphase Commutator Motors", Supplement to Electrical Engineering Transactions Section of The American Institute of Electrical Engineers, June, 1941. DEPARTMENT OF NURSING AND HEALTH: Dr. C. E. Dolman: Article: "The Health of the Nation", The Canadian Public Health Journal, August, 1941. Miss Margaret E. Kerr: Article: "To be Continued", The Canadian Nurse, January, 1941. Article: "Some Pertinent Facts", The Canadian Nurse, June, 1941. FACULTY OF AGRICULTURE DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS: Mr. F. M. Clan ent: Article: "Marketing Legislation in British Columbia", in "Economic Organization of Canadian Agriculture1 , Canadian Agricultural Economics Society, 1940. DEPARTMENT OF ANIMAL HUSBANDRY: Dr. S. N. Wood: "The Newer Knowledge of Iodine in Nutrition and Therapy of Live Stock", Canadian Journal of Camp.Med., Vol.4, No. 11, Nov., 1940 Dr. J. C. Berry: "Comparing Cows Which Have Completed Different Numbers of Lactation Records", . Proceedings of the 26th Annual Meeting, Western Division American Dairy Science Association, 1940. DEPARTMENT OF HORTICULTURE.: Dr. A. F. Barss and Mr. F. M. Clement: "Fruit Marketing Legislation", Tree Fruits Issue, C.S.T.A.Review, March, 1941. Dr. G. H. Harris: "The Effect of Climate in British Columbia on the Chemical Composition of Tomatoes", Sci.Agric., Vol. 21, No. 11, 1941. DEPARTMENT OF POULTRY HUSBANDRY: Mr. E. A. Lloyd: "Breeding for Early Feathering, Rapid Growth and Meat Type in Barred Plymouth Rocks and Rhode Island Reds at The University of British Columbia - A Progress Report", U.S.Egg and Poultry Magazine, Sept,, 1940. Mr. E. A. Lloyd and Mr. Jacob Biely: "Practical Poultry Feeding", Dept. of Agric. Bull. No. 107, Second Edition {Revised 1941), Victoria, B.C. LIBRARY Dr. W. Kaye Lamb: "Records of the Early Proceedings of the Legislature in British Columbia", Canadian Historical Review, December, 1940. "Memoirs and Documents Relating to Judge Begbie", British Columbia Historical Quarterly, Vol. V, No. 2, 1941.


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