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REPORT OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR ENDED AUGUST 31st, 1938. PUBLICATIONS FACULTY OF ARTS AND SCIENCE DEPARTMENT OF BACTERIOLOGY AND PREVENTIVE MEDICINE: Dr. C. E. Dolman and Miss Vivienne G. Hudson: "Brucellosis in and around Vancouver", Canadian Public Health Journal, May, 1938. Dr. C. E. Dolman and Mr. R. J. Wilson: "Experiments with Staphylococcal Enterotoxin", Journal of Immunology, Vol. 33, No. 1, July, 1938. Dr. D. C. B. Duff. Mr. H. H. Pitts and Mr. H. J. Horn: "The Effect of Meta-Iodo Benzyl Cinnamate on the Course of Experimental Tuberculosis in the Guinea-Pig", Transactions of Royal Canadian Institute, 21, 297, 1937 Dr. D. C. B. Duff: "Some Serological Relationships of the S,R, and G Phases of Bacillus s-almonicidaw, Journal of Bacteriology, 36, 57, 1938. DEPARTMENT OF BOTANY: Mr. J. Davidson: "University of British Columbia Botanical Gardens" (Illustrated), bulletin published by the University, 1938 DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY: Dr. R. H. Clark: "Enzyme Activators", Trans. Royal Society Canada, XXXII, Miss Iris Corbould. Dr. R. H. Clark and Dr. R« E. McKechnie II: "The Intravenous Feeding of Amino-acids", Journal Amer. Med. Ass'n., Sept., 1938. Dr. W. F. Sever: "The Mutual Solubilities of Hydrocarbons", Journal American Chemical Society, 60, 827, 1938 Department of Chemistry - continued: Dr. W. F. Seyer and Mr. R. D. Walker: "The Physical Chemical Properties of Cis- and trans-Decahydronaphthalene", Journal American Chemical Society, 60, 212$, 1938. DEPARTMENT OF CLASSICS: pp6 3oa38iCa1^'quarterly, (England{^January, 1938, Mr. G. B. Riddehough: Review of "Erasmus, een Levensbeeld, met een keuze uit zijn brieven" by Dr. Antoon Vloemans (The Hague, H.P. Leopold, 1937), Dalhousie Review, April, 1938, pp.128-129 Review of "Oxford Book of Greek Verse in Translation" edited by T. F. Higham and C. M. Bowra, Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1938, Vancouver Daily Province, July 23, 1938. DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS, POLITICAL SCIENCE, COMMERCE AND SOCIOLOGY Mr. H. F. Angus: "Canada and her Great Neighbor", edited and largely written by Mr. Angus, Ryerson Press, Toronto, 1937. DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH: Dr. W. L. MacDonald: "A Book of Modern^Prose", edited by W. L. MacDonald, "A Selection of English Poetry", edited by W. L. MacDonald and F. C. Walker, Dent & Sons, revised 1938 "Poems, Chiefly Narrative", edited by W. L. MacDonald and F. C. Walker, Dent & Sons, revised 1938. DEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGY AND GEOGRAPHY: Dr. M. Y. Williams: "Tertiary Plateaux in the Mackenzie River Basin", Trans. Royal Society Canada, 3rd Ser. Sec. IV, Vol Xm, PP. 97-104, 1. pi. 1937. Dr. M. Y. Williams; "Three Skulls Yukon1 of Bison Crassicornis Richardson from the Trans„ Royal Society Canada, 3rd Ser., Seo. IV, Vol. XXXI, 1937, pp. 105-110, 3 pis "uflJJ^ Manitoulin Island", Dept. of Mines and Resources, mines & Geol0 Br., Bureau of Economic Geology & Topog., 1937. Dr. N. F. G. Davis: "The Climates of British Columbia", American Association for the Advancement of Science, June, 1938. In press. "EconomicG-eo1 ogy^V^l^.XXXII°UNr6 n £ 8 in Britisg Columbia", Dr. H. V. Warren: "iTc Mnertaja6 °f Te^^edrite in British Columbia", "The Search for Gold", Report of Proceedings of the 33rd Annual General Meeting of British Columbia Land Surveyors, "The^Mineralogy of the Bayonne Mine", B.C. Miner, March, 'Geographical and Cultural Aspects of the Five Canadas" Canadian Historical Association Annual Report. 1937. pp. 28-34. ' 7 ' "A Note on the Change in Title of Fort British Columbia Historical Quarterly, pp. 55-56. St. James", Vol. II, No. 1, Rev*3' MeJt°n» "Undi958eSBeik Skies"' Canadian Historical James G„ McCurdy, "By Juan de Fuca's Strait", Canadian Historical Review, June3 1938. Book Review, Report in "Canadian Author", July, 1938, of speech, "Canada*s Trek", delivered at the Annual Convention of the Canadian Authors' Association at Ottawa, June, 1938. Department of History - continued: Mr. F. H. Sowardt "Moulders of Destiny", Oxford Press, 1938. "Canada and Foreign Affairs", Canadian Historical "The Imperial^Conference of 1937", Pacific Affairs, "Chiang-Kai-Shek and the Struggle for China", B.C.Teacher, "Outlook for International Affairs", Vancouver Daily Province, Magazine Section, January, 1938. "Canada and the Americas", a report of a study conference of the Canadian Institute of International Affairs'in May, 1937. Edited and in large part written by Mr. Soward. MThe^Canadian_Constitution'^, a collection of talks published Contributions to the volume, "Canada and Her Great Neighbor", edited by Professor H. F. Angus and published by the Ryerson Press, 1938. ^Canada and the Pacific", Canadian Forum, February, 1938, "World Currents and^Canadafs Course", Canadian Historical "Recent Books on International Affairs for Teachers", Canadian Historical Review, December, 1937. Review. Numerous book reviews in the Vancouver Daily Province DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS: Dr. F. S. Nowlan and Dr. Ralph Hull: "Sets of integral Elements of Certain Rational Division Algebras", Proceedings, Royal Society Canada, 1937. Dr. F. S. Nowlan: "College Algebra", text, Edward Bros., Publishers, I938 Mr. W. H. Gage: "A List of Expansions for the Function ^ (x, y, z)", American Journal of Mathematics, Vol. LIX, No. 4, Department of Mathematics - continued: "A Method of Obtaining Certain Theta Expansions". SecV* ^ii1 19376ty Canada' Vol# XXXI» Third series, DEPARTMENT OF MODERN LANGUAGES: Dr. D. 0. Evans: "Une Supercherie litteraire; le Werther francais", Revue de Litterature Compare'e. April-June number, 1938. DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY AND PSYCHOLOGY 0 Dr. J. E. Morsh: "The_Credit^Man as a Psychologist", Credit Men's Journal, FACULTY OF AGRICULTURE DEPARTMENT OF DAIRYING: Dr. Blythe Alfred Eagles.^Miss Olga Okulitch and "Wildiers* Bios and the Lactic Acid Baoteria. The Relation of Bios to the Water Soluble B-vitamins" Canadian Journal of Research B, 16: 46-52, 1938. DEPARTMENT OF POULTRY HUSBANDRY: Mr. E. A. Lloyd and Mr. J„ Biely: "Practical^Poultry-Feeding", Provincial Department Mr. E. A. Lloyd: "Breeding for Improved Meat Type in Egg Laying Strains of Poultry"3 Proceedings of Twenty-sixth Annual Convention of Canada Produce Ass'n., January 1938, pp. 54-57. 


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