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REPORT OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR ENDING AUGUST 81st, 1932.  PUBLICATIONS FACULTY OF ARTS AND SCIENCE DEPARTMENT OF BACTERIOLOGY: Dr. H. W. Hill "Insusceptible Strains" in the Epidemiology of American Review of Tuberculosis, Vol. XXIV, No.3, "The Epidemiology of Tuberculosis in the Human." Issued by the Provincial Board of Health, British Columbia, 1931. Dr. D.C.B.Duff: "Furunculosis of Game Fish" 1938, Progress Report #13. Pacific Biological Station "Furunculosis in British Columbia" 1932, Trans. American Fisheries Society. Mr. Jacob Biely: #  #  "The Constancy of the Agglutination Test in the Diagnosis of Pullorum Disease." Can. Journal of Research, 5: 693-706, 1931. "A Note on the Keeping Quality of Salmonella Pullorum Journal American Vet. Med. Ass'n* LXXX, n.s. 33, No.4 "Control of Bacillary White Diarrhoea Infection of  #  Reported under Faculty of Agriculture - Department of  Mr. Jacob Biely: "Effect of Pullorum Disease on Second Year Egg Production" Scientific Agriculture, XX (4), 1930, pp.221-227. Jacob Biely, C.F.Sawyer, C.M.Hamilton, W.T.Johnson and M. Dickinson^ "Accuracy of Three Cooperating laboratories in Detecting Pullorum Disease by the Agglutination Test" Journal American Vet. Med. Ass'n. LXXIX, n.s. 32 (I) 1931, pp. 19-36. Dr. V.S.Asmundson and Mr. Jacob Biely; #  "Inheritance of Resistance to Fowl Paralysis (Heurolymphomatosis galllnarum). I. Differences in Susceptibility.11 Canadian Journal Research, 6: 171-176, 1932.  Jacob Biely, Elvira Palmer and Dr. V.S.Asmundso n: #  "Inheritance of Resistance to Fowl Paralysis (Neurolymphomatosis gallinarum). II. On a significant difference In the incidence of fowl paralysis in two groups of chicks." Canadian Journal Research, 6: 374-380, 1932, -  Jacob Biely and William Roach: #  "Comparison of Efficiency of the Rapid Whole Blood Agglutination Test with the Serum Agglutination Test for Pullorum Disease." Canadian Journal Research, 6: 381-386, 1932.  DEPARTMENT OF BOTANY: Dr. A.H.Hutchinson and C.C.Lucas: "The Epithalassa of the Strait of Georgia" Canadian Journal of Research, 5: 231-284, 4 charts, 27 figures, 1931.  #  Reported under Faculty of 4griculture - Department of Poultry Husbandry.  Dr. A. H. Hutchinson and C.C.Lucas: "Density Studies of the waters of the Strait of Georgia." Accepted for publication, Canadian Journal of Research.* Dr. A. H. Hutchinson and M.R.Ashton: "The Effect of Ultra-violet Light upon the Activity of Accepted for publication Canadian Journal of Research. Mr. F. Dickson: "Studies on Sclerotinia sclerotiorum" Accepted for publication, Memoirs Cornell Agricultural Experiment Station. Mr. John Davidson: "The Flora of British Columbia." Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society Vol. 1VI, Part 2, Sept. 1931, Page 201. "Collaborated with the Provincial Department of Agriculture in preparation of Illustrated Weed  DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY: Dr. E. H. Archibald: Book:  "The Preparation of Pure Inorganic Substances"  Dr. W. F. Seyer: "The Density and Surface Tension of the Isomers of 2-Pentene and 2-Methyl-2-butene" Journal American Chem. Society 53, 3588, 1931. Dr. John Allardyce, Dr. W.D.Patton and T.McKeown: "Is Polycythaemia Vera the Antithesis of Pernicious  Department of Chemistry (continued) Br. John Allardyce and Dr. V.S.Asmundson "Farther Studies on Fish Oils as a Souroe of  "A Study of the Absorption Spectra of Various Series Trans. Royal Society,  Canada, ZXVI,  1932.  "A Comparison of the Efficiencies of Bromates and Nitrates in the Separation of the Rare Earth Elements from One  Dr. R. H. Clark, F. L. Fowler and P. Black: Trans. Royal Society^  XXV, III, 99.  Dr. R. H. Clark and R. M. Archibald; "The Effect of Iodine, Various Aldehydes and Ketones Trans. Royal Society, Canada, XXVI, 1932. R. M. Archibald and Dr. R. H. Clark; Trans. Royal Society, Canada, XXVI, III, 1932 #Deamond Beall, Jacob Biely and Dr. R. H. Clark: "Preliminary Studies on Activated Ergosterol" Trans. Royal Society, Canada, XXVI, 57, 1932. DEPARTMENT OF CLASSICS: Dr. O.J.Todd: Book:  "Index to Aristophanes" Harvard Press 1932 Oxford Press 1932.  DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS, POLITICAL SCIENCE, SOCIOLOGY and COMMERCE: Mr. H» F* Angus: "Economic Position of Canada" Mail and Empire, November * 1931. "The Economic Theory of a State-supported University" "Sundry articles in Vancouver Daily Province on Economic Questions" e.g. "The Macmillan Report" "The League of Nations Labour Office on the Jfo. W. A. Carrothers: "Our Economic System"- Sunday Province, November, 1931 "Education as affected by Economic Conditions" -  "The Control of Non-ferrous Metal Production" Proceedings of the Mining and Metallurgical Institute "The Curricula in Commerce - North American Universities" Proceedings of the Pacific Coast Economic Conference, December, 1931. Dr. C. W. Topping: "A series of three articles under the title, "The Selection, Training and Nurture of Social Workers in Canada" - Social Welfare, Toronto,  DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION: Dr. George M. Weir Book:  "The Report of the Survey of Nursing Education in Canada" Toronto University Press - 1938.  DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH: Dr. W.L.MacDonald: "John Dryden" (1631-1700) Bookman (American) 1931.  DEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGY AMD GEOGRAPHY: Dr. R. W. Brock: "The importance of Honour Matriculation work in Medicine and Engineering." Canadian Universities Conference, 1932. "The Future of British Columbia" Dominion Mortgage and Investment Year Book, 1930. "Technology in the Clay Industry" Clay Products Co-operative Association. "Batholithic Intrusion" Trans. Royal Society of Canada, 1931, Sec. IV. Dr. M. Y. Williams: "Petroleum Situation in Canada" Canadian Mining Journal, Vol. 53, pp. 363-364. "The Geological History of the Great Plains of Western Canada" Journal of Geology, September, 1932. "Stratigraphy and Palaeontology of the Peace River Valley in British Columbia" Trans. Royal Society of Canada, XXVI, IV, 1932. "Fauna of Peace River Blook" Canadian Field Naturalist, February, 1933. "Mineral Resources of the Peace River Area of British Columbia" Bureau of Mines, Victoria. "Land Movements and Sedimentation" Geological Society of America, Vol. 43, pp.993-lQ02 DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY: Dr. W. N. Sage: Articles:  (I)  "Spanish Explorers of the British Columbian Coast" Canadian Historical Review, December, 1931.  DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY (continued) Dr. W. N. Sage: (2)  "Two Memorials on Marine Drive" Museum Notes - Vancouver - July, 1931.  Book Reviews: (1)  "Zimmermann's Captain Cook" by F. W. Hbway, in Canadian Historical Review, June, 1931. "The Great Plains" by Walter Prescott Webb, in Canadian Historical Review, June, 1932. "The Eskimos of Wales, Alaska", by H. R. Thornton in Pacific Historical Review, June, 1932.  Mr. F. H. Soward: Article:  "Canadian Public Opinion and the league of Nations" July, 1931. A Memorandum prepared for the study group on "Public Opinion and league of Nations" in the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  Book Reviews: "The Future of Empire and the World Price of Peace" by W.H.Dawson in Canadian Historical Review, March, 1932. "Economic Aspects of Sovereignty" by R.C.Hawtrey in Canadian Historical Review, March, 1932. (3)  "Ten Years of World Co-operation" by the Secretariat of the league of Nations in the Journal of Modern History, December, 1931. "World Disarmament" by Denys P. Meyers, in Interdependence, June, 1932.  (5)  "Canada" by Alexander Brady, in International Affairs, July, 1932. "Political Handbook of the World" Revision of the section on Canada for the 1932 edition.  DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATIC S: Dr. F. S. Nowlan: "A Note on Primitive Idempotent Elements of a Total Ma trie Algebra." Bull. American Mathematical Society, December, 1931. DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS; Dr. H, Grayson-Smith: "The Structure of the Earth's Atmosphere" 1 Journal- Royal Astronomical Soc-. of Canada, July and August, 1931. K. R. More and O.E.Anderson; "Note on the Excitation of the Arc Spectrum of Nitrogen" Physical Review, December, 1931. A. C, Young and A. G. Creelman: "A Note of the Spectrum of the Corona Discharge in Air, Oxygen and Nitrogen" Proceedings Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, 1931.  DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY: Dr. C.McLean Fraser: "Notes on the Ecology of the Cockle, Cardium corbis Martyn" Trans. Royal Society, Canada, 25, Sec. V, pp. 59-72. "Hydroids of Hudson Bay and Hudson Strait" Contr. Can. Biol, and Fisheries N.S. 6, No. 24, pp. 477-481. Mr. G. J. Spencer: "Further Notes on Rhyncocephalus sackeni. Will. (Diptera, Nemestrinidae) Proc. Entomological Society of B.C., 1932.  Mr. G. J. Spencer (continued): "Epidapus scabies Hopk. as a Greenhouse Pest in Vancouver. Proc. Entomological Society of B.C., 1932. "An Important Breeding Place of Clothes Moths in Homes" The Canadian Entomologist, Vol. LXIII, No. 9, 1931. "The Commercial Crab Cancer magister Dana in Clayoquot Sound, Vancouver Island. The Biological Board of Canada, Bull. No. XXX, 1932. Mr. Geoffrey Beall: "The Life Histoiy and Behaviour of the European Eawiig Forficula auricularia L. in British Columbia " i^roc. Entomological "Society of British Columbia, 1932. Mr. Kenneth Graham: "Book lice infesting British Columbia Homes" Proc.' Entomological Society of British Columbia, 1932. "Variations within the Species of the Nemestrinid Fly Rhyncocephalus- sackeni, Will. The Canadian Entomologist, Vol. LXIV No. 7, 1932.  FACULTY OF APPLIED SCIENCE. DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL ENGINEERING: Mr. A. H. Finlay: "Deck participation in the action of reinforced concrete arches" Accepted by Civil Engineering American Society of C£"*il Engineers.  DEPARTMENT OF FORESTRY: "Forest Club Annual" DEPARTMENT,OF NURSING and HEALTH: Miss M. F. 'Gray:' "The University and the School of Nursing" Nurses' Alumnae Annual, 1932, Winnipeg.General Hospital. Hea "ofeBritishmc ni ° J i N u r ® i n g l t h at the University Rockefeller Foundation (1931) Nursing Volume "Methods and Problems of Medical Education."  Miss M.E.Kerr: ''Public Health and Sanitation" a series of ten papers for the High School Grade XII Correspondence Course, published by the Department of Education, Victoria, B.c FACULTY OF AGRICULTURE DEPARTMENT OF AGRONOMY: C.Tice.  P.A. Bovjng.  and G. B. Boving;  Department of Agriculture, in collaboration with The University of British Columbia, 1932. Dr. D. G. Laird: "Bacteriophage and the Root Nodule Bacteria." Published^in Archiv fur. Mikrobiologie, DEPARTEIBNT OF ANIMAL HUSBANDRY: R.L. Davis  and H. M. King:  "Winter Steer Feeding in British Columbia" Mimeographed for U.B.C. Students. DEPARTMENT OF DAIRYING: Dr. B. Eagles and Mr. W. Sadler: "Nitrogen Distribution in Kingston Cheese-ripening" Journal of Dairy Research - Vol. Ill, No. 2, 1932. "Requirements of the Lactic Acid Bacteria"  -54Department of Dairying (continued) Dr. B. Eagles and Mr. W. Sadler (continued): "The Fractional Analysis of Various Nitrogen Sources used for the Quantitative Determination of the Sugar-fermenting Abilities of the Lactic Aoid Bacteria" Journal of Dairy Research (In Press) Dr. B. Eagles. Mr. W. Sadler and Miss Gladys Pendray; "The Influence of Defined Nitrogen Sources on the Sugar-fermenting Abilities of Certain lactic Journal of Dairy Research (In Press). DEPARTMENT OF POULTRY HUSBANDRY:  #  "The Constancy of the Agglutination Test in the Canadian Journal of Research 5: 693-706, 1931.  #  "A Note on the Keeping Quality of Salmonella Pullorum J Antigen" Journal Am. Vet. Med. Ass'n. LXXX, n.s. 33, No. 4, April 1932, pp. 634-636.  Dr. V. S. Asmundson and Mr. Jacob Biely #  "Inheritance of Resistance to Fowl Paralysis (Seuroly mphomatosis gallinarum). I. Differences in Susceptibility." Canadian Journal Research 6: 171-176, 1932.  Jacob Biely, Elvira Palmer and Dr. V.S.Asmundso n: #  #  "Inheritance of Resistance to Fowl Paralysis (Neurolymphomatosis gallinarum). II. On a significant difference in the incidence of Fowl Paralysis in two Canadian Journal Research 6: 374-380, 1932.  Reported under Faculty of Arts and Science - Department of Bacteriology.  Department of Poultry Husbandry (continued) Jacob Biely and William Roach; #  " Comparison of Ifficiency of the Rapid Whole Blood Agglutination Test with the Serum Agglutination Test for Pullorum Disease." Canadian Journal Research 6; 381-386, 1932.  Dr. V. S. Asmundson and Jacob Biely: "Pish Meal Supplements for Chicks, Part I" Scientific Agriculture (In Press). "Pish Meal Supplements for Chicks Part II" Scientific Agriculture (In Press). Jacob Biely and William Roaoh: "Comparison of Repeated Rapid Whole-blood, Rapid Serum and Tube Agglutination Tests." Journal Comp. Path, and Therap. London, England.(In Press.) Jacob Biely and Elvira Palmer: "Observations on the Gonads of Male Birds Affected with Fowl Paralysis (ireurolymphomatosis gallinarum) Can. Jour. Research 7: 293-299, 1932. Desmond Beall and Jacob Biely: ##"Preliminary Studies on Activated Ergosterol" Trans. Royal Society of Canada, Vol. XXVI, 57, 1932. E. A. Lloyd, Dr. V. S. Asmundson and Jacob Biely: "Feeding for Egg Production" A Provincial and College of Agriculture Bulletin. Edition revised 1932. Dr. V. S. Asmundson and I. M. Lerner: "Inheritance of Rate of Growth in Domestic Fowl, I." Methods and Preliminary Report of Results Obtained with Two Breeds. Scientific Agriculture. July 1932. _ # Reported under Faculty of Arts and Science Dept. of Bacteriology. ## Reported un6er Faculty of Arts and Science Dept. of Chemistry.  Dr. V.S.Asmundson and I.M.Lerner:  continued  "Inheritance of Rate of Growth in Domestic Fowl,II." Rate of Growth of Single Comb White leghorns. Poultry Science Ass'n., Amherst, Mass. Wilson Henderson. Br. V.S.Asmundson and Dr. John Allardyce: "Fish Meal Supplements for Chicks, III." Scientific Agriculture, Vol. 12, No. 4. Dr. V. S. Asmundson and Dr. John Allardyce: "Pilchard Oil for Chicks" Scientific Agriculture (In Press).  


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