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REPORT OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR ENDED AUGUST 31st. 1939.  PUBLICATIONS FACULTY  OF  ARTS  AND  SCIENCE  DEPARTMENT OF BACTERIOLOGY AND PREVENTIVE MEDICINE: Dr. C. E. Dolman and Mr. R. J. Wilson: "Experiments with Staphylococcal Enterotoxin", Journal of Immunology, Vol. 35, 1938, p. 13. Dr. C. E. Dolman, Miss V. Hudson and Mr. D. G. B. Mathias: "Further Observations on Brucellosis in and around Vancouver", Canadian Public Health Journal, Vol. 30, 1939, p. 100. Dr. C. E. Dolman and Mr. M. M. Malcolm: "Gonococcus Culturing in Public Health Laboratory Practice", Canadian Public Health Journal, June, 1939. Dr. C. E. Dolman: Annual Report, Division of Laboratories, Provincial Board of Health Bulletin, June, 1939. "The Interpretation and Evaluation of Public Health Laboratory Tests", Vancouver Medical Association Bulletin, July, 1939. "Compulsory Pasteurization of Milk", Vancouver Medical Association Bulletin, August, 1939. Dr. D. C. B. Duff: "Some Serological Relationships of the S, R, and G Phases of Bacillus salmonicida", Journal of Bacteriology, Vol. 38, pp. 91-100 (+1 plate), 1939. DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY: Mr. H. E. Fisher and Dr. R. H. Clark: "The Conversion of Alpha-bromonaphthalene into the Beta Isomer", Canadian Journal of Research, 17, 251, 1939. Mr. Walter R. Ashford and Dr. R. H. Clark: "The Quantitative Determination of Nicotinic Acid", Trans. Royal Society of Canada, XXXIII, 1939.  Department of Chemistry - continued; Dr. W. F. Seyer and Mr. William Morris: "The Density and Transition Points of Dotriacontane", Journal American Chemical Society, 62, 1114, 1939. Dr. W. F. Seyer, Mr. M. M. Wright, and Mr. R. C. Bell: "The Preparation of Pure Cyclohexane", Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, 31, 759, 1939. Dr. M. J. Marshall and Mr. R. A. Finlay: "The Equilibrium Pressures of Oxygen Adsorbed on Activated Charcoal", Canadian Journal of Research, 17, 1939. Dr. J. A. Harris: "The Physical and Chemical Utilization of Wood", special report for the Department of Trade and Industry, Legislature of British Columbia, Published by King's Printer, Victoria. Dr. J. A. Harris and Mr. F. Stuart: "A Method for the Quantitative Determination of Cerium", Trans. Royal Society of Canada, 1939. DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS. POLITICAL SCIENCE. COMMERCE AND SOCIOLOGY": Dr. C. W. Topping: Edited: "Proceedings, sixth Canadian Conference on Social Work", Vancouver, 1938. (224 p.). "The Report of the Royal Commission on the Penal System of Canada", Canadian Journal of Economics and Political Science, Vol. 4, No. 4, Toronto, November, 1938. Dr. A. W. Currie: "The Senate Committee on Railways, 1938", Canadian Journal of Economics and Political Science, Vol. 5, No. 1, February, 1939, PP. 56-69. Review: "Canadian Marketing Problems", (ed.) H.R.Kemp, Journal of Marketing, Vol. IV, No. 1, pp. 96-97.  DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH: Dr. W. L. MacDonald: Article: "Towards A Canadian Foreign Policy", Canadian Forum, August, 1939. Mr. T. Larsen: "The Legendary and Historical Background of Peele's 'Battle of Alcazar"1,Trans. Royal Society of Canada, 1939. Dr. D. Blakey: "The Minerva Press 1790-1820", Bibliographical Society at the University Press, Oxford, 1939 (for 1935). DEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGY AND GEOGRAPHY; Dr. M. Y. Williams: "The Geological Survey and Mining Development", Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Bulletin, 1938, pp. 613-616. Dr. H. V. Warren: Article: "The United States - Example or Warning", B.C.Miner, September 1938, p. 43. Article: "The Significance of Pyrargyrite in British Columbia", B.C.Miner, October, 1938, p. 39. Dr. H. V. Warren, Mr. C. Madsen and Mr. W. H. White: Article: "Some Studies with the Haultain Super-panner and Infra-sizer", (a) Bulletin, C.I.M.M,, February, 1939, P. 53. (b) B.C.Miner, February, 1939, P. 33. Dr. H. V. Warren. Mr. P. Leckie-Ewlng and Mr. P. A. Adams: Article: "Mineralogy of a Cobalt-Gold Occurrence in British Columbia", B.C.Miner, August, 1939, p. 34. DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY: Dr. W. N. Sage: "From Colony to Province", British Columbia Historical Quarterly, Vol. Ill, No. 1, January, 1939, pp.1-14.  Department of History (continued): Dr. W. N. Sage; "Towards New Horizons in Canadian History", Pacific Historical Review, Vol. VIII, No. 1, March, 1939, PP. 4-7-57. "The Relations of Canada and the United States", British Columbia Historical Quarterly, Vol, III, No. 2, April, 1939, PP. 135-142. Article: "Why Canadian Historytl'.B.C.Teacher, February, 1939, PP. 303-304. Review: Melvin C. Jacobs, "Winning Oregon, a Study of an Expansionist Movement", Canadian Historical Review, Vol. XX, No. 1, January, 1939, PP. 74-75. Review: George M. Wrong, "The Canadians, The Story of a People", Pacific Historical Review, Vol. VIII, No. 1, January, 1939, pp. 122-123. Mr. F. H. Soward: "British Columbia and the British Commonwealth of Nations", Journal of Inter-.American Relations, July, 1939. Article: "Is Anthony Eden the Man"of Destiny in British Politics?", B.C.Teaoher, February, 1939. Article: "The British Commonwealth Relations Conference at Sydney", series of six artioles published in the Southam newspapers. Reviews: Numerous reviews for the Magazine Section of the Vancouver Daily Province. Assisted in editing: The section on Canada for the "Political Handbook of the World", published annually by the Council on Foreign Relations, New York. Mr. A. C. Cooke: "Empire Unity and Colonial Nationalism 1884-1911". Annual Report of the Canadian Historical Association, 1939.  DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS: Dr. D. Buchanan: "Asymptotic Isosceles Triangle Solutions for Unequal Masses", Rendiconti del Circolo Matematico di Palermo, November, 1958. Dr. R. Hull: "On the Units of Indefinite Quatermoir Algebras", Am. Journal of Mathematics, Vol. LVI, No. 2, April, 1939, PP. 365-374. DEPARTMENT OF MODERN LANGUAGES: Dr. A. F. B, Clark: "The Dialectical Humanism of Thomas Mann", University of Toronto Quarterly, Vol. VIII, No. 1, October, 1938. Dr. D. A. K. Aish: "La m^taphore dans l'oeuvre de Stephane Mallarm^", Paris, Droz, 1938. Dr. J. Y. Dangelzer: "La description du milieu dans le roman francais de Balzac 'k Zola", Paris, Presses Modernes, 1938. DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY AND PSYCHOLOGY: Dr. J. E. Morsh: "After Images", Psychological Bulletin, Vol. 35, 1938, p. 527. DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS: Dr. G. M. Shrum; Review: "Science for the Citizen", Vancouver Daily Province, December 10th, 1938.  DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY: Dr. C. McLean Fraser: "The Relation of the Marine Fauna to the Physiography of the West Coast of the Queen Charlotte Islands", Canadian Field Naturalist LII, September, 1938, pp. 88-93. "Hydroid Distribution in the Northeastern Pacific", Trans, Royal^Society of Canada, (3), XXXII, Sec. 5, "Hydroids of the 1936 and 1937 Allan Hancock Pacific Expeditions",^Allan Hancock Pacific Expeditions, 4, No. 2, "Hydroids of the 1932, 1933, 1935, and"1938 Allan Hancock Pacific Expeditions", Ibid, No. 3, pp. 129-153, PI. 19-21 "Distribution of the Hydroids in the Collections of the Allan Hancock^Expeditions", Ibid, No, 4, pp. 155-178, "Hydroids of the Western Canadian Artie Region", 1935-1937, Canadian Journal of Research, D. 17; pp, 59-61, March, 1939. Mr. G. J. Spencer: "Upon the Function of the Pseudosternite in the Acridiidae", Proceedings of the Entomological Society of British Columbia No. 35, February, 1939. "A Triple Stratiomyid Wing", Proceedings of the Entomological Society of British Columbia,, No. 35, February, 1939. "Ectoparasites of Deer in British Columbia", Proceedings of^the^Entomological Society of British FACULTY  OF  APPLIED  SCIENCE  DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL AND ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING* Mr. W. B. Coulthard: "An Auxiliary Equation for use with the Heaviside Expansion Theorem", Philosophical Magazine, April, 1939.  DEPARTMENT OF MIMING AND METALLURGY: Mr. F. A. Forward: Article: The Recent C.I.M.M.Meeting", B.C.Miner December, 1938, p. 28. Article: Smelting Without Smoke Damage", B.C.Miner January, 1939, P. 25. Article: Progress in the Application of Sink and Float Processes B.C.Miner 'February, 1939, P. 25. Article: Coordination of Mineral Research", B.C.Miner March, 1939, P. 25. Article: A Coast Iron SmeltGr", B.C.Miner February, 1939, P» 24. Article: Arsenical Gold Ore Treatment", B.C.Miner, April, 1939, P. 36. FACULTY  OF  AGRICULTURE  DEPARTMENT OF AGRONOMY: Dr. D. G. Laird and Mr. P. M. West: "The Influence of Bios on Nodule Bacteria and Legumes. B. The Influence of Crude Bios Preparations on Acid Production by Strains of Rh. trifolii.", Canadian Journal of Research, C. 16, 347-353T"193^ DEPARTMENT OF ANIMAL HUSBANDRY: Dr. S. N. Wood: "Brucellosis of Dairy Cows - A Public Health Problem - ", Can. Journal of Comp. Med., September, 1938. DEPARTMENT OF DAIRYING: Miss Olga Okulitch: "Microbic Dissociation of Lactic Acid Streptococci", Canadian Journal of Research, C 17, 171-177, 1939.  Department of Dairying (continued): Dr. Blythe A. Eagles and Miss Olga Okulitch: "Lactic Acid Streptococci of Cheese Starters", Journal of Dairy Science, 22, 4.31-4.32, 1939. DEPARTMENT OF POULTRY HUSBANDRY: Mr. E. A. Lloyd: Article: "Dual Purpose Poultry — Is Breeding for Meat Type Incompatible with Breeding for Egg Type?" U.S. Egg & Poultry Magazine, Vol. 45, No. 1: 28, 1939. Article: "Breeding for Meat and Egg Production", Proceedings Seventh World's Poultry Congress and Mr. Jacob Biely: Article: "The Nutritive Requirements of Poultry", Canada Poultryman, July-August, 1939. F. M. Clement: "Marketing Legislation in British Columbia", C.S.T.A. Review, No. 19: 405-410, December, 1938  


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