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[Publications 1945/46] University of British Columbia 1946

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UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA PRESIDENT'S REPORT ) 1 9 4 5 - 1 9 4 6 Publications FACULTY DF ARTS AND SCIENCE SESSION 1945 - 1946 DEPARTMENT OF BACTERIOLOGY AND PREVENTIVE MEDICINE DOLMAN, C. E. Report on a survey of medical education in Canada and the United States. Vancouver, Univer- sity of British Columbia, 1946. 53 p. RANTA, L. E. ' The crossroads of human and veterinary medicine. Canadian journal of comparative medicine 9:321-4 December 1945. ' A hopeful meditation in discontentment, Canadian Hazen conference. Interaction between the universities and society in a changing world—an account of the fourth Canadian Hazen conference, June, 1946. p. 15-17. Too late and too little (whooping cough and scarlet fever immunization). Canadian nurse 41:943-6 December 1945. DEPARTMENT OF CLASSICS GRANT, W. L. Review: Durant, Will. Caesar and Christ. Classical journal 41:349-50 April 1946. MacKAY, L. A. The earthquake horse. Classical philology 41:150-4 July 1946. RIDDEHOUGH, G. B. Queen Elizabeth's translation of Boethius De Consolatione Philosophiae. Journal of English and Germanic philology 45:88-94 January 1946. DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS, POLITICAL SCIENCE AND SOCIOLOGY ANGUS, H. F. - . The Canadian constitution and the United Nations charter. Canadian journal of economics and political science 12:127-35 May 1946. * The future of immigration into Canada. Canadian journal of economics and political science • 12:379-86 August 1946. Immigration. Interriational journal 1:64-7 Winter 1945-46. Japan—our problem. Toronto, Canadian institute of international affairs, 1946. Behind the head- lines vol. 6 no. 3, Review: Tsang, Chih. China's postwar markets. International journal 1:175-6 Spring 1946. Future price of gold. Western miner 19:35-7 January 1946. JAMIESON, STUART " Improvements in the conditions of labour. British Columbia. Board of health. Health educa- tion group of Vancouver vol. 12 no, 1 p. 1-12 [n. d.] - Labor unionism in American agriculture. Monthly labor review 62:25-36 January 1946. Labor unionism in American agriculture. Government printing Office, Washington, D.C. 1945 457 p. United- States. Bureau of labor statistics. Bulletin 836. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION i Report of the Commission of inquiry into educational finance. King's printer, Victoria, 1945. DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH Middleton: an allusion to the Shakespere first folio? Shakespeare association. Bulletin 31:25-6 The renaissance reconsidered. Queen's quarterly 52:311-19 Autumn 1945. BIRNEY, EARLE Canada calling. Canadian forum 36:31-2, 59-61 May, June 1946 DEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGY AND GEOGRAPHY Notes on the vertebrates of the southern plains of Canada 1923-1926. Canadian field-naturalist WILLIAMS, M. Y.; BROCK, R. W.; SCHOFIELD, S. J.; and PHEMISTER, T. C. The physiography and igneous geology of Hong Kong and the New Territories. Royal society of Canada. Transactions ser 3, 39, sec. 4:91-119 1945. Intervallum structure of Cambrocyathus amourensis. Journal of palaeontology 20:275r6 May WARREN, H. V. Mineralogical notes. Bismuth tellurides from the White Elephant claim, B. C. Toronto. Uni- versity. University of Toronto Studies. Geological series no. 50:75-7 1946. Mineralogy of the ores of the Highland-Bell mine. Western miner 19:38-43, 54-8 May, June 1946. Minerals from the Highland-Bell silver mine, Beaverdell, B. C. Toronto. University. University of Toronto studies. Geological series no. 50:27-33 1946. i DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY SAGE, W. N. Review: Dee, H. D., ed. The journal of John Work. Beaver outfit 277:48 June 1946. - Review: Mcdoney, Alice Bay, ed. Fur brigade to the Bonaventura, John Work's California ex- pedition, 1832-1833. Canadian historical review 27:63-4 March 1946. Robie Lewis Reid (1866-1945). Royal society of Canada. Transactions ser 3, 39, Appendix B: 109-10 1945. Vancouver—sixty years of progress. British Columbia journal of commerce year book 1946:97- 115 1946. COOKE, A. C. Review: Parkin, Raleigh. India today; Jesse, F. Tennyson. The story of Burma. International journal 1:268-9 Summer 1946. Review: Eylands, V. J. Lutherans in Canada. Canadian historical review 27:71-2 March 1946. SOWARD, F. H. Canada's growth in external status. Canada year book 1945:74-9. Review: Brebner, J. B. North Atlantic triangle, Canadian historical review 27:58-60 March 1946. Review: Clokie, H. McD, Canadian government and politics. American historical review 51:154 October 1945. Revievlr: Corbett, P. E. Britain, partner for peace. International journal 1:270 Summer 1946. DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS A six-body problem. 'Royal society of Canada. Transactions ser 3, 39, sec. 3:1-20 1945. NOWLAN, F. S. Analytic geometry, - Third edition. McGraw-Hill Book company, New York and London, 1946. 355 p. University programs for ex-service personnel in . Canada. American mathematical monthly 52:592-8 December 1945. DEPARTMENT OF MODERN LANGUAGES 7 PARKER, J. H. An intensive language programme. Canadian modern language review 2:14-16 September 1945. DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY AND PSYCHOLOGY CHANT, S. N. F. University education for veterans. Canada. Department of veterans' affairs. Veterans affairs 1:3 December 1945. The veteran's adjustment to his job. Personnel proceedings 3:1, 5-8 August 1945. DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS i BELINFANTE, F. J. On the longtitudinal and the transversal delta-function, with some applications. Physica 12:1-16 April 1946. , ' On the vanishing of div.—4 in quantumelectrodyiiamics. Physica 12:17-32 April 1946. BLUH, OTTO , • German education. Journal of education (London) 78:80, 82 February 1946." CLARK, A R.; HAWLEY, J. E.; FRITZSCHE, K. W.; and HONEYMAN, K. G. The Aldermac Moulton Hill deposit. Canadian institute of mining and metallurgy. Transactions ' 48:367-401 1945. MacKENZIE, K. R. - Frequency modulated cyclotron. Physical review 69:669-70 June 1 and 15, 1946. VOLKOFF, G. M. Atomic energy. Blueprint p. 4-9 November 1945. Explaining the atomic piles. Montreal Standard- Into the atomic age. p. 51-5 (Reprinted from Montreal Standard's series of articles in the spring of 1946.] The scientific aspects of atomic energy. Canadian association of scientific workers. Atomic energy p. 1-13. Montreal, 1946. Contributions to the life history of the sockeye salmon. Paper 30. British Columbia. Depart- COWAN, I. McT. Antlered doe mule deer. Canadian (field naturalist 60:11-12 January-February 1946. The free-tailed bat, Tadarida  macrotis in British Columbia. Canadian field naturalist 59:149 July-August 1945. _ Notes on the distribution of Spizella bieweii taverneri. Condor 48:93-4 March-April 1946. Parasites, diseases, injuries and anomalies of the Columbian black-tailed deer; OdocoileuS hemi- onus Columbianus (Richardson) in British Columbia Canadian joumal of research 24 sec D:71-103 June 1946. - Report of wildlife studies: Jasper, Banff and Yoho national parks in 1944; and parasites, diseases and injuries of game animals in the Rocky Mountain national parks, 1942-44. Canada. National parks bureau. Ottawa, 1946. 84 p. COWAN, I. McT. and CARL, G. C. The northern elephant seal (Mirounga cmgustirostris) in British Columbia waters and vicinity. Can- adian field naturalist 59:170-1 September-October 1945. Ninety-seven COWAN, I. McT. and CLARKE, C. H. D. Birds of Banff ncritonal park, Alberta. Canadian field naturalist 59:83-103 May-June 1945. COWAN, I. McT. and MUNRO, J. A. Birds and mammals of Revelstoke national park. (Part 2) Canadian alpine journal 30:237-56 1946. SPENCER, G. J. Mental insect attacks. Entomological society of British Columbia Proceedings 1945 42:15-16 December 8, 1945. On the. incidence, density and decline of certain insects in British Columbia. Entomological society of British Columbia. Proceedings 1945 42:19-23 December 8, 1945 SPENCER, G. J. and BUCKELL, E. R. A preliminary list of the flesh flies of British Columbia (Diptera;  Sarcophagidae). Entomological > society of British Columbia. Proceedings 1945 42:6 December 8, 1945. DEPARTMENT OF NURSING AND HEALTH The administration and the head nurse. Canadian nurse 41:29-32 January 1945. The time for action is now. (Guest editorial) Canadian nurse 42:201-03 March 1946. . ' • G ' . ; DEPARTMENT OF ANIMAL HUSBANDRY WOOD, S. N. , Control of infectious laryngotracheitis of fowl. Pacific coast poultry producers' association. Bul- letin February 1945. , The use of live virus vaccines in control of fowl pox and infectious laryngotracheitis. Family Herald and Weekly Star, Montreal, March, 1946. Mastitis—laboratory tests and their interpretation. B. C. Jersey bulletin 2:14-18 March 1946. DEPARTMENT OF HORTICULTURE HARRIS, G. H. Malnutrition and the micro-elements. C.I.L. Oval p. 5 January-February 1946. (Reprinted in Food world, March 1946.) DEPARTMENT OF POULTRY HUSBANDRY LLOYD, E. A. and HILL, A. T. Autosexing redbars. Poultry science July, 1946., BIELY, JACOB; GASPERDONE, H.; and NAROD, M. Female hormones; their place in fattening poultry. Canada poultryman vol. 33 no. 6, June 1946. BIELY, JACOB; NAROD, M.; and McMILLAN, R. Grains; their place in the poultry ration. Canada poultryman vol. 33 no. 5, April 1946. BIELY, JACOB and STEVENS, JOAN Carotene in dehydrated green feed. Canada poultryman vol. 33 no. 7 and 8, July,. August 1946.


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