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[Publications 1930/31] University of British Columbia 1931

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REPORT OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR ENDING PUBLICATIONS FACULTY OF ARTS AND SCIENCE Department of Bacteriology: Dr. H.W.Hill. "Wassermann and Kahn Reactions Fundamentally Vancouver Medical Association Bull., Feb., 1931. "Bacteriological Diagnosis of Diphtheria'! B.C.Laboratory Bulletin, Feb., 1931. "Bacteriological Diagnosis of Gonococcal Infections." B.C.Laboratory Bulletin, March, 1931. "Bacteriological Diagnosis of Tuberculosis." B.C.Laboratory Bulletin, April, 1931. "Baoterial Examinations in Typhoid, etc." B.C.Laboratory Bulletin* May, 1931. B.C.Laboratory Bulletin, June, 1931. Dr. D.C.B.Duff. "Detection of Indol in Bacterial Cultures." American Journal of Public Health, Department of Botany: Dr. A. H. Hutchinson and M.R.Ashton. "The Effect of Radiant Energy on Growth and Sporulation in Colletotrichum Phomoides." Canadian Journal of Research, 3, 187-199- 1930. "Specific Effect of Monochromatic Light upon Plasmolysis in Paramecium." Canadian Journal of Research, 4, 614-623 - 1931. Dr. A. H. Hutchinson and C.C.Lucas. "The Epithalassa of the Strait of Georgia." Canadian Journal of Research, complete number August, 1931. Department of Chemistry; Dr. William Ure and T.Bentley Edwards. "The Rates of Intramolecular Change between Ammonium Sans^Royal^ociety^Canada, XXIV, (III) 153, 1950. Denis W.Pearce and Dr. J.Allen Harris. "A Study of the Absorption Spectra of Various Series Trans. Royal Society, Canada, ' m v , (III),. 145, 1930. .Dr • J. Al l o r. Harris : "Studies in the Rare Earths - The Preparation of the Bromates of Cerium Group Rare Earths." Dr. ff. V.  3Gyer and Sric Eodd. "The Critical Solution Temperatures^of Normal Paraffin Dr. John Allardyce. "The Determination of Cholesterol in Blood" Can. Jour. Research, Vol. Ill, 125, 1930. Dr. John Allarfl.yoe. R.H.Fleming. F.L.Fowler and Dr. R.H.Clark. "Blood Normals for Cattle - Some Pathological Values." Can. Jour. Research, Vol. Ill, 120, 1930. R.H.Fleming. F.L.Fowler and Dr. R.H.Clark. ^Cant^Jour. Research, Vol. Ill, 125, 1930. Dr. R.H.Clark and R.M.Archibald. "The Action of Nitric Acid on Benzoic Acid in Magnetic and in Electrostatic Fields." Trans. Roy.Soc., Can., IllV, 121, 1930. Dr. R.H.Clark and K.R.Gray. "The Addition of Hydrogen Bromide to Allyl Bromide in Magnetic and Electrostatic Fields." Dr. R.H.Clark and E.G.Hallonqaist. "A Further Investigation of the Two Electromers of 2 Department of Economics; Mr. H. F. Angus. "Legal Status in British Columbia of Residents of Oriental Race and their Descendants." Canadian Bar Review, Feb., 1931. Proceedings of the Canadian Political Science "Canadians of Oriental Race." Queen's Quarterly, July, 1931. Dr. V/.A.Carrothers. "Some Currenoy Problems in Relation to Mining." "Indian Currency Reform and the Silver Problem." "Stabilizing the Price^of Silver." Mr. J. F. Day. "Cost Accounting in Relation to the Economics of Magazine of Canadian Cost Accountants and Industrial Hr» G.F.Drummond. "The Re-Monetization of Silver*" Part I. The Miner, August, 1931, "The Re-Monetization of Silver." Part II. The Miner, September, 1930. "The Silver Situation." The Miner, November, 1930. "Statistical Chart^Showing Relationship Between Dr. C.W.Topping. "The Report of the Ontario Royal Commission on Public Welfare, 1930. Penal Reform, An International Review of Penal Information, Vol. 1, No. 1, London. "Culture, Custom and Contact." Social^Welfare, Vol. XIII, No. 2, November, 1930. Department of Education: Dr. G.M.Weir. "Interim Report on the Survey of Nursing Education in Canada." June issue - Journal of the Canadian Medical Association Department of English: Mr. T. Larsen. "George Peele in the Chancellor^ Court." Modern Philology, November, 1930. "The Growth of the Peele Canon." The Library, December, 1930. "The Father of George Peele." Modern Philology, November, 1930 Dr. W.L.MacDonald. "Daniel Defoe." The Queen1s Quarterly. Department of Geology: Dr. R.W.Brook. Proceedings of the Royal Society of Canada. "The 'Coast Range Batholith of British Columbia." Proceedings of the Royal Society of Canada. "New Species of Marine Invertebrates, Fossils from the Bearpaw Formation of Southern Alberta." National Museum of Canada, Bull. 63, Pts. 1, and 11 "Sub-Surface Structure in Alberta and Saskatchewan." Canadian Mining Journal, Vol. LI, No. 46, Nov.14, 1930. "Geology of Southern Alberta and Southwestern Saskatchewan." By Dr. M.Y.Williams and W.S.Dyer. Canadian Geological Survey, Memoir, 163, 5 plates, 4 texts figures, 1930. "Geological History of the Southern Plains of Canada." Proceedings of the Royal Society of Canada. Dr. M.A.Peacock. "The Distribution between Chlorophaeite and Palagonite." Geological Magazine, London, LXVII, 1930. "On Crystallographic Classification" (By - V.Goldeohmidt, translated by Dr. M.A.Peacock from the German at the request of Professor Goldschmidt./ American Mineralogist (Menasha, Wis.) XVI, 1931. "Autonomous and Singular Nodes" - By V. Goldschmidt - Translated by Dr. M.A.Peacock, American Mineralogist XVI, 1931. "Classification of Igneous Rook Series." Journal of Geology (Chicago) XXXIX, 1931. "The Modoc lava Field, Northern California," Geographical Review (New York), XXI, 1931. Department of History: Mr. D.C.Harvey. "George Etiene Cartier". Ryerson Press Reader, Toronto. Ryerson Press, 1930. "The Loyal Electors, Ottawa." Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada Third Series, Vol. 24, Section II, 1930. "Canadian Historians and Present Tendencies in Historical Writing." Ottawa. Report of the Canadian Historical Association, 1930 "Responsible Government in Nova Scotie" - by W. Ross The Washington Historical Quarterly, October, 1930. Dr. W.N.Sage. Book: "Sir James Douglas and British Columbia." Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 1930. "Sir James Douglas" in the Ryerson Canadian History Readers: Toronto, Ryerson Press, 1930. "Simon Fraser, Explorer and Fur Trader" in Proceedings of the Pacific Coast Branch of the American Historical Association, 1929. Los Angeles, MoBride Printing Co.1930 "The Teaching History in the Elementary Schools of Canada" Canadian^Historical Association Annual Report, 1930. Review: "Two Worth West Company Documents in Canadian Historical Review, Vol. XI, No. 2, Jura, 1930. Review: "Frederick Canada West Canadian Historical Mr. F.H.Soward. "Canada and the League of Nations." With a foreword by Sir Robert Borden. Ottawa - League of Nations Society in Canada, 1931. Chapter One. "Canada Enters the League of Nations" was republished as an article in Interdependence, April, 1931. "Ten Years of the League of Nations." Kingston, Queen's Quarterly, Spring, 1930. "President Polk and the Canadian Frontier." Report of the Canadian Historical Assoc., 1930. Review: "The Dominions and Diplomacy by A.Gordon Dewey." American Journal of International Law, Oct. 1930. Review: "The Survey of American Foreign Relations." 1929. Edited by Charles P.Howland. Review: "Economic Foreign Policy of the United States." By- Benjamin H.Williams, in the Canadian Historical Department of Mathematics: Dr.D.Buchanan. "Periodic Orbits in the Problem of Three Bodies with Repulsive and Attractive Forces. American Journal of Mathematics, Vol. LII, No. 4, Oot. 1930. "Crossed Orbits in the Restricted Problems of Three Bodies with Repulsive and Attractive Forces." (Rendiconte' del Circolo Matematico di Palermo.) "Semi-circular Orbits in the Restricted Problem of Four Bodies with Repelling and Attracting Forces." Trans. Royal Soc. of Canada. Dr. F.S.NowIan. look. Analytic Geometry. Department of Modem Languages; Dr. D.O.Evans- W Lpar°s a n(P° C i at ?°166la M o n a r c h i e d e , t t i l l et. 1 f Department of Physics: "Senior Matriculation Laboratory Manual for British Columbia High Schools." (With the Oo-operation of a Committee of High School Seaohers.) "Some Experiments with^Arcs between Metal Electrodes." Canadian General Eleotrio Co. - Hew York. Mr. O.E.Anderson and Mr. K.R.More. "The Arc Spectrum of Nitrogen." Mr. A.C.Creelman and Mr. A«C.Young. "The Spectrum of the Corona Discharge in Oxygen, Department of Zoology: Dr. C.McLean Eraser. "The Razor Clam, Siliqua patula (Dixon) of Graham Island." "Notes on the Ecology of the Cookie, Cardium corbis Martyn." Mr. G.J.Spencer. "The Oviposition Habits of Rhyncooephalus Saokenu, Wiliiston." Proceedings of the Entomological Society of British Columbia. " ACanadiS aEnt B r ei d l" St P l a C e ° f C l o t h e s 15(313118 i n t h e Home." "On^he ^bits and^Distribution of Cancer magister L. in Note: Research on the Commercial Crab. Sent in some years ago, being published summer 1931 by Biological Board of Canada as a Bulletin. "Observations on the Distribution and Habits of Fermites in Proceedings of Entomological Society of British Columbia. Mr. Hugh Leech. "Two short publications on Beetles." "Some Free-swimming Copepods of the Vancouver Island Region." "Some Cumacea of the Vancouver Island Region." FACULTY OF APPLIED SCIENCE. Department of Forestry; "The Forest Club Annual." Department of Civil Engineering: Mr. A.H.Finlay. "A Contribution to a Technical Discussion1! Published in the Transaction of the American Society of Civil Engineers. Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering: Dr. H.Vickers. "Rectification at Dry Contacts." "Increment losses in Direct Current Machines." "Starting Conditions in Synchronous Machines and the Calculation of Limiting Value of the Slip for American Institute of Electrical Engineers. "An Analysis of the Synchronous Induction Motor." American Institute of Electrical Engineers. Mr. E.Cr.Cullwick. "Magnetic Phenomena in Static Balancers." American Institute of Electrical Engineers, New York, (Accepted for Pacific Coast Convention in Vancouver.) "Laboratory Manuals of Experiments." Mr. W.B.Coulthard. "Commutation in the Polyphase Commutator Motors." Doctorate Thesis. University of London. Department of Nursing and Health: Dr. H.W.Hill. "Epidemiology of Tuberculosis." Western Hospital Review, Sep, 1930. (Presented June, 1930, before the\American Public Health Assoc. Western Branch, Salt Lake- City.) "Hereditary Susceptibility in Tuberculosis." B.C.laboratory Bull., Jan. 1931. "Distinctive Tastes of Pasteurized and Raw Milk." B.C.Lab. Bulletin, Feb. 1931. Miss Margaret E.Kerr. "A Clean Newspaper, the Public Health Nurse's Friend." Canadian Nurse. Jan. 1931. FACULTY OF AGRICULTURE Dean F.M.Clement. "Some Economic Aspects of Agriculture1! Published in the Dominion Mortgage °.nd Investment Year Book, 1930. "Some Business Aspects of Agriculture." Published in Industrial Canada, July, 1931. Department of Agronomy. "Bacteriophage and the Root Nodule Bacteria". Published in the Archiv fur Mikrobiologie, 1931 Department of Animal Husbandry. H.R.Hare and H.M.King. "Swine Feeding Suggestions." Mimeographed for U.B.C.Students and for Swine Breeders,1930 Department of Dairying. Dr.B.Eagles and Mr.W,Sadler. "Nitrogen Distribution in Kingston Cheese-Ripening." Published in "Nature" No. 3210, Vol. 127, pp.705-6, "Nitrogen Distribution in Kingston Cheese-Ripening." Journal of Dairy Research, Cambridge. "A Critical Appreciation of Orla-Jensen and His Work." "A Preliminary Report of the Substitution of Pilchard Oil for Butterfat in Milk for Calf Feeding." Miss Hudson and Mr. Mackenzie. "The Cultural Characteristics of the Original atypical strain of Aerobacter oxytocum recovered from corn silage"* Canadian Journal of Research, pp. 200-204, Vol. 3, September, 1930. Dr. A. F. Barss. "Effect of Moisture Supply on Development of Pyrus Published in the Botanical Gazette, 1930. Department of Poultry Husbandry. Dr. Asmundson. "Experimental modification of the shape of the hen's Proc. Twenty-second Annual Meeting Poultry Effect of hormones^on the formation of the hen's egg." "Formation of the hen's egg" Part 1. ScL. Agric. XI, 9. 590-606. Parts II and III So. Agric. XI (10), 662-680. Part IV, Sci. Agric. XI (II): 775-788. Messrs Lloyd, Asmundson. Riley and Biely. "Feeding for Egg Production." Revision, Bulletin No. 6, Dept. of Agr. Bull. 95. Mr. E.A.Lloyd. "Comparison of Laying Rations and Methods of "eeding". University Mimeograph Circular, Maroh 31-1931. Published in American Hews Weekly, May 10-1931.


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