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REPORT OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OP BRITISH COLUMBIA FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR ENDED AUGUST 31st, 1940.  PUBLICATIONS FACULTY OF ARTS AND SCIENCE DEPARTMENT OF BACTERIOLOGY AND PREVENTIVE MEDICINE: Dr. C. E. Dolman: "The Kitten Test for Staphylococcus Enterotoxin", Canadian Public Health Journal, No. 31, 1940, p. 68. "Samuel Bennett, Seth Alden and the Lag", Canadian Nurse, Vol. 35, No. 11, November, 1939. Article: "Pasteurization Makes All Milk Safe", Vancouver Daily Province Health Supplement, November 28th, 1939. Dr. D. C. B. Duff: Abstraot: "The Filtrable Forms of Bacterium salmonicida and of Other Species", Proceedings, Third International Congress for Microbiology, New York, 1940, pp. 164-165. Dr. D. C. B. Duff. Miss M. I. MacArthur and Miss H. G. Thompson: "Observations on the Viability of Bacterium salmonicida", Journal of Fisheries Research Board of Canada, Vol. 5, No. 1, 1940, pp. 1-7. Dr. L. E. Ranta: Abstract: "The Role of Vitamins in Nutrition", Publication of the Health Education Group of Vancouver, issued by the B.C.Board of Health, Vol. b, April, 1940, PP. 8-15. "The Modern Conception of Scarlet Fever", The Canadian Nurse, June, 1940, Vol. 36, pp. 355-358. DEPARTMENT OF BOTANY: Dr. A. H. Hutchinson: "Life's Processes" - An Outline of a Course in Basie Biology 34 pages, The University of British Columbia, June, 1940.  DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY: Dr. R. H. Clark: "The Intravenous Feeding of Amino Acids", American Journal of Digestive Diseases, Vol. VI, 3, May, 1939Republished by the Vancouver Medical Association, March, 1940. Dr. William Ure and Dr. J. A. Harris: "Experimental Chemistry for Colleges", (New Edition), McGraw-Hill Book Co., July, 1940, 123 pages. Dr. M. J. Marshall and Mr. Robert A. Findlav: "The Equilibrium Pressures of Oxygen on Activated Charcoal", Canadian Journal of Researoh, B. 18, 35, 1940 DEPARTMENT OF CLASSICS: Dr. 0. J. Todd: "An Inelegant Greek Verse", The Classical Quarterly, Vol. XXXIII, Nos. 3 and 4, July-October, 1939, PP. 163-165. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE: Dr. A. W. Currie: "Freight Rates on Grain in Western Canada", The Canadian Historical Review, XXI, March, 1940, pp. 40-55. "Corporation Law before 1840", The Canadian Chartered Accountant, XXXVI, May, 194-0, PP. 321-327. DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS. POLITICAL SCIENCE AND SOCIOLOGY: Mr. H. F. Angus: "An Analysis of the Report of the Royal Commission on Dominion-Provincial Relations", Industrial Canada, XLI, No. 4, August, 1940, pp. 34-37. Book Reviews in Canadian Political Science Journal and Pacific Affairs.  Department of Economics. Political Science and Sociology (continued): Mr. H. F. Angus - continued.Editor: Institute of Pacific Relations, Inquiry Series. Mr. G-. F. Drumaond: Article: "The Relation between Changes in the Rural Population and the Trend of Agricultural Production in British Columbia", Scientific Agriculture. September, 1939. Article: "Variations in Cost", Canadian Journal of Economics and Political Science, November, 1929* Article: "Financing War is Huge Problem", Vancouver Daily Province, January 27th, 1940. Article: "Economics of War. Britain to use up Foreign Investments to pay her Way", Vancouver Daily Province. January 28th, 1940. Article: "National Financing in War: Wartime Control of Trade", Vancouver Daily Province, January 30th, 1940. Article: "Economic Co-ordination Vital", Vancouver Daily Province, February 1st, 1940. Article: "Economic Planning Needed", Vancouver Daily Province, February 5th, 1940. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION: Dr. M. A. Cameron: Article: "The Spens Report", The School, September, 1939= Dr. D. H. Russell: Article: "The Prevention and Remedy of Reading Difficulties in Smaller Schools", The School, XXVIII, January and February, 1940, pp. 387-392; 485-489. Article: "The Improvement of Reading in Elementary Schools", Modern Instructor, VIII, September, 1939 to June, 1940. (Ten articles)  to.  Department of Education (continued) Dr. D. H. Russell - continued.Article: "The Language Arts in Rural Schools". Saskatchewan Teachers Federation Bulletin VI, March, 1940, pp. 24-26. Review: "Gray Oral Reading Check Tests; Australian Council for Educational Research Spelling Tests", Mental Measurements Yearbook 1939, Rutgers University Press, 1940. Dr. D. H. Russell. Dr. A. I. Gates and Dr. G. L. Bondt "Methods of Determining Reading Readiness", Bureau of Publications, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, 1939 , 55 pages. DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH: Dr. D. Blakey and Mr. A. C. Cooke: (See Department of History) Pamphlet: "The Preparation of Term Essays", The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, 1939, 18 pp. DEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGY AND GEOGRAPHY: Dr. C. 0. Swanson: Article: "The Use of the Dip Needle in Mapping Structure", The Miner, November, 1939, PP. 54-58. Dr. H. C. Gunning and Dr. J. W. Ambrose: "The Timiskaming-Keewatin Problem in the Rouyn-Harricanaw Region, North-Western Quebec", Trans. Royal Society of Canada, Section IV, 3rd Series, Vol. 33, 1939, PP. 19-50. Dr. W. C. Gussow. Dr. J. W. Ambrose and Dr. H. C. Gunning: Preliminary Map - "Clerioy Map-Area, Quebec", Paper 39-7, Report of the Canadian Geological Survey, 1939. Dr. J. W. Ambrose and Dr. H. C. Gunning: Preliminary Map "La Pause Area, Quebec", Paper 39-12, Report of the Canadian Geological Survey, 1939. Dr. H. C. Gunning and Dr. J. W. Ambrose: "Malartic Area, Quebec", Memoir 222, Report of the Canadian Geological Survey, 1940, 142 pages, 4 maps, 8 plates, 8 figures.  Department of Geology and Geography (continued) : Dr. H. V. Warren: "An Occurrence of Gosalite in British Columbia", University of Toronto Studies, Geological Series. No. 42, 1939, PP. 151-155. Article: "British Columbia's Minerals and the War", B.C.Miner, October, 1939, p. 32. Dr. H. V. Warren and Mr. A. G. Lyle: "The Size and Mineralogical Distribution of Gold Particles in a Flotation Feed Sample, Britannia, B.C.", Bulletin, Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, August, 1940, pp. 1-11. Dr. H. V. Warren, Mr. R. F. Ohlson. Mr. H. W. Little and Mr. B. A. Schmidt: Article: "Variations in the Distribution of Tailings Losses in some B.C.Gold Mines", B.C.Miner, February. 1940, p. 28. DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY: Dr. W. N. Sage: "The Position of the Lieutenant-Governor in British Columbia in the years following Confederation", in Studies in Canadian History, edited by R. Flenley, Toronto, The Macmillan Company of Canada, 1939, pp. 178-203. Article: "Hitler's War on Christianity", The Canadian Churchman, Toronto, May 9th and May 16th, 1940, pp. 294; 311-12. Dr. W. N. Sage and Mr. A. S. Morton: Review: "The Canadian West to 1870-71", B. c. Historical Quarterly, October, 1939, PP. 301-304. Mr. F. H. Soward: "Moulders of National Destinies", Second Edition, November, 1939, revised and enlarged, 239 pages, Oxford University Press, Toronto; Oxford University Press, New York. Review: L. E. Ellis, "Reciprocity 1911", Pacific Northwest Quarterly, January, 1940, p. 122.  Department of History (continued): Mr. F. H. Soward: Review: "Conference on Canadian-American Affairs, 1939", Pacific Affairs, June, 1940, pp. 240-241. Reviews: Numerous reviews for the Magazine Section of the Vancouver Daily Province. Mr. A. C. Cooke and Dr. D. Blakev: (See Department of English) Pamphlet: "The Preparation of Term Essays", The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, 1939, 18 pages. DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATIC S: Dr. D. Buchanan: "A Transformation to the Normal Form", Rendiconti del Circolo Matematico di Palermo, February, 1939, PP* 1-3. Dr. R. Hull: "The Representation of Integers in Forms", National Mathematics Magazine, Vol. XIV, No. 5, February, 1940, pp. 1-18, DEPARTMENT OF MODERN LANGUAGE S: Dr. A. F. B. Clark: "Jean Racine", Vol. XVI of Harvard Studies in Comparative Literature, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass., U.S.A. In England by the Oxford University Press, pp. xiv 354. "Racine, 1639-1699", University of Toronto Quarterly, Vol. IX, No. 1, October, 1939, PP. 38-49. Articles: "Talks on Art", B.C.Teacher, April, 1940, Vol. XIX, No. 8, pp. 405-07; May, 1940, Vol. XIX, No. 9, pp. 434-56; June, 1940, Vol. XIX, No. 10, pp. 501-05. Mr. R. Hilton: "Maurice Barres and Spain", Romanic Review, XXX, 1939, pp. 280-299. "Biographies of Personajes Ilustres", Hispanic Review, VIII, 1940, pp. 248-254.  Department of Modern Languages (continued): Mr. R. HiIton-continued."Campoamor, Spain and the World", University of Toronto Press, 1940, 152 pages. DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY AND PSYCHOLOGY: Mr. J. A. Irving: Abstraot: "The Teaching of Social Philosophy", School and Society, Vol. 51, No. 1318, March JOth. 1940, pp. 416-17. Article: "The Principal Psychological Writings of Stanley D. Porteus", Vancouver Daily Provinoe. July 13th, 1940. DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS: Dr. H. D. Smith and Mr. J. K. Marshall: "Method of Obtaining Long Optical Paths", Journal of the Optical Society of America, Vol. 30, No. 8, August, 1940, pp. 338-342. Dr. G. M. Volkoff: "The Oppenheimer-Phillips Process", The Physical Review, Vol. 57, No. 10, May 15th, 1940, pp. 866-876. Dr. R. F. Christy and Dr. J. M. Keller: "X-ray Spin Doublet Splittings", Physical Review, 56, 856, October,15th, 1939. Dr. W. H. Goss; "A New Method for the Measurement of Work Functions", Physical Review, Vol. 56, October 15th, 1939, P. 857. DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY: Dr. C. McLean Fraser: "Seven New Species and One New Genus of Hydroids, Mostly From the Atlantio Ocean", Proceedings of the United States National Museum, Vol. 88, No. 309Q, Washington, 1940, pp. 575-580, 2 plates. "Hydroid Notes: Perigonimus pugetensis Heath: A Pelagic Hydroid from Friday Harbor", Trans. Royal Society of Canada, 3, XXXIII, Sec. 5, October, 1939, PP. 23-28.  Department of Zoology (continued): Dr. W. A. Clemens: "Contributions to the Life History of the Sockeye Salmon" No. 25, Report of the B.C.Fisheries Department. 1940, pp. 26-^8. ' "The Migration of Pacific Salmon in British Columbia Waters", A.A.A.S, Publication No. 8, 1939, pp. 51-59. Dr. W. A. Clemens. Mr. D. S. Rawson and Mr. J. L. McHugh: "A Biological Survey of Okanagan Lake, British Columbia", Bulletin of the Fisheries Research Board of Canada. No. 56, 1939, PP. 1-70. Mr. G. J", Spencer: "Ectoparasites of Birds and Mammals of British Columbia IV: The Parasites of Bats", Proceedings of the B.C. Entomologioal Society, 36, February, 1940, pp, l6»l8# "Ectoparasites of Birds and Mammals of British Columbia V: Parasites of Domestic Animals (Mammals)", Proceedings of the B.C.Entomological Society, 36, February, 1940. pp. 19-23. FACULTY OF APPLIED SCIENCE DEPARTMENT OF FORESTRY: Mr. F. Malcolm Knapp: "Some Aspects of Forestry in British Columbia", an address delivered before the Vancouver Institute and published under its auspices. DEPARTMENT .OF MINING AND METALLURGY: Mr. F. A. Forward: Article: "What About Research?", B. C. Miner, March, 1940. Article: "The Annual Meeting of the C.I.M.M.", B. C. Miner, April, 1940.  FACULTY OF AGRICULTURE DEPARTMENT OF AGRONOMY: Dr. D. G. Laird: "Differentiation of Forest and Agricultural Lands", Scientific Agriculture 20:5, January, 194-0. DEPARTMENT OF HORTICULTURE: Dr. G. H. Harris: "Raspberry Nutrition IV. Can the Cuthbert Raspberry be Saved in Coastal British Columbia?", Scientific Agriculture 20:6, February, 194-0.  


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