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Publications of the Faculty and Staff July 1, 1949 -- June 30, 1950 University of British Columbia; Smith, Anne M.; University of British Columbia. Library 1951-06-07

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.1 IPUBLICATIONSOF THEFACULTY AND STAFFJULY I, 1949 - JUNE30, 1950VANCOUVER, B. C.UNIVERSFY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA195 IFACULTY AND STAFF PUBLICATIONSJuly 1, 1949 - June 30, 1950AKRIGG, G.V.P.1 “The name of God and ‘The Duchess of Malfi’ ,“ Notes andqueries 195:231-3 May 27 1950.ALLEN, G. S.2 “Forestry and forest industrywould benefit from UniversityBotanical Gardens.” British Columbia lumberman 34:41-2April l9503 “Multiple-use forestry provessound economics on Cedar Riverwatershed.” British Columbia Lumberman 33:49-68November1949.4 “The silviculture problem.” In British Columbia DepartmentThis Faculty Bibliographyhas been publishedof lands and forests. Transactions of the Resources Confer-under the general directionof the Universityence. 3rd Conference, 1950, p.143-SO.Editorial Committee, but specialthanks are5 “What’s new in forestry.” Monthly in $r:itish Columbia lumber-due to the staff ofthe Reference Divisionman July 1949 - June 1950.and to Miss Anne M. Smith, theActing Librarian of the Universitywho together did mostANDERSON, W.J.6 “Marginal productivity analysis and farm management.” Canadianof the basic work ofpreparation.agricultural economics society. Proceedings. 19th annualmeeting, 1949.p.85-96.7 “Measuring the productivity of labor and capital in agriculture,” BC. institute of agrologists. Proceedings of theannual meeting April 1950.8 “Some observations on the use of the theory of the Fium,”International conference of agricultural economists, Proceedings, 7th, August 1949,p.188-91.ANGUS, H.F.9 “Graduate studies inthe social sciences.” Canadian journalof economics and political science 15:299-309 August1949,1ANGUS, H,F. (cont.)10 “Malthus today.” Royal society of Canada. Transactions.3rd series, 43(section 2):35-43 1949.BESLEY, LOWELL11 “Planning your career in forestry.” Outdoor boy July 1949.BIELY, JACOB, Lloyd, E.A. and Moynihan, LW.12 Poultry diseases. British Columbia Department of agriculture, Bulletin number PB 108 1950. 109 p.BIRNEY, AE.Poems:13 “Takkakan Falls.” Northern review 3:46-7 June/July 1950,14 “Book of C’aspe” and “Creston Valley Fall,” Contemporaryverse number 31:8-9 spring 1950.15 “Atlantic Coast” and “From the hazel bough.” Arena (NewZealand) number 23,Book:16 Turvey. 2d ed, Toronto, McClelland & Stewart, FebruaryBLUH, OTTO17 “Did the Greeks perform experimerts?’ American journal ofphysics 17:384-88 September 1949.18 “The galaxies and time.” Royal astronomical societyofCanada. Journal 43:169-80 September/October 1949.19 “The history of physicsand the old humanism.” Americanjournal of physics 18:308-11 May 1950,BORDEN, C.E.20 “A translucent shelter for fieldwork in regions with highprecipitation.” American antiquity 15:252-3 January 1950.21 “Preliminary report on archeological investigations in theFraser Delta region.” British Columbia. Provincial museum.Anthropology in British Columbia number 1 1950. p.13-27.BRINK, V.C,, Charter, D. and Taylor, T.M.C.24 A key to the agropyrons ofwestern Canada. March 1950.Mimeoprinted.BRINK, V.C. and Cowan, I.McT.25 “A study of some Rocky Mountainsalt licks.” Journal ofraamrnalogy 30:379-87 November 1949.BFIYCE, W. A. and Hinshelwood, Sir Cyril27 “The reaction between paraffin hydrocarbons and sulphurvapour,” Chemical society. Journal December 1949.BUcKLANIJ, D.C.28 “Tree diseasesin B.C.” Articles i-ia Forestand millAugust 31 1948 - November22 1950.2 3BOROUGHS, R.J.22 Know yourgovernment. UBC Department of university extension. 36p.25 cents.BRINK, V.C.23 Climates of B.C.for agrologists. BritishColumbia. University. Agronomy department. Technical communicationApril 1950. Mimeoprinted.1950,20p.BRYCE, W, A., Gengm, C.A. and Winkler, C. A.26 “The effect of alternating electrical fields on the polymerization of styrene.” Canadian journal of research 28B:117-32 April 1950.p.3379-87.BUCKLAND, D.C.,Foster, B.E. and Nordin, V.J.29 “Studies in forestpathology, III.. Decay in western hemlockand fir in the Franklin River area.”Canadian journal ofresearch 27C:312-31 December1949.BURROWS, W. T. and Bie ly, Jacob30 “A biological estimationof horse meat as a protein concentrate for poultry.” Feeds tuffs September17 1949.CAMERON, W.M.31 Three publicationson underwater sound. Titles and papersrestricted,NGIS, EC, , Campbell, J.J.R. and Ney,P.W.32 “The intermediate metabolism of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, I.The status of the endogenous respiration.” Canadianjournal of research 27C:l57-64 August 1949.CAMPBELL, J.J.R., Norris, F,C. and Norris, M.E,33 “The intermediate metabolism of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, II.Limitations of simultaneous adaption as applied to theidentification of acetic acid, an intermediate in glucoseoxidation.” Canadian journal of research 27C:165-71August 1949.NORRIS, F.C. and Campbell, J.J,R.34 “The intermediate metabolism of Pseudomonas aeruginosa,III.The application of paper chromatography to the identification of gluconic and 2-ketogluconic acids, intermediatesin glucose oxidation.” Canadian journal of research 27C:253-61 October 1949.CAMPBELL, J.J,R. and Norris, F.C.35 “The intermediate metabolism of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, IV.The absence of an Embden-Meyerhof system as evidencd byphosphorus distribution,” Canadian journal of research27C:203-l2 April 1950,CLARK, R.M.36 Laboratory manualfor elementary statistics. Vancouver,University of BritishColunibia, 1949, rev, ed. 1950,CLEMENS, W.A.37 “Problems of the game resources of British Columbia.” InBritish Columbia. Department of lands and forests, Transactions of the Resources Conference. 3rd Conference, 1950,p..259-87.38 “The value of sport fishing in British Columbia,”tish Columbia. Provincial game commission. Gametion ... report of proceedings. 4th, April 1950.COOPER, D.A., March, Beryl and Biely, Jacob39 “The effect of feeding thyroprotein and thiouracil on thevitamin A requirement of the chick.” Endocrinology 46:404-6 April 1950.COWAN, I.McT.40 “The control of wolves and coyotes.”iation of game, fish and conservationProceedings of the ... annual meeting.p.49-58.41 “Problems of wildlife research and management in the provinceof British Columbia,” In British Columbia. Provincialgame commission. Game convention ... report of proceedings.4th, April 1950.p.20-7.42 “Babies as a possible population control of Arctic Canidae.”Journal of mamrnalogy 30: 396-8 November 1949.43 “Wildlife conservation in Canada.” Forestry chronicle 25:315- 18 December 1949.COWAN, I,McT, and Hatter, James44 “Waterfowl breeding ground survey in British Columbia 1949.”In Waterfowl populations and breeding conditions summer1949.p.24-29.United States. Fish and wildlife service,Special scientific report. Wildlife number 2.COWAN, I.McT. and Brink, V.C.45 “Natural game licksin the Rocky Mountain National Parks ofCanada.” Journal of manunalogy 30: 379-87 November 1949.COX, R.H. and Spencer, B.46 “The effect of 7-keta-cholesterolon the rabbit,” Science110: 11 July 11949,CROSS, E.C.47 Dress Forms. URCDepartment of university extension, 7 p.48 Fabrics and stains. UBCDepartment of university extension.9p.free.49 Girls sewing clubs. UBCDepartment of university extension,14 p. free,50 Rejuvenating your home, IJECDepartment of university extension, 52p.25 centsInternational assoccommissioners.39th, 1949.Mimeographed,free.In Briconvenp.75-78.45CROSS, E.C. (cont.)Soapmaking. IJBC Department of universityextension. 4p.free.Textile information. IJBC Department ofuniversity extension. 10p.free.DEKKER, A.J.“Note on the theory of electrolytic double layers.” Canadian journal of research 27B:682 July 1949.and Urquhart, H.M.A.hysteresis of the electrolytic aluminum-oxideJournal of applied physics 21:708-13 JulyDOLMAN, C,E., Ranta, L;E.., Hudson, V.G. and others65 “A new Salmonella type: Salmonella vancouver.”Canadianjournal of public health 41:23-6 January1950.t)UNELL, B.A. and Toboisky, A.V.66 “Dynamic properties of polymericmaterials.” Journal ofchemical physics 17: 1001-2 October1949.DIXON, W.G. (Cont.)61 “Public assistance should meet human need.” In Canadianconference on social work. Proceedings. 12th biennialmeeting, Vancouver, 1950.p.65-73.DOLAR-MANTUANI, L.62 “Bin Beitrag zur Charakteristik derPorphyrgesteine von Sv.tun bei Lepoglava,”Tschermaks &!ineralog.-Petrogr.IWitteilungen Jahrgang 1950 Band 2 Heft1.DOLMAN, C.E.63 Science and the humanities (Address to theannual dinnermeeting, British Columbia Academyof Sciences). BritishColumbia. University. Publications.Lecture series number 10 1950.DOLMAN, C.E., (lang, Helen, Kerr, DE. and Shearer,A.R.64 “Fish-borne and type E botulism: two cases due to homepickled herring.” Canadian journalof public health 41:215-29 June 1950.5152CROUCH, L.G.R.53 “Digest of professional literature”: reviews,abstracts,condensations of current publications emphasizing theprofessional rather than the technical interests of engineers. Monthly in The Blueprint volume 7 July-December1949 and in B.C. Professional engineer volume 1January-June 1950.CRUMB, J.A.54 “Devaluation and Canada’s trade.” The Canadian banker 57:68-78 winter 1950.55 “Federal reserve banks in the money market.” PacificNorthwest conference on banking. Proceedings. 11th,Pullman, Washington. April 1950.p.33.56DEKKER, A.J.57 “The currentrectifier.”1950.DEKKER, A.J. and Morrish, A.H.58 “Investigation of color centers by a single-photon countingmethod.” Physical review 78: 301 May 11950.DEMCHUK, LARISSA59 “Thiamine in Quebec potatoes.” Canadian dieteticassociation. Journal 11:115-19 December 1949.DIXON, W.G.60 “Pattern for corrections in British Columbia.” BritishColwnbia’s welfare 8: 13-18 November 1949, 8: 12-16 January1950.EAGLES, B.A.67 “The evolution of the agricultural scientist.”Agriculturalinstitute review 5: 11+ May 1950.FORD, PETER68 “The origin of the segmental musculatureof the tail of theaxolotl (ambystoma).”Zoological society of London,Proceedings 119(part3):609-32 1949.GRAHAM, KENNETh and Hopping, G.R.69 “Lodgepole needle miner,”Canada. Department of agriculture.Science service. Division of entomology.Forest insectinvestigation bi-monthly progressreport volume 5 number4July/August 194967GRAHAM, KENNETH and Stark, R.W.70 “Lodgepole needle miner.” Canada. Department of agriculture. Science service. Division of entomology. Forestinsect investigation bi-monthly progress report volume 5number 6 November/December 1949.GRAHAM, KENNETH and Richmond, H. A.71 “Ambrosia beetles.” Canada. Department of agriculture.Science service. Division of entomology. Forest insectinvestigation bi-monthly progress report volume 6 number 2March/April 1950.GRANT, W.L.72 “Cato the farmer.” Queen’s quarterly 56: 241-7 suniner 1949.73 “Homer’s daily bread.” Queen’s quarterly 56: 560-9 winter1949/50,74 “The Liber Sententiarum of Richard of Segbrok.” The Phoenix,the journal of theClassical Association of Canada 3:94-101winter 1949,GROVES, G. A. and Huston, M,J.75 “The photofluoremetric estimation of estrogens.” Americanpharmaceutical association. Journal. Scientific edition39: 280-2 May 1950.GUNNING, H.C.76 “The cordilleran region.” Canadian mining and metallurgicalbulletin 43:88-91 February 1950.HALLIDAY, J.E.77 “Adrenergic blocking agents.” Canadianpharmaceuticaljournal 83: 12-16 January 15 1950.HAMES, F.A. and Eppelsheimer, D.S.78 “Ferromagnetic alloysin the systems Cu-Mn-In and Cu-Mn-Ga.”Journal of metals 1:495-9August 1949.HATTER, JAMES79 “An analysis of the 1949 hunting season in British Columbia.”In British Columbia. Provincial game conTnission. Game convention ... report of proceedings. 4th, April 1950. p.64-74.HA’TTER, JAMES (cont.)80 “The status of moose in North America.”North Americanwildlife conference. Transactions14:492-501 1949.HOAR, V.S,82 “Fisheries education inCanada.” Public affairs12:82-901949.84 “The thyroid gland in relation to theseaward migration ofPacific salmon.” Canadian journalof research 28D: 126-36June 1950,1HILL, A.T. and Lloyd, E.A.81 “Auto-sexing redbars,” Poultryscience 29:3-9 January 1950.HOAR, W.S. and Bell, G.M.83 “Some effects of ultraviolet radiationon sockeye salmoneggs and alevins.” Canadianjournal of research28D:35-43February 1950.HRENNIKOFF, ALEXANDER85 “Framework method and its techniquefor solving planestressproblems,” Internationalassociation for bridge andstructural engineering.Publications 9:217-48 September1949.HULL, T.E.86 The application of upper air data to the planningof airlineflight schedules. Canada. Department of transport.Circular 1702.HUTCHINSON, A.H. and Campbell, J.D.87 “Chromosome individuality and somatic pairing inAhies grandis.”Abstract, Royal Society of Canada.Transactions. 3rdseries. 44:235 1950.JAMES, R.D.88 “A generalized integral II,” Canadianjournal of mathematics2:297-306 1950.JAMIESON, STUART and Gladstone, Percy89 “Unionism in the fishing industry of BritishColumbia.”Canadian journal of economics andpolitical science 16: 146-71 May 1950.89G.M.observations in the northern andRoyal society of Canada,Trans44(section 3):51-56 1950.KAEMPFFEB, F.A.90 “The angular momentum of the electron in classical electrodynamics.” Canadian journal of research 28A:336-8 May1950.KENNEDY, G.D,91 “Case comments,” Canadian bar review 28: 198-207,689-981950.92“Criminal law - Vagrancy - Common prostitute - Wandering -Satisfactory account of herself.” Canadian bar review28:198-207 1950.93 “Criminal law - Murderand manslaughter - Autrefois acquit.”Canadian bar review 27:968-72 1949, 28:689-98 1950.94 “Survey of Canadian legislation: Westernprovinces.” University of Toronto law journal 8: 131-9 1949,KIRSCH, MILTON, Yaffe, L., Sargent, B.W., Standil, S. andGrunlund, J.M.95 “Neutron-capture cross section of 85 - minuteBa’39,”Physical review 76:617-20 September 1 1949.KOPPE, HEINZ96 “The contribution of the surface of the specific heat ofdisperse systems.” Journal of chemical physics 18:638-40May 1950.97 “On the production of mesons.” Physical review 76: 688September 1949.98 “Die reflexion einer wellean einer potentialschwelle.”Zeitschrift fur naturforschung Sa:3 Marz 1950.KRAJINA, VLADIMIR99 “Newspecies of the genus Dicranella from British Columbia.”Bryologist 53:153-9 June 1950.100 “La rsistance Tchecoslovaque.” Cahiers d’histoire de laguerre. Publication du Comit d’histoire de la guerrenumro 3, fevrier 1950. Paris,LAIRD, D.G.101 “Problems related to the soils of British Columbia.” InBritish Columbia. Department of lands and forests.Transactions of the Resources Conference. 3rd Conference, 1950.p,1’-31.LABICIN, P.A.102 “Problems in trout production in British Columbia.”InBritish Columbia. Provincial game commission.Game convention ... report of proceedings. 4th, April 1950.p.83-7.103 “Report on the preliminary survey of the steelheadof thelower Fraser River.” In British Columbia.Provincialgame commission. Annual report 1948.p.X58-X69.LARKIN, P.A. and Munro, D.104 “Problems of the game resources in relationto water utilization,” In British Columbia. Department oflands andforests. Transact ions of the ResourcesGonference. 3rdConference, 1950. p.265-272.LASSEBRE, FRED105 “The arts in Canada - Architecture.” Food for thought8:39-40 May 1950.106 “On architectural education.” Royal architectural instituteof Canada. Journal 26: 133-5, 172 May 1949.LAW, G.R.J. , Biely, Jacob and Ellis, H,W.107 “Thyroprotein and egg production of pullets.”Feeds tuffsApril 22 1950,LITTLE, D.E. and Shrum,108 “Correlation of auroralsouthern hemispheresactions. 3rd series,McALLISTER, G.A.109 “Workers’ education: a review.” Public affairs 12:38-44spring 1949.10 11120 “The welfare state: is it aconference on social work,meeting, Vancouver, 1950.threat to Canada?’ In CanadianProceedings, 12th biennialp,33-44.119MARSH, L.C. icont,)Rebuilding a neighbourhood; report on a demonstration slum-clearance and urban rehabilitation project in a key centralarea in Vancouver, Vancouver, University of British Columbia, 1950. (British Columbia, University. Besearchpublications. Number 1.)MacINTYRE, M.M.110 “Digest current cases (British Columbia).” TheAdvocate8: 20-34, 59-82 January/February, March/April 1950.MACKAY, J. H.111 “Physiography of’ th lower Ottawa valley.” Revue canadienne cle geographie 3: 53-96 1949.McSPADDEN, G.E.112 Spanish usage for beginners. 6th and 7th revisedmimeographed impressions. Vancouver, University of BritishColumbia, 1949 and 1950. 236p.113 Work group VI: Community relations and adult education.In A [Yew look at the teaching of foreign languages andcultures; report of the first Pacific Northwest Conferenceof foreign language teachers, Seattle, University ofWashington, 1950.p.23-30.MAHONEY, R.A.114 “Industrial unrest today.” Cost and management May 1950.Also published in Blueprint.MANN, K. C., Hankin . D. and Daykin, P.M.115 “Radiation from Zn6.”Physical review 76: 1719 December 11949,MARCH, BEHYL, Stupich, D. and Biely, Jacob116 “Evaluation of the nutritional valueof fish meals andmeat meals.” Poultry science 28:718-24 September 1949.MARcH, BERYL, Biely, Jacob and Young, H.J.117 “Supplementation of meat scrap with amino acids,” PoultryScience 29:444-9 May 1950.MARSH, LC.118 “Brief on old age security.” Summary in Canada. Parliament. Joint committee of the Senate and House of Commonson old age security. Report June 28 1950.p.81-3.MDBLEY, NINA121 Family meals; compiled by a group of British COlumbianutritionists (drawn from the Provincial Department ofHealth, the Metropolitan Health Board of Vancouver, theOutpatients Department of the Vancouver General Hospital,the Supervisor of Home Economics of the Vancouver SchoolBoard, and the Department of Home Economics of the University of British Columbia) Victoria, Department ofhealth, May 1950. 42p. Lithoprinted.NORRIS, F.C, see CAMPBELL, J.J.H.OBERLANDER, H.P.122 “Canada houses her veterans.” American city 64:82-4 November 1949.123Housing and planning in Canada. In Planning 1949, theproceedings of the American Society of Planning OfficialsAnnual Symposium, Chicago.124 A study in urban mapping; standard symbols and methods ofrepresentation. Ottawa, Central Mortgage and HousingCorporation, 1950. 68p.OKULITCH, V.J.125 Geology of part of the Selkirk ifountains in the vicinityof the main line of the Canadian Pacific Railway, BritishColumbia. Canada, Geological survey. Bulletin number14 1949.p,1-26.126 “Vacuocyathus, a new name for CoelocyathusVologdin 1933 andNomenclatural notes on Pleosponge Genera Archaeocyathus,Spirocyathus Flindercicyathus, Pycnoidocyathus and Cambrocyathus.” Journal of paleontology 24: 392-3 May 1950.12 13ORMSBY, M,A.SAVERY, BARNETI127 Articles on Canada and the 10 provinces. InWorld book138 “Ethics: philosophy or psychology?, a reply.” Canadianencyclopedia. Annual supplement 1950.journal of psychology 4:26-8 March 1950.128 “Captain Houghton’s exploratory trip, 1864.” OkanaganSMITH, M.J.historical society, Vernon, B.C. Report 13:38-43 1949.139 “The meaning of generic social work education.” Socialworker 18:3-4 February 1950.129 “The significance of the Hudson’s Bay Brigade trail.”Okanagan historical society, Vernon, B.C. Report 13:29-35140 “Social work education and the needs of the field.” In1949.Canadian conference on social work, proceedings. 12thbiennial meeting, Vancouver, 1950.p.205-10.RADCLIFFE, R.W.130 “The effect of fin-clipping on the cruising speed of gold-141 “Social work education as a community organization job.”fish and coho salmon fry.” Canada. Fisheries researchSocial worker 18: 15-18 April 1950.board, Journal 8:67-73 May 1950.142 “Whither mother’s allowances?’ British Columbia’s welfareRANTA, L.E. and others8:4-6 January 1950.131 “A new Salmonella type: Salmonella vancouver.” Canadianjournal of public health 41:23 January 1950.SOWARD, F.H.143 The adaptable commonwealth. Behind the headlines 10:9-54RAUDO13F, W.R.March 1950. (Also published by The Royal Institute of132 “Change of mutual conductance with frequency.” V/irelessInternational Affairs. London, Chatham House, 1950).engineer 26:331-7 October 1949.144 “The Canadian institute of international affairs.” ExternalREAD, FREDERICKaffairs 2:55-7 February 1950.133 “Notes of recent cases.” The Advocate 7: 147-50 July/August1949 and 7:224-5 November/December 1949.145 “The commonwealth relations conference; a Canadian view,”Round table 157:21-8 December 1949.ROBINSON, J.L.134 “Geographic basis of foreign trade.” Canadian geographical146 International organization in Canada. In Brown, G.W., ed.journal 40: 114-23 March 1950.Canada. Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 1950.p.S4l-68.135 “Resources of the Canadian Arctic.” Beaver 280:48-51 December 1949. STEVENS, JOAN, Biely, Jacob and March, Beryl.147 “Note on the animal protein factor and feed efficiency.”RONIMOIS, H.E.Poultry science 28:931-2 November 1949.136Soviet planning and economic theory. Vancouver, Universityof British Columbia, 1950. 336 p. Mimeographed. (Avail-THOMAS, E.V.able from University Bookstore: $3.75.)148 “Community centres or public recreation.” Social worker18:8-10 April 1950.SAGE, W.N.137 “TheNorth-1est Mounted Police in British Columbia” Pac-THOMPSON, R.M.ific historical review 18:345-61 August 1949.149 “Mineral occurrences in western Canada.” American mineralogist 35:451-5 May/June 1950.14 15THOMPSON, H. M. (cont..) WEAVER., M. M.150 “The probable non-existence of Alaskaite.”American mm—160 “Quid pro quo in medical education.,” Vancouver medicaleralogist 35:456-7 May/June 1950.association, Bulletin 26: 134 March 1950.TOMLINSON, NEIL, Canpbell, J.J.R. and Trussell, P.C.151 “The influence of zinc, iron, copper and manganese on theWEAVER, M.M. and Diehi, H.S.161 “The plans of medical students for practice.” dWmnnesotaproduction of citric acid by Aspergillus niger.” Journalof bacteriology 59:217-27 February 1950,- medicine 33:446 May 1950.Abstracted in American medical association, Journal 142:TRAVIS, JEAN 929 March 25 1950.152 Leathercraft. UEC Department of university extension.21p.10 cents.WHITE, W.H.162 Geological reports. In British Columbia. Department of153 Stencilling UEC Department of universityextension. mines, Annual report. 1949.p,llS-24,132, 138-48, 149,13 p. 10 cents.157, 165_66, 169-74, 210-12, 214-17,VAN DER ZIEL, ALDERT163 “Plant anomalies related to some British Columbia orede154 “Thermal noise at high frequencies.” Journalof applied posits.” Canadian institute of mining and metallurgy.physics 21:399-401 May 1950.Transactions 53:368-71(in Canadian mining and metallurgical bulletin number 459 1950).VAN DER ZIEL, ALDERT and Hartz, T.FL155 “A square-wave modulation method formicrowave spectra,”WILLIAMS, M.Y,Physical review 78: 473 May 15 1950.164 “Churchill, Manitoba.”Canadian geographical journal39:122-33 September 1949.WARREN, WV. and Delavault, RE.165 “Churchill, Manitoba, a naturalist’s rendezvous.” Canadian156 “Gold and silver contentof some trees and horsetails(Equisetum spp) in British Columbia,”Geological societygeographical journal 40:70-9 February 1950.of America. 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Proceedings. 1950,p,45-6.1617DEPARTMENT OFAgricultural economicsAgronomyAnthropologyArchitectureBacteriology and preventiveBiology and botany .ChemistryCivil engineering .ClassicsConinerceDairyingEconomics, political scienceEnglishExtensionForestryGeology and geographyHistoryRome economicsINDEX• • •6—820-21• 105-106, 122-12463-6587, 99-100, 169-171•. 26-27, 66, 9585• . . • • . 72-74• . . . 114, 168• . 32-35, 67, 1519-10, 36, 54-55, 89• . . . 1, 13-1622, 47-52, 152-153. 2-5, 1162, 76, 111, 125-126, 134-135,149-150, 156-158, 159, 162-167• .127—129, 13759, 121WORT, D.J. 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