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REPORT OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA FOR THE AGADMIC YEAR ENDING AUGUST 31st, 1937. PUBLICATIONS FACULTY OF ARTS AND SCIENCE DEPARTMENT OF BACTERIOLOGY M P PREVENTIVE MEDICINE: Dr. C. E. Dolman: "Serum Therapy", Canadian Medical Association Journal, Vol. 35, pc.628-635, 1936. "Staphylococcus Toxin, Toxoid, and Antitoxin", Canadian Public Health Journal, Vol. 27,pp» 529-535, 1936. "Undulant Fever", Vancouver Medical Association Bulletin, Nov. 1936 (Condensed). Dr. D. C. B. Duff: "Dissociation in Bacillus Salmonicida, with Special Reference to the Appearance of a G form of Culture", Journal of Bacteriology, Vol. 34, pp>. 49-67, 1937* DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY: Mr. J. J. Pyle, Mr. J.H. Fisher and Dr. R. H. Clark: "The Effeot of Physiologically Active Material"upon Kidney Phosphatase", Journal Biol. Chem., Vol, 117, 1937. Dr. J. A. Harris: "Plastics and Solvents from the Farm", Pacific Chemical and Metallurgical Industries, August, 1937. Dr. M. J. Marshall. Mr. F. Walker and Mr. D.H.Baker: "The Efficiency of Packings for Laboratory Distilling Columns", Canadian Journal of Research, Vol. 15, Sec.B., -.p»l, 1937* Dr. M. J. Marshall and Mr. A. S. Maclmies: "The Heat of Absorption of Oxygen on Charcoal at Low Surface Concentrations", Canadian Journal of Research, Vol. 15, Sec. B., !p» 75, 1937* Dr. W. F. Seyer and Mr, Reid G. Fordyce: "The Mutual Solubilities of Hydrocarbons I, Tho Freezing-point Curves of Dotriacontane in Propane and Butane", Journal, American Chemistry Society 58, 2029,.1936, Dr, VI. F. Seyer and Mr. L. Hodnett: "The System Caprylene - Sulphur Dioxide", Journal, American Chemistry Society 58, 998, 1936. Dr. W. F. Seyer, Mr, K. Martin and Mr. L, Hodnett: "Systems of sulphur Dioxide and Isomeric Xylenes", Journal, American Chemistry Society 59, 362, 1937• Dr. W. F. Seyer and Mr. W, F. Cornett: "The System Sulphur Dioxide and Docalin", Journal C. & E. Chem. 29, 91, 1937. Dr. William Ure, Mr. F. A. Delisle, Mr. W.R.T.Fowler and Mr. E. L. Love 111 "The Thermal Decomposition of Crotonaldehyde", Trans. Royal Society (Canada) III, XXX, 65, 1936. Dr. William tire and Mr. J, N. Vttlson: "The Periodic Coagulation of Gold Sol in the Presence of Colloidal Silica", Journal of Physical Chemistry, 1937- DEPARTMENT OF CLASSICS: Mr. G. B. Riddehough: "William Morris*s Translation of the Aeneid", Journal of English and Germanic Philology, July, 1937, Vol. XIQCVI, No. 3, pp. 338-34-6. Published by the University of Illinois Quarterly at Urbana, Illinois. DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS, POLITICAL SCIMCE, COMMERCE AND SOCIOLOGY; Mr. H. F. Angus: "Tho Problem of Peaceful Change in the Pacific Area", issued under the auspices of the Secretariat, Institute of pacific Relations for the Tenth Inter- national studios Conference, Paris, June, 1937. Kelly and Walsh, Shanghai, China, pp. vii + 193. "The Working of Confederation", Canadian Journal of Economics and Political Scionoê August, 1937. ".ire We At War?", Dalhousio Review, August, 1937. "Health Insurance in British Columbia", Canadian Forum, April, 1937. Dr. C. W. Topping: "The Engineering Approach to the Delinquent and the Criminal", Sociology and Social Research, March-April, 1937, Vol. XXI, No. 4-. "Sociological Research and Political Leadership", Sociology and Social Research, July-August, 193o, Vol«XX, No. 6. Mr. J. F. Day: "Business Practices and Ethics in Ancient Days - and Now", Brochure written for tho Canadian Credit Men's Assoc. at request of the Department of Extension (University of Toronto), April, 1937. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION: Dr. W. G. Black: "What Can the Schools do to Counteract Materialism?", Hone and School, Special International Supplement for 1937, published in Great Britain. "Patriotism and Internationalism", Coronation, 1937, B.C. Department of Education, May, 1937. "Report of r.T.A.Work in British Columbia", Report of Fifth Convention of Canadian Federation of School and Hone, Toronto, September, 1936. "The Year Ahead for P,T.A.Work", Parent-Teacher Magazine, Vancouver, September, 1936 "Tho Give and Take of Citizenship", Parent-Teach or Magazine, Vancouver, December, 193-6-*. "Parent-Teacher Delegations, 1936-37", Parent-Teacher Magazine, Vancouver, March, 1937* "President's Annual Report, 1936-37", Parent-Teachor Magazine, Vancouver, June, 1937* DEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGY AND GEOGRAPHY: Dr. M. Y. VIIIIjams: "General Geology and Petroleum Resources of Manitoulin and Adjacent Islands, Ontario", Preliminary Report, 2 maps, 57 pages, Geol. Survey of Canada, Paper 37-25, 1937° Dr. C. 0. Swanson: "Hydrothernal Leaching of Iron Ores", Economic Geology, Vol. 32, pp. 855-7, 1937. Dr. H. V. Warren: "Mineralogy of gone Abco High Grade Samples", B.C.Miner, Vol. 9, Sept. 1936, p. 23. Dr. H. V. Warren and Mr. J.M.Cunnings: "The Relationship of Gold and the Metallic Minerals in British Columbia", Transactions of C.I.M.M., Vol. XL, 1937, P* 1* "Textural Relationships in B.C.Gold Ores", Technical Publication No. 77, A.I.M.M.E., March, 1937* "Mining Potentialities of British Columbia", B.C.Miner, May, 1937. 6l. Dr. N. F, G. Davis: "Tho Barkervillo Gold Belt on Island Mountain", Preliminary Report, Geological survey of Canada, Paper 37-15, 1931* DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY: Dr. W. N. Sage: "Vancouver, the Rise of a Modern City", Dalhousie Review, April, 1937, PP. 4-9-54. "Peter Skono Ogden's Notes on Western Caledonia", Edited by Dr. W. N. Sage, B.C.Historical Quarterly, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 45-56. Dr. W. N. Sago and Dr. J. C. Webster: "The Historical Renaissance in the Maritime Provinces and in British Columbia", Canadian Historical Review, December, 1936, pp.413-418, Mr. F. H. Sownr.d: Revised edition of "Civilization in Europe and tho World", High School Textbook, Morris, Schapiro, and Soword. "Canada and Foreign Affairs*, Canadian Historical Review, Juno, 1937, pp. 178-198. "Tho Coronation and the International Outlook", B.C.Teacher, June, 1937, pp. 477-480. "Canada, the Empire and the League", Canadian Historical Review, March, 1937, pp. A Review. "The Twilight of Treaties", University of Toronto Law Journal, Lent Term, 1937, p. 198. A Review. "The World May Grope Its Way Back to Sanity in 1937", Vancouver Daily Province, Magazine Section, January, 1937. DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS: Mr, L, Richardson: "A, Theorem on Congruent, Coaxial Parabolas", American Mathematical Monthly, May, 1937, Mr, VI. H, Gage; "Thotei-phi Identities of Degree Throe in four Variables", Transactions of tho Royal Sooiety of Canada, Third Series, Section III, Vol, XXXI, 1937, Review of E.T.Boll's "Men of Mathematios", Vancouver Sun, April, 1937, Review of E, P. Northrop's "Zero to Eighty", Vancouver Sun, July, 1937. DEPARTMENT OF MODERN LANGUAGES: Dr, A* F, B. C1 ark: "Translations of three plays- from the Russian of Alexander Pushkin, "The Covetous Knight", "Mozart and Salieri", "The Stone Guest". Published in the Works of Alexander Pushkin, edited by A. Yarmolinsky,'Random House, New York, 1936. "Alexander Sergeyevitch Pushkin", University of Toronto Quarterly, January, 1937. Translation from the Russian of Alexander Pushkin's poem, "The Little House in Kolomna", Slavonic and East European Review, January, 1937, Review of Pushkin:"Homage by Marxiot Critics", Edited by Irving R. W. Talmadge, New Frontier, April, 1937. Review of Kataev's "Peace is where the Tempests Blow", Vancouver Daily Province, May, 1937. DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY AND PSYCHOLOGY: Dr. J. E. Morsh: "Motor Performance of the Deaf", Comparative Psychology Monographs, Vol. 13, No. 6, November, 1936. Comparative Study of Deaf and Hearing Students", American Annals of the Deaf, Vol. 82, No. 3, May, 1937i pp. 223-233. DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY: Dr. C. McLean Eraser: "Hy&roids of the Pacific Coast of Canada and the United States", University of Toronto Press, 207 pages of text, 44 plates. July, 1937* "Hydroid Distribution in the Vicinity of the Queen Charlotte Islands", The Canadian Field-Naturalist, Vol. 1, No. 7, pp. 122^126. October, 1936. "Some Japanese Hydroids, Mostly New", II,Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada, (3), TU:> Section V, pp. 49-34. November, 1936. "Oceanography: Marine Zoology", Scientific Monthly, January, 1937, Vol, XLIV, pp. 62-66. "Oceanography in British Columbia", Report for 1935. Report of the Committee 011 Submarine Configuration and Oceanic Circulation. Transactions of the American Geophysical Union. Seventeenth Annual Meeting. National Research Council, Pt. I, pp. 230-232. September, 1936. "Report of the Associate Committee on Oceanography of the National Research Council, in Annual Report of the National Research Council for 1935-36, pp. 106-107, July, 1937. Mr. G. J. Spencer: "The Termite Situation in British Columbia in 1936", Proceedings of the Entomological Society of British Columbia, No. 33, January, 1937» "The Menace of Rat Parasites in Vancouver in 1936", Proceedings of the Entomological Society of British Columbia, No. 33, January, 1937. "Insects of the Season, Kamloops District, 1937", Canadian Insect Pest Review, Entomological Branch, Ottawa, June, 1937. "Summary of Grasshopper Conditions, 1937", Canadian Insect Pest Review, Entomological Branch, Ottawa, July, 1937. "Parasites and Predators of Grasshoppers, 1937", Canadian Insect Pest Review, Entomological Branch, Ottawa, August, 1937« (a) "Rearing of Thysehura" (b) "Rearing of Collembola" Published in Culture Methods for Invertebrate Animals. (A Compendium by a Committee of the A.A.A.S.) Comstock Publishing Co., Ithaca, N.Y., 1937. FACULTY OF APPLIED SCIENCE DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL AND ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: Dr. H. J. MacLeod: "The Relation of the Universities to Industry", Proceedings, Western Section of the Canadian Electrical Association, 1937• DSPAPJB'IENT OF MINING AND METALLURGY: Mr. J. M. Turnbull: "Careers for Boys - Mining Engineering", Western Students' Review, Vancouver, B. C. September, 1936, Vol. 1, No, 1.


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