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Publications of the Faculty and Staff July 1, 1951 -- June 30, 1952 University of British Columbia; University of British Columbia. Library; Smith, Anne M. 1953-06-07

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VANCOUVER, B. C.UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA1953PUBLICATIONSOF THEFACULTY AND STAFFJULY I, 1951 JUNE 30, 1952PUBLICATIONS OF THEFACULTY AND STAFFJuly 1, 1951 - June30, 1952ANDERSON, W.J.“Land classification and rural zoning Discussion.”farm economics 33:777-9 November 1951.Journal of1“National and international aspects of agriculturaldevelopment.”British Columbia natural resources conference.Transactions 5:143-53 1952.2University of British Columbia PublicationsBibliographical Series No, 3This Faculty Bibliography has been publishedunder the general direction of the UniversityEditorial Committee, but special thanks aredue to the staff of the Reference Division ofthe University Library who did the basic workof preparation.ANDREW, G,C.“Literature and criticism.” Pacific northwestconference offoreign language teachers.Proceedings2:30-1 1951.Vancouver, University of British Columbia,1952. mimeographed.3ANGUS, H.F.“The balance of power.” Queen’s quarterly58:305-11 Autumn 1951.4“The Canadian royal commission on thearts, letters, and sciences.”Western political quarterly 4:577-82 December1951. 5Common sense about inflation. Published for the Royal Societyof Canada by the University of Toronto press,Toronto, June 1952.10p.BELL, D.K.“The outlook for business in 1952. British Columbia.”Pacificnorthwest industry 11:73-7 January 1952.67BESLEY, LOWELL“Potential international timber supply.” BritishColumbia naturalresources conference. Transactions5:163-71 1952.Reprinted in Canadian pulpandpaper industry 5:118-26April1952; reprinted as “The world’s timber supply” inBritishColumbia lumberman 36:36’8, 119-21 July1952; 36:49+ August1952.8“Viewpoints on forest tenure.”Pulp and paper magazine of Canada53:312-3+ Convention issue 1952.9IBIELY, JACOB“The effect of aureomycin and vitamins on the growth rate ofchicks.” Jacob Biely and. B.E. March. Science 114:330-1September 28 1951. 10“The effect of carrier on the relative utilization, ofdifferentforms of vitamin A by the chick.” B.E. March, E.English andJacob Biely. 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A comparison of herring meals madeby drying herring presscake commercially and experimentally at a lower temperature.”Jacob Biely, B.E. March and H.L,A. Tarr, Fisheries researchboard of Canada. Progress reports of the Pacific Coast stations90: 10-3 March 1952.15“Peileted feed screenings as scratch feed in a poultry ration.”J. Biely, D.. Cooper and B. March. Poultry science 30:778-85September 1951. 16RIELY, JACOB (cont,)“Wheat versus corn in theConnecticut broiler ration.”J. Biely,BE. March, G.L. Inkin and G.T. Eedy.Poultry science30:593-8July 1951.18BIRNEY, A.E.Poems:“Bushed,” Contemporaryverse 36:5 Fall 1951.19“St Valentine is past.”Contemporary verse36:6 Fall 1951. 20BLACK, E.C.“Upper lethal temperatures. of some British Columbiafresh-waterfishes.” Federation proceedings 11:14 March1952. 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[abstract] 54“The effect of adrenal cortical extract, ll-desoxy-17-hydroxy-corticosterone acetate (compound S) and il-dehydrocorticosteroneacetate (compound A) on the cardiovascular-renal action ofdesoxycorticosterone acetate.” Sydney M. Friedman and ConstanceL. Friedman. Endocrinology 49:318-24 September 1951. 53GAThERCOLE, P.M.“Foreign language plays.” Pacific northwest conference of foreignlanguage teachers.Bulletin 1:3-5 Spring 1952. 55GIANOLA, UF,“Investigation of magnetic lenses having the axial fieldH(o,z)=r/zr.Physical society (London). Proceedings 65B:597-603 August 1952. 56GRANT, W,L.“Cicero, pro Mi lone, 98.” Classical review 45(n.s.l):9 March1951. 57“A general linguistics course.” Pacific northwest conference offoreign language teachers. 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