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Publications of the Faculty and Staff July 1, 1953 -- June 30, 1954 University of British Columbia; University of British Columbia. Library; Smith, Anne M. 1955-06-07

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Publications of the Faculty and StaffTHE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA1955Publications of the Faculty and StaffJULY 1, 1953 - JUNE 30, 1954VANCOUVER, B. C.UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA1955PUBLICATIONS OF THE FACULTY AJD STAFFJuly 1, 1953 — June30, 1954ABRAHAMSON, ARTHUR C.Group methods in field work teaching.Social casework35:68-72 Fbruary1954. 1University of British Columbia PublicationsD. K.On the propagation of ‘Second shock’in liquid He II.Bibliographical Series No.5F. A. Kaempffer and D.K. Adams. Royal society ofCanada. Proceedings3d series. 47(section 3):1441953. Abstract.2AT,TN,GEORGE S.This Faculty Bibliography has been publishedFacts, fiction and forestry.Vancouver, Canadian forestry association, 1954.8p.(Forest conservationunder the genera]. direction of the Universitylecture series)3Editorial Coainittee, but special thanks are‘Naked stratification’ key toimproved tree seed testingan1 increased nursery production.George S. Ailen anddue to the staff of the Reference Division ofWiflem Bientjes. British Columbialumberman38:112-I-April 1954.4the University Library who did the basic workSlash burning: silvicultural aspectsof the problem.of preparation.British Columbia lumberman 38:76+ March1954.5Studies on coniferous tree seedat the University ofBritish Columbia by George S. Allen and WiilemBientjes.Forestry chronicle30:184-96 June 1954. 6ALLEN,T. M.Copper soil anomalies in the boundary districtofBritish Columbia. W. H. White andT. M. Allen. Miningengineering 6:49-52 January1954.7ANDERSON, W.J.The outlook for a poultry enterprise in British Coluinbia 1954. W. J. Anderson and S. L. Medland. Vancouver,University of British Columbia, Department of university extension, 1954.7p.Mimeographed. 8ANDISON, J.G.La cuisine des anges by Albert Husson. Edited by J. G.Andjson and L. J. Pronger. New York, Harper, c1954.l60p. 9ANGUS, H.F.Canada and the Far East, 19L40—1953. Toronto, University of Toronto press,1953. 129 p. 10Does freedom require a bill of rights? Saturday night69:7—8 November 14 1953. 11An echo of the past: the Rowell-Sirois commission.Canadian tax journal 1:439-49 September—October1953. 12A reply to Mr. Forsey. Canadian journal of economicsand political science 20: 87-9 February 1954.13The stars and stripes in, Asia. International journal8:193-9 Summer 1953. 14ARSENAULT, MARGARET G.Re production and growth in the creeping vole, Microttisoregoni serpens Merriam. Ian McT. Cowan and MargaretG. Arsenault. Canadian journal of zoology 32:198-208June 1954.15BARNES, C.A.Angular distribution of theN15(p,ci’r)C12 reaction.G. C. Neilson, D. B. James and C. A. Barnes. Royalsociety of Canada. Proceedings 3d series. 47(section3):13]. 1953. Abstract. 16The photo-alpha reaction in Ne°. K. L. Erdman andC. A. Barnes. Royal society of Canada. Proceedings3d series. 47(section 3):131 1953. Abstract. 17BELL, INGLIS F.Reference books in Englishliterature; an annotated listof basic books for undergraduates.Vancouver, University of British Columbia library andUniversity department of English, 1953. 13p.18BEISHAW, C. S.Anthropology in Oceania. Reviewarticle. SouthPacific commission quarterlybuiletin 3:31-2+ July1953. 19The future of the New Hebrides’ condominium.ha’s neighbours 3d series.No. 42 May 1954.bourne, Australian institute of internationalaffairs).The South seas in transition bySydney, Australasian publishing54:34-5 February1954. Review.BIELY, JACOBAntibiotics and surface activeagents intion. B. E. March, N. Burdettand JacobPoultry science 33:300-4 March 1954.The effect of ascorbic acid onthe growth rate ofchicks. B. March and J. Biely. Poultryscience32:768—74 September 1953.23Nutritive value of herring meals.1. The effect ofheat. H. L.A. Tarr,J. Biely and B. E. March.Poultry science 33:242—50 March 1954.BIENTJES, WILLEMThe effects of temperature,seed moisture, and stratification on the germination behaviorof western hemlock seed.UBC forest club. Research note 11:1—7June 1954.25‘Naked stratification’ key to improveding and increased nursery production.and Wiflem Bientjes. British Columbia38:112+ April 1954.W. E. H.company,Austra(Mel20Stanner.1953. In Man21chick nutriBieJ.y.222tree seed test-George S • AilenlumbermanI’.3BI4TJES, WILJJEM (Cant.) BLACK, W. G. (Cont.)Studies on coniferous tree seed at the University of Community influences • Canadian home and school13:British Columbia by George S. Ailen and Wifliam 27-S March-April 1954. 36Bientjes. Forestry chronicle 30:184-96June1954.6Standards and influences. Food for thoughtJ4:27-30March 1954.37BINNING,B. C.Colour in architecture. Canadian art 11:140-1 What it means to be a Canadian citizen. Canadian homeSummer1954. 296and school13:33 May-June 1954.3SBIRNEY,pj1 BL1JH,OTTOBrittany, in and out of the guide-books. Saturday Experiments on the laws of light absorption. Ottonight 68:14 August 8 1953.26Bltth and Howard Ko. American journalof physics22:306-10 May 1951+.39A Canadian abroad: gobs and garçons. Saturday night68:7—8 July41953.27History of science inschools. B. C. teacher33:262—3÷March 1954.40Castles, cloisters and a cat. Saturday night69:24October 17 1953.28Physics textbooks: annuals orperennials? Americanjournal of physics 22:215-9 April 1954.41Cackles, menhirs, and café exprés. Saturday night69:8 October 24 1953. 29 Significant figures, and ail that. B. C. teacher33:76-8, 130-2, 178-80 November, December1953,n1gmRin ebony. MacLeans 66:16-7÷ October15January 1951+.i953.30BORD2, CHARLES E.Horses, hens and hairy apostles. Saturday night Distribution, culture,and origin of the indigenous68:25 August 291953.31population of British Columbia. BritishColumbianatural resources conference,Transactions 7:186—96The lights of Paris: an undazzled view. Saturday 1954.43night 68:7—8 July 25 1953.32BRYNER, CYRILTwentieth century Canadian poetry: an anthology with Gogol’s ‘The overcoat’ in worldliterature. Theintroduction and notes. Toronto, Ryerson press,1953. Slavonic and East European review 32:499-509 June169p.33 1954.41+BLACK,W. G. Russian interest in Africa. Currenthistory 25:41-6Canadian citizenship. Canadian nurse 49:521-3 July 1953.45July1953. 314.BUCKLAND,D. C.Citizenship programmes and projects. Canadian home Building and decay. BritishColumbia lumberman 38:and school 13:29-31 January-February1951+. 35 63-6February 1954.465rBUCKLAND,0. C. (Cont.)Observations on arml11 *-riazneilea in immature Douglasfir. Forestry chronicle 29:344—7 December 1953. l.7Yellow lRminated root rot of Douglas fir. 0. C. Buck-land, A. C. Molnar and G. W. Wailis. Canadian journalof botany 32:69-B]. January1954.B1JrTERS,R. G.Levitation meltmug titanium and titanium alloys.0. H. Polonis, R. G. Butters, J. Gordon Parr.Research correspondence 7:SlO-2 February 1954.4.9CANPBI’LT.,J• J, R.A deviation from the conventional tricarbozcylic acidcycle in Pseudonnas aeruginosa. J. J. R. Campbell,R. A. Smith andB. A. Eagles. Biochimica et biophysicaacta il:594 August 1953. 50Status of the tricarborlic acid cycle in Pseudomonasaeruginosa. R. A. Smith, J. J. R. Campbell and B. A.Eagles. Royal society of Canada. Proceedings 3dseries. 14.7(aection 5):166 June 1953. Abstract. 51CLEMENS,W. A. (Cont.)The fisheries research board of Canada - its organization and programme. Pacific science congress.Proceedings of 7th congress 4:4O—12 194.9.56fundamental problems in the biology of PacificRoyal society of Canada. Transactions3d47(section 5):1—13 1953.57a survey of research in fisheries andoceanothe Indo—Pacific region in1953. Ottawa,research board of Canada,1954.35 p.5BCONSTANTINIDES, PARISHormonal inhibition of heparin-induced‘Clearingfactor’. A. Cairns and P. Constantinides.Circulation research 2:96 January1954. 59Retardation of atheromatosis and adrenalenlargementby heparin in the rabbit. ParisConstantinides,George Szasz and Fred Harder. Archivesof pathology56:36-45 July 1953.60CHANG, HELENThe epidemiology and pathogenesisborne botulism. C. E. Dolman andCanadian journal of public health1953.of type S and fish-Helen Chang.44:231-44 July52Reading and writing: vanishing arts? Saturday night69:7-B February 13 1954.54CLEMENS, W. A.The education of undergraduate and graduate students infish and fisheries biology. Canadian fish culturist15:2B-3l April 1954.. 55COULTHARD, JEANFour etudes for piano, numberI.limited, 1952. 6p.Four etudes for piano, number II.limited, 1952.3 p.Toronto, BMI Canada64Toronto, BMI Canada65On somesa].mon.series.Report ongraphy inFisheriesMimeographed.CHANT, S. N. F.The curtailment of academic waste. National conferenceof Canadian universities. Proceedings 30:24-7l95L.53CORBETT, DAVID C.The pressure group and the public interest. Theinstitute of public administration of Canada.Proceedings 5:1B5-951953.Report on British Columbia. Canadian business26:24-6÷ December 1953.The school finance problem: has B. C.found theanswer? Civic administration 5:73—5July 1953.6162636 7COULTHARD, JEAN (Cont.)Four etudes for piano, number III. Toronto,BMICanada limited, 1954. 1+ p. 66Four etudes for piano, numberIV.Toronto, BMI Canadalimited, 1954.4 p.67COWAN, IAN McT.Getting wise to our wildlife. C-I-L Oval 22:14—7August 1953. 68A herd of mule deer by Jean N. Linsdale and P. QuentinTomich. Berkeley-, University of California press,1953. In Journal of wildlifemanagement 18:274-5April 1954. Review. 69An introduced population of the gray squirrel (SciurusCarolinensis Gmelin) in British Columbia. D. J. Robinson and I. McT. Cowan. Canadian journal of zoology32:261-82 June 1954. 70The occurrence of the Pleistocene wolf Canis dirus inthe Rocky Mountains of central Alberta. Canadian fieldnaturalist 68:44 January-March 1954. 71Reproduction and growth in the creeping vole,Microtusoregoni serpens Merriam. Ian McT • Cowanand MargaretG. Arsenault. Canadian journal of zoology 32:198-208June 1954.Riist,anhoito kanadassa. Suomen riista 8:84-109 1953.English summary 8:223-4. 72Smail mammals of the western nuntains. Canadiangeographical journal 47:130-41 October 1953. 73CRAGG,R. C.Mr. Cragg to Mr. Roberts. Essays in criticism 4:231-6April 1954. 74Romantic revenge. Cambridge journal 7:435-44April1954. 75CRAGG,R. C. (Gent.)Snow. A philosophical poem: a study in critical procedure. Essays in criticism 3:425-33 October 1953. 76CRANNA,N. G.A new method of nuclear spin determination. G. N.Volkoff and N. G. Cranna. Royal society of Canada.Proceedings 3d series. 47(section 3):l47 1953.Abstract.Second order nuclear quadrupole effects in singlecrystals. Part II. Experimental results for spodumene. H. E. Petch, N. G. Cranna and G. N. Volkoff.Canadian journal of physics 31:837-58 July 1953 • 78CROOKER, A. N.A note on black body radiation. A. N. Crooker andW. L. Ross. Royal society of Canada. Proceedings3d series. 47(section 3):l36 1953. Abstract.79The phase dependence of infra-red absorption frequencies. W. L. Ross and A. N. Crooker. Royalsociety of Canada. Proceedings 3d series. 47(sec-tion 3):136 1953. Abstract.DALES, SAMUELEffects of thyroxine and thiourea on the early development of chum salmon (Oncorhynchus keta). SamuelDales and Wiiliam S. Hoar. Canadian journal ofzoology 32:244—51 June 1954. 81DANIEL,)T]E.Toxic and antagonistic effects of short-acting sym—pathomimetic amines and pentobarbital on cardiovascular system in dogs. James G. FouJ..ks,WilliamMartin, J. Blair Fulton and Edwin E. Daniel.Federation proceedings 13:355 March 1954.Abstract.deGROOT, A. WTTJWJ4Scientific grammar of present-day English. Vancouver,University of British Columbia, cl954. il7 p.Mimeographed.7715B9DELAVAULT, ROBERT B.Geochemical prospecting finds widespread application in]ritish Columbia. H. V. Warren and Robert B. Delavault.Mining engineering 5:980-1 October 1953. 81Preliminary studies of the biogeochemistry of molybdenum. Harry V. Warren, Robert B • Delavau].t and D. G.Routley. Royal society of Canada. Transactions3d series. 4.7(section 4):71—5 1953. 85testing for minerals - a new tool for prospect-Harry V. Warren and Robert B. Delavault. Westernand oil review 26:38—4.3 July 1953.86Water testing in geochemical prospecting. H. V. Warrenand Robert B. Delavault. Mining congress journal4.0:82—5+ April 1954..DOI2(AN, C. B.The epidemiologyborne botulism.Canadian journalJuly- 1953.Some ways in which animal health affects human health.Canadian journal of comparative medicine 18:35-50February 1954.DUTTON, G. G. S.Dinitro-isobutylphenol and dinitro-isoamylphenol.G. G. S. Dutton, T. I. Briggs and E. Merler. Canadianjournal of chemistry 31:1138—43 November 1953. 89The photographic recording of paper chroxnatograius ofcarbohydrates and a. new spray reagent. G. L. Kilgourand G. G. S. Dutton. Canadian journal of chemistry31:1260-1 December 1953. 90EAGLES, BLYTHE A.A deviation from the conventionaltricarborlic acidcycle in Pseudomonas aeruginosa.J. J. R. Campbell,R. A. Smith and B. A. Eagles. Biochimica et biophysica acta U:594.August 1953.EAGLES, BL!THE A. (Cont.)The status of the tricarbolic acid cycle in Pseudonomas aeruginosa. R. A. Smith, J. J. R. Campbell andB. A. Eagles. Royal society of Canada. Proceedings3d series. 14,7(section 5):166 1953. Abstract. 51The value of survey and research in resource development ... British Columbia natural resources conference.Transactions 7:10-4. 1954..91EPSThIN, NORMANCubical assemblages of uniform spheres. John Happeland Norman Epstein. Industrial and engineeringchemistry 4.6:1187—93 June1954. 92ERDMAN, K.L.The photo-alpha reaction in Ne20. K. L. Erdinan andC. A. Barnes. Royal society of Canada. Proceedings3d series. 47(section 3):13l 1953. Abstract. 17FORTESCUE, JOHN A. C.Germanium and other trace elements in some westernCanadian coals. American mineralogist39:510—9May—June 1954..93FORWARD,F. A.Precipitation of vanadium from aqueous vanadate solutions by reduction with hydrogen. R. N. O’Brien, F. A.Forward and J. Halpern. Canadian institute of miningand metallurgy. Transactions 56:369-72 November1953.94Production and properties of high-purity nickel powder.Institute of metals. Bulletin 2:113—6 May 1954.95Studies in the carbonate leaching of uranium ores.I. Description of the pressure leach process and itsapplication to pitchblende ores. F. A. Forward andJ. Halpern. Canadian institute of mining and metallurgy. Transactions 56:354-60 October 1953.Waterors.minerand pathogenesis of type B and fish-C. E. Dolman and Helen Chang.of public health 44:231-445250961011FORWARD, F. A. (Cont.)Studies in the carbonate leaching of uranium ores.III. Precipitation of uranium from carbonate solutionsby reduction with hydrogen. F. A. Forward andJ. Halpern. Canadian institute of mining and metallurgy. Transactions 56:365-8 October 1953. 97FOULKS, JAMES G.Toxic and antagonistic effects of short-acting sympathomimetic amines and pentobarbital on cardiovascular system in dogs. James G. Foulks, WilliamMartin, J. Blair Fulton and Edwin E. Daniel.Federation proceedings ]3:355 March 1954..Abstract.FRIEDMAN, 00NSTANCEThe failure of growth hormone to modify hormonal hypertension in the rat. Sydney 14. Friedman, MiyoshiNakashima and Constance L. Friedman. Canadian journalof biochemistry and physiology 32:200-5 May 1954. 98Further observations on the hypertensive properties ofcompound F acetate in the rat. Sydney 14. Friedman,Constance L. Friedman and Miyoshi Nakashima.Endocrinology 53:633-9 December 1953. 99Inhibition of hormonal hypertension byposteriorpituitary extracts. Sydney 14. Friedman,Constance L.Friedman and Miyoshi Nakashima. Americanjournal ofphysiology 176:120-2 January 1954. 100The pattern of recovery of renal functionfollowingrenal artery- occlusion in the dog. Sydney 14. Friedman,R. L. Johnson and Constance L. Friedman. Circulationresearch 2:231—5 May 1954. 101FRIEDMAN, SYDNEY N. (Cont.)Further observations on the hypertensive properties ofcompound F acetate in the rat. Sydney 14. Friedman,Constance L. Friedman and Miyoshi Nakashima.Endocrinology 53:633-9 December1953. 99Inhibition of hormonal hypertension by posteriorpituitary extracts. Sydney 14. Friedman, ConstanceL.Friedman and Miyoshi Nakashima. American journal ofphysiology 176:120-2 January 1954.. 100The pattern of recovery of renal function followingrenal artery occlusion in the dog. Sydney 14. Friedman,R. L. Johnson and ConstanceL. Friedman. Circulationresearch 2:231-5 May1954. 101Traumatic renal failure in the rat. Kenneth S. Mortonand Sydney 14. Friedman. Canadian journal of biochemistry and piiysiology 32:86-108 March 1954. 102FRIBS,J. K.Accent understanding. B. C. parent-teacher 21:4.May-June 1954.103Building ‘unity’ into community. Washington congressof parents and teachers. Convention proceedings31-6May 1954..104FULTON,J.BLAIRToxic and antagonistic effects of short-acting sympathomimetic ainines and pentobarbital on cardiovascular system in dogs. James G. Foulks, WilliamMartin, J. Blair Fulton and Edwin E. Daniel.Federation proceedings13:355 March 1954..Abstract.FRIEDMAN, SYDNEY 14.The failure of growth hormone to modifyhormonal hypertension in the rat. Sydney 14. Friedman,Miyoshi Naka-.shims and Constance L. Friedman.Canadian journal ofbiochemistry and physiology 32:200—5 May 1954.98GA,W. H.Positive representation5forms. Royal society of4.7(section 3):126 1953.by certain ternary quadraticCanada. Proceedings3d series.Abstract. 10582821213GORANSON,E. S.Phosphorylase activity in rat hepatoma and mousemammary carcinoma transplants. B. S. Goranson,J. McBride and G. Weber. Cancer research 24:227-31March 1954.GUNNING, H. C.Education and the profession. B. C. professionalengineer 4:8 October 1953. 107HADDOCK, PHILIP G.Sapling sugar pines grown from excised mature embryos.Journal of forestry 52:434-7 June 1954. 108HALLAI.KrnE, JOYCEThe role of literature in our age. Pacific northwestconference of foreign language teachers. Proceedings5:33-6 April 1954.(PUVImRn,State college ofWashington). 109HALPERN,J.Kinetics of the dissolution of copper in aqueousammonia. Electrochemical society. Journal 100:14.21-BOctober 1953. 110The potentiometric titration of carbonate solutionscontaining uranium. Canadian journal of chemistry31:705-9 August 1953.illPrecipitation of vanadium from aqueous vanadate solutions by reduction with hydrogen. R. N. O’Brien,F. A. Forward and J. Halpern. Canadian institute ofmining and metallurgy. Transactions 56:369-72November 1953. 94Reaction of silver with aqueous solutions of cyanideand ogen. G. A. Deitz and J. Halpern. Journalofmetals 5:1109-16 September 1953. 112HALPERN, J.Studies in the carbonate leaching of uranium ores.I. Description of the pressure leach process and itsapplication to pitchblende ores. F. A. Forward andJ. Halpern. Canadian institute of mining and metallurgy. Transactions 56:354-60 October 1953.Studies in the carbonate leaching of uranium ores.II. Kinetics of the dissolution of pitchblende.B. Peters and J. Halpern. Canadian institute ofmining and metailurgy. Transactions 56:360-4. October1953.123Studies in the carbonate leaching of uranium ores.III. Precipitation of uranium from carbonate solutionsby reduction with hydrogen. F. A. Forward andJ. Halpern. Canadian institute of mining and metallurgy. Transactions 56:365-8 October 1953.97HMJTH0RN, HARRY B.Memo.., on social science; theVancouver civic unity council.May-June-July 1953.Memo.., on social science: theVancouver civic unity council.August-October 1953.HERBERT, R. G.A brief history of the introduction of English law intoBritish Columbia. University of British Columbia legalnotes 2:93-101 March 1954.. 116HESS, F. G.Alternative solution to the ehrenfest problem.American mathematical monthly 61:323-8 May 1954.. 117HO, PING-TIThe salt merchants of Yang-chou: a study of commercialcapitalism in eighteenth-century China. Harvardjournal of Asiatic studies 17:130-68 June 1954. 11810696causes of prejudice.Civic unity memo p.cures for prejudice.Civic unity memo p.8-91248-91152415HOAR, WIlLIAM S.The behaviour of juvenile Pacificsalmon, with particular reference to the sockeye(Oncorhynchus nerka).Fisheries research board of Canada.Journal 11:69-97January 1954. 119The B. C. fishing industry. Commercejournalp.51-91954.120Control and timing of fishmigration. Biologicalreviews 28:437-52 November 1953.Effects of salinity onthe development of the Pacificherring. R. G. McMynnarKi W. S. Hoar. Canadianjournal of zoology 31:417-32August 1953. 122Effects of syntheticthyroxine on deve1onentand metabolism of teleost fishes.International physiologicalcongress. Abstracts ofcommunications 19:4671953.123Effects of thyroxine and thiourea onthe early development of chum salmon (Oncorhynchusketa). Samuel Dalesand William S. Hoar.Canadian journal of zoology32:244-51 June 1954.81The experimental and physiologicalapproach in fisheriesbiology. Pacific science congress.Proceedings of7th congress 4:421-5 1949.124Growth hormone from salmonpituitary glands.sky and W. S. Hoar.Fisheries research boardJournal 11:57-62 January 1954.The presence of androgensin chum salmon (Oncorhynchusketa Walbaum). Gilbert D.Potter and William S. Hoar.Fisheries research board ofCanada. Journal 11:63-8January 1954.126Responses of coho and chum salmon fryto current.Dixon McKinnon and William S.Hoar. Fisheries researchboard of Canada. Journal 10:523-38November1953.127HULL, T. E.Bessel expansions of the confluent hypergeometricfunctions. T. E. Hull, C. A. Swanson andD. A. Trumpler. Royal society of Canada. Transactions3d series.47(section 3):7—l61953. 128On inverting Laplace transforms of theformh(s)/(p(s)+q(s)e)’. T. E. Hull andW. A. Wolfe.Canadian journal of physics 32:72-80 January1954. 129HUTCHINSON,A. H.Life’s progressive orderliness based onthe binarystatistic of genic alleles. Royal society ofCanada.Transactions 3d series. 47(section5) :39-4.31953.230Marine plants of economic importanceof the CanadianPacific coastal waters. PacIfic science congress.Proceedings of 7th congress5:62-6 1949. 132.Phases of the euchromatic life cycle ofBacillussubtiis. A. H. Hutchinson, V.H. Tunbridge andN. Elvin. Royal society of Canada. Proceedings3dseries. 47(section 5):i661953. Abstract. 132JANES,D. B.Angular distributions of the N-S(p,c’r)C12reaction.G. C. Neilson, D. B. James, and C. A. Barnes.Royalsociety of Canada. Proceedings3d series. £i.7(section3):l3l 1953. Abstract.16Generalized nth primitives. American mathematicalsociety. Transactions76:149—76 January 1954. 133Pulse spectrum from irradiation of B?3 counters withfast neutrons. D. B. James and W. Kubelka. Royalsociety of Canada. Proceedings 3d series. 47(section3):132 1953. 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Review.Conflict of laws — foreign divorce granted to desertedwife - recognition in another ‘deserted wife’ jurisdiction. Canadian bar review 31:799-807 August—September 1953. 147Conflict of laws - recognition of foreign divorces inNewfoundland. Canadian bar review 32:211-7 February1954.114.8FRmily law by Jack Hamawi. London, Stevens & Sons,1953. 364 p. InUniversity of Toronto law journal10:293—5 1954. Review. 149Hayes & Jarman: forms of wills by Kenneth WarneilRubin. 18th ed. London, Sweet & Maxwell, 1952. 332p.In Canadian bar review 32:110-2 January 1954.Review. 150Jarman on wills: a treatise on wills by Raymond Jennings and John C. Harper. 8th ed. London, Sweet &Maxwell, 1951. 2197p.In Canadian bar review 31:838-40 August-September 1953. Review.15].London,review1461819KENNEDY, GILBERT D.(Cont.)Learning the law by Glanviile L. Williams.4th ed.London, Stevens & sons, 1953. 210p.;and A firstbook of English law by 0. Hood Phillips.2d ed.London, Sweet & Maxwell,1953. 293 p. 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