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REPORT OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COHJMBIA FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR ENDING AUGUST 31st, 1935 • HJBLICATIONS FACULTY OF ARTS AND SCIENCE DEPARTMENT OF BACTERIOLOGY: Mr. Jacob Biely and Miss E.Irene Palmer: "Studies in Total Erythrocyte and Leucocyte Counts of the Domestic Fowl. IV. " In Press. Canadian Journal of Research. Mr. Jabob Biely: "The Rapid Whole Blood Agglutination Test for the Detection of Pullorum Disease Carriers." The U.SoEgg and Poultry Magazine, August, 1935. Mr. Jacob Biely and Miss V.Elvira Palmer: "Coccidiosis of Fowls." The Veterinary Record, XV, (33), pp. 947-951. Dr. D8C.B.Duff and R.Holmes: "Quantitative Estimation of Indol by Means of Dialysis." In Press. Canadian Public Health Journal. DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY: Dr.E.H.Archibald, Mr, Gilbert Hooley and Mr.N.W.Phillips: "The Atomic Weight of Rubidium." Trans. Roy. Soc. of Canada, XXIX, 1935. Dr.M.J.Marshall. Mr. D. H. Baker and Mr. F. Walker: "The Efficiency of Packings for Laboratory Rectifying Columns." Transo Roy. Soc. of Canada, XXIX, 1935. Dr.W.F.Sever and Mre K.Inouye: "Paraffin Wax-Tensile Strength and Density." Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.27,567, 1935. Also reported under Faculty of Agriculture-Department of Poultry Husbandry. Department of Chemistry - continued: 40. Mr. H. H. Grantham and Dr.William Ure: "The Testing of Newsprint with Respect to Printing Quality." Paper Trade Journal, September, 1935. Mr. W. R. T. Fowler and Dr. William Ure: "The Thermal Decomposition of Crotonaldehyde." Trans. Roy.Soc. of Canada, XXIX, 1935. Mr. E. L. Love11 and Dr. William Ure: "Gaseous Reactions at Moderately Low Pressures." Trans.Roy.Soc. of Canada, XXIX, 1935. Mr. Alan Bell and Dr. R. H. Clark: "A Systematic Study of the Preparation of Unsaturated Hydrocarbons by Elimination of Halogen Acids from Corresponding Halides." Trans.Roy.Soc. of Canada, XXIX, III, 6l, 1935, DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS: Mr. H.F.Angus: "Canada and a Foreign Policy." Dalhousie Review, October, 1934. "Canada and Naval Rivalry in the Pacific." Pacific Affairs, v. 8, No. 2., June, 1935. "Paths to Plenty." Canadian Chartered Accountant, v. 27, July, 1935. "Responsibility for Peace and War in the Pacific" (Memorandum submitted to.and published in Report of Commission of Inquiry to National Policy in International Economic Relations, University of Minnesota Press, 1934) Also translated into Dutch and Japanese. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION: Mr. W. G. Black: "The Non-Partisan Political Activities of a Parent- Teacher Federation." The Elementary School Journal, Chicago, December, 1934. "Guide to Reading for Canadian Homes." Published by the Provincial Parent-Teacher Federation of B.C.,December,1934. DEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGY AND GEOGRAPHY: Dr. M. Y. Williams: "Western Canadian portion of the Guide Books of the Silurian of North America." In Press. Geological Society of America. "The Silurian of Western Canada." In Press. Trans* Roy4 Soc. of Canada, 1935• Dr.Harry V. Warren: "A Gold Bismuth Occurrence in British Columbiai" In Press* Economic Geology* "Distribution of Silver in Base-metal Ores**' Trans. A. I. M. M., Vol. 115 (1935). Dr.Harry V.Warren and Mr. J. M. Cummings: "Mineralogy of the Olympic Veins." British Columbia Miner, Vol. 8, No. 6, p. 22. "Mineralogy of the W.W.W.Veins." British Columbia Miner, Vol. 8, No. 10, p. 29- Dr.Roy Graham: "An Anatomical Study of the Leaves of Carboniferous Arborescent Lycopods." ~ Annals of Botany, Vol. 49, pp. 587-608, July, 1935. "The Pennsylvanian Flora of Illinois as revealed in Coal Balls II. " - - Botanical Gazette, Vol. 97* PP* 156-168, Sept. 1935. DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY: Dr. W. N. Sage: Edited: "Sitting Bull*s Own Narrative of the Custer Fight." Canadian Historical Review, June, 1935* Mr. F. H. Soward; "The Evolution of Soviet Foreign Policy."- Interdependence, December, 1934, pp. 182-187. "International Control in the Pacific." Interdependence, December, 1934, pp. 212-215* Department of History - continued: Mr, F. H. Soward - continued: "Der Fuhrer of Germany." B.C.Teacher, April, 1935, p p , 14-18. " I I Duce of I t a l y . " B.C.Teacher, May, 1935, pp,l6~e£) "The Grand Old Man of Czeoho-Slovakia," B.C.Teacher, June, 1935, pp.13-17. "Canada1s Youngest University." The Continental Contact, Autumn, 1934, pp, Miss Margaret Ormsbv: "Fruit Marketing in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia." Agricultural History Society, April, 1935. "Trials of the Okanagan." Toronto Saturday Night, June 15, 1935. DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS: Dr. D. Buchanan: Book Review: "Planetary Theory." By Brown and Shook. Bull. Am, Math, Soc,,-Vol. XLI, No,7. July, 1935, pp. 463-467. Dr. F.S.Nowlan: "Analytic Geometry," McGraw-Hill Book Co. 2nd Edition, Third Impression (revised) 1935. Mr.LiRichardson: "Solution of Problems." American Mathematical Monthly, April, 1935. Mr. W. H. Gage: "Necessary Conditions for the Existence of Certain J.ft. Identities." Trans. Roy. Soc. of Canada, May, 1935. Department of Mathematics - continued: Mr, W. H. Gage - continued: Book Review: "The Search for Truth." By E. T, Bell, Journal of the Royal Astronomioal Society of Canada, January, 1935. DEPARTMENT OF MODERN LANGUAGES: Dr. D. 0. Evans: "Victor Higo's Hernani,"Edition for College Classes, Thomas Nelson, London and Edinburgh, 1935. Dr. A. F. B. Clark: "A Flight through Aesthetic Space-Time." University of Toronto Quarterly, April, 1935. Book Review: F.C.Green's "Minuet." University of Toronto Quarterly, July, 1935. Dr. Joyce Hallamore: Doctoral Thesis for the Degree of Ph.D.(Munich) "Das Bild Laurence Sternes in der deutsohen Literature" DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS: Dr. G. M. Shrum and Mr. Ronald Smith: "A Portable Geiger - Muller Tube Counter as a Detector for Radioactive Ores." - Canadian Journal of Research, II, 652-657, 1934. Dr.J.G.Davidson - with a Committee of High School Teachers: "Physics Laboratory Manual and Work Book. A Companion to New Practical Physics by Black, Davis and Davidson." Macmillan Company of Canada Limited. Dr.C.McLean Fraser: "Report of the Associate Committee on Oceanography of the National Research Council." Annual Report. National Research Council for 1933-34, pp. 85-86. "Oceanography in British Columbia for 1933." Trans. Am. Geophysical Union; Fifteenth Annual Meeting, pp. 217-218. Mr.G.J.Spencer: "The Cimicidae (Bed Bugs) of British Columbia," Proc. of B.C.Ent.Soc., No. 31. Mr. E. C. Black: "The Shipworm." Progress Report of the Pacific Biological Station, Nanaimo, No. 21, pp. 7-9. FACULTY OF APPLIED SCIENCE DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL ENGINEERING: Mr. A. H. Finlay: Contribution to Paper by F.A.Constant on "Stresses in Space Structures." Proceedings, American Soc. of Civil Engineers, Nov.1934. Mr.A.Hrennikoff: "An Analysis of Multiple Arches." Proceedings, American Soc. of Civil Engineers, Dec.1934. "Elastic Stability of a Pony Truss." Proceedings, International Assoc. for Bridge and Structural Engineering - Zurich, Switzerland. Mr. G. A. Gillies: "The Story of the Bubble." Trans. Can. Inst, of Mining and Metallurgy, November, 1934. DEPARTMENT OF NURSING AND HEALTH: Dr.H.W.Hill: Various contributions to the "Bulletin of the B.C.Board of Health." Miss M.E.Kerr: "Lesson Helps for Teachers." (Health Service) Published by J.M.Dent and Sons. FACULTY OF AGRICULTURE. DEPARTMENT OF HORTICULTURE: Dr. G. H. Harris and Mr. J. J. Woods: "Raspberry Nutrition." Proc. Fifth- Pacific Science Congress, B. 1. 2683-2691, Vol. 4, Canada, 1933. "Seasonal Variation of Plant Nutrients in Raspberry Plantings under Different Cultural Treatments." Sci.Agric.XV, No. 8, pp.525-534. Ap. 1935. DEPARTMENT OF POULTRY HUSBANDRY: * Mr. Jacob Biely: "The Rapid Whole Blood Agglutination Test." U.S.Egg and Poultry Magazine, August, 1935. * Previously listed in Faculty of Arts and Science - Department of Bacteriology. Mr. Jacob Biely and Miss V,Elvira Palmer: "Coccidiosis of Fowls." The Veterinary Record, August, 1935. Miss 1.Palmer and Mr. Jaoob Biely: "Studies of Total Erythrocyte and Leucocyte Counts of Fowls." II. Journal of Vet.Med. Ass'n., LSXKVI. * Previously listed in Faculty of Arts and Science -Department of Bacteriology.


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