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[Publications 1929/30] University of British Columbia 1930

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t REPORT OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR ENDING AUGUST 31st., 1930 PUBLICATIONS FACULTY OF ARTS AND SCIENCE DEPARTMENT OF BACTERIOLOGY: "A Modification of the Orskov Simple-Cell technic". Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine, "A Physiological Study of Certain Parasitic Saprolegneaceae By - Duff, D.C.B. Contributions to Canadian Biology and Fisheries, N.S., Vol. No. 7, 1929. Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine. DEPARTMENT OF BOTANY: "The Specific Effects of Monochromatic Light on the Growth "Effect of the Fraser River on the Waters and Phytoplankton (Reprint from the Proceedings Fourth Pacific "Seasonal Variations in the Chemical and Physical Properties of the Waters of the Strait of Georgia in Relation to Phytoplankton." By - Hutchinson, A.H., Lucas, C.C., and McPhail, M. (Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada, 3rd Series, Vol. XXIII, Section V, 1929). "An Oceanographic Survey of the Surface Waters of the By - Hutchinson, A.H., Lucas, C.C., and McPhail M. With four charts. A summary was presented before the Society of Western Naturalists at Pacific Grove, December, 1929, as part of a symposium and the complete account is presented for publication in "The Economic Effect of the Fraser River on the Strait of Georgia." By - Hutchinson, A. H. - Published in Progress Reports of the Pacific Biological Stations, 1989. "The Specific Effects of Monochromatic Light upon DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY: "Extraction of Commercial Rare Earth Residues with a view to^the^Concentration of Illinium." "A Comparison of Methods for the Extraction of the Trans. Royai Society, Canada, XXIII, 61. Iodine Numbers of Lubricating Oils before and after use in^Automobile^Engines." "The Effect of Temperature on the Molecular Surface Energy of Binary Mixtures." Solubility of Sodium Carbonate and a Method of Determining Solubilities at^High Temperatures." Trans. Royal Society, Canada, XXIII, 198 9. "Radioactive Platinum Concentrates of British Columbia." By - Seyer, W.F. Trans. Royal Society, Canada, XXIII, 1989. "The Physical and Chemical Differences Between Eastern and Western American Lubricating^Oils. ^ "The Critical Solution Temperature of Sulphur Dioxide Royal Society, Canada, Section IV, 1930. "A Hew Compound^of^Cyclohexene Peroxide and Sulphur Dioxide." "A Further Investigation of the Two Electromers of 2 Pentene". By - Clark, R. H,, and Hallonquist, E. G. Royal Society, Canada, Section IV, 1930. Addition of Hydrogen Bromide to Allyl Bromide in Magnetic and Electrostatic Fields," By - Clark, R. H., and Gray, K.R. Royal Society, Canada, Section IV, 1930. Nitration of Benzoic Acid in Magnetic and Electrostatic Fields." By - Clark, R. H., and Archibald, R.M.. Royal Society, Canada, Section IV, 1930. Determination of Cholesterol in Blood." By Allardyce, John. (Presented by Clark, R.H.). Royal Society, Canada, Section IV, 1930. "Blood Normals for Cattle." By - Allardyce, J., Fleming, R.H., Fowler, F.L with Clark, R.H. Royal Society, Canada, Section IV, 1930. "Haematuria Vesicalis (Red Water)." By - Clark, R.H., Fleming, R.H., and Fowler, F.L., Royal Society, Canada, Section IV, 1930. "The Solubility of Sodium Me.tavanadate and Lead Metavanadate in Water and Nitric Acid, and the Separation of Vanadium from Chromium by Archibald, E.H., and Edwards, H. Royal Society, Canada, Section IV, 1930. "The Solubility of Beryllium Hydroxide in Solutions of Sodium Bicarbonate and the Separation of Beryllium from Vanadium - Chromium and Uranium". By - Archibald, E.H,, and Rendle, F. Royal Society, Canada, Section IV, 1930. » The "The " The DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY (continued) "The Molecular Surface^Energy of Binary Mixtures "The Heat of Adsorption of Oxygen on Charcoal" By ^Marshall^ M.J., and Braraston-Cook, HE. "A Test of the Radiation Hypothesis of Chemical "A Systematic Study of the Preparation of Alkyl Chlorides from the Corresponding Alcohols." Trans. Royal Society, Canada, XXIII, 77, 192S "The Reduction of the Nitro Group as a Function of Trans. Royal Society, Canada^ XXIII, 71, 1929. "Cathodic Halogens - The Electrolysis of Halogenyl Journal American Electric - Chemistry Society XVI, "A New Method for the Preparation of Rare Earth Bromates" By -^Harris^ J.Allen. ^Presented by Clark, R.H. "A Study of the Absorption^Spectra ^f various series of "The Kinetics of the Intramolecular Transformation of Royal Society, Canada, Section IV, 1930. "Experiments with the Parathyroid Hormone. Cat Method of assay, potency factors in preparation." By - Allardyce, W.J. Royal Society, Canada, Section III, 1930. "Canadian Penal^Instituticms"^ "The Passing of the County Jail in Canada" Pub. in 1930 edition of the American Prison, Written for the British Columbia Miner. 'Pronunciati< By • Oxford University Press, Larsen,Sand Walker, F.C, "Wordsworth, Arnold and^Professor Lane Cooper" "The Middle Years of George Peele, Dramatist, 1588-1591" By - Larsen, T. (Presented by Chas. Hill-Tout,) DEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGY AND GEOGRAPHY "Geology and Mineral Resources of the Yalakom Map Area, West Lillooet Block" By - Schofield, S.J. With - Brock, R.W., Williams, M.Y., and Turnbull,J.M DEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGY AND GEOGRAPHY (continued) "Report of the Commission on Mineral Resources "Report on Pacific Great Eastern Land Blocks (Peace, West Cariboo and West Lillooet)" By - Williams, M.Y. With - Brock, R.W., Schofield ,S.J. and Turnbull, J.M "Report of the Commission on Mineral Resources of the "The Pierre Seas of Western Canada" Royal Society, Canada, Section IV, 1930. "Report on the Pacific Great Eastern Land Blocks" With - Schofield, S.J., Williams, M.Y., and "Report of the Commission on Mineral Resources of the Western Branch, C.I.M.M., B.C. Miner. "Japan" (Institute^of^Pacific Relations Conference) "Calaverite - A Study of its Crystallography" "The Geology and Geography of the Modoc Quadrangle, Cal." DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY (Publications in the Dep^rt^ent of History, exclusive of D.C.Harvey: Review: Polk: The Diary of a President, 1845-1849. The Canadian Historical Review, March, 1930, pp.67-68 "The Loyal Electors: The First Political Society in British North America." Royal Society, Canada, Section II, 1930. W.N.Sage: Articles: Wrong, G.M., Martin, C., and Sage, W.N. , The Story of Canada. Part IV. British Columbia, pp. 301-351. Ho way ̂ F.W. (Ed.) - The Builders of the West. (A Chapter on Blanchard and Douglas). Martin, C.E., and Leebrick, K.C. (Ed.) The Pacific 4rea,^ Seattle, University of Washington Press, 1929. The Canadian Historical Association Annual Report,1929 John Work's First Journal, pp. 21-29. Reviews: Washington Historical Quarterly Vol. XXI, No. 1. (Jan. 1930). The Dixon-Meares Controversy (Ed.F.W. Howay) - pp. 61-62; also in The Canadian Historical Review, March 1930, pp. 56-58. F. W. Soward: Articles: The Outbreak of the World War. The Queen's Quarterly, Kingston, Autumn, 1929 pp. 595-618. The Election of Canadsfto the League of Nationa Council in 1927. The American Journal of International Law, Washington, D.C., October 1929, pp. 753-766. Also published in Annual Report of Canadian Historical Association for 1929, Ottawa, pp. 31-41. The Quickening of Canadian Interest in International Affairs. The Educational Survey of the League of Nations. Geneva, January, 1930, pp. 65-71. Also published in the B.C. Teacher, Vancouver, March, 1930, pp. 35-40. By - Buchanan, D. (Presidential Address) Royal Society, Canada, Section III, 1930. "Periodic Orbits in the Restricted Problem of Four Bodies with Repelling and Attracting Royal Society, Canada, Section III, 1930. "An Illustrative Orbit in the Restricted Problem of By - Pollock, Miss Mary E. (Presented by D.Buchanan) By - Nowlan, F.S., and James, R.D. (Introduce* "Transformation of Units in a Simple Matric Algebra" By - Nowlan, F.S. (Introduced by D. Buchanan) "Sets of Integral Elements of Certain Rational Dickson By°- Nowlan, F.S.and,Hull, R. (Introduced "On the Direct Product of a Division and a Total Bulletin of'the American Mathematical Society "The Pendulum Orbit of the Normal Hydrogen Molecule" Vol.SXXIII, Series III, 1929, pp. 125-131. "Second Genus Orbits for the Helium Atom." Vol^XXIII^Series^II, 1929. pp. 227-245. "Moliere" (Republic of letters Series) DEPARTMENT OF MODERN LANGUAGES (continued "La Princesse de Cleves" "Le Roman Social Sous La Monarchie De Juillet" "Rostand versus Gross - an alleged plagiarism by the former. By - Ashton, H. (For the Modern Language Review - England) "Garibaldi's French ̂ Writings" "Critical Text ofRostand's Cyrano de Bergerac." "Literary Scholarship in Canadian Universities" By - Clark, A.F.B. (Article published in Canadian Fozum, April, 1930) "Some Free-Swimming Copepods of the Vancouver Island Region" By - Campbell, Miss Mildred H. (Presented by C. "The Razor Clam, Patula (Dixon) of Graham Island "Some Cumacea of the Vancouver Island Region." By - Hart, F.L. (Presented by C.McLean Fraser) "Spawning and free swimming larval periods of Saxidomus and Paphia." By Fraser, C.McLean. Trans. Royal Society, Canada, Sec. V, 1929, pp.195-198. DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY continued "The Necessity in Marine Biological Investigation for data regarding physical and chemical oceanography (Fourth Pacific Science Congress, Java, 1929). The Fire Brat, Thermobia Pack, in Canada." Dencer, G. J. 1930. By - Spe Can, Ent, "The Status of the Barn Swallow Bug - Oeciacus vicarius Go J. Spencer: "Beetles emerging from prepared Timber in Buildings" "Notes on Phalacrocera vancouverensis Alexander, an "Insects of the season in Vancouver district, 1929." "Insect pests and insect allies that have recently arrived in Vancouver district, British Columbia, Josephine F.L.Hart: "Some Decapod Crustacea of the Southern Vancouver Island "Work on the taxonomic and distributional study of the Cumacea of the Vancouver Island Region." FACULTY OF APPLIED SCIENCE DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY - reported in Arts DEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGY reported in Arts DEPARTMENT^OF MINING^and METALLURGY: "Flotation^Practice at'the Duthie and Silver Cup Mills" "An Alleged Fê ed Flavour in^Milk Caused^by "Flavour Defects in High Grade Milk" By - Sadler, Wilfrid. Scientific Agriculture, Vol. X, No. 2. Ottawa, 1929. "Is All Milk Equally Suitable as a Medium for the (Work done in co-operation with Professor Sadler "The Effect of Ammonium Salts on^the Growth of "Feed Flavour or Stable Odour in Milk Caused by a - By - Sadler, Wilfrid and Irwin, M.lenora, 1930. DEPARTMENT OF HORTICULTURE: "Tree-Fruit Farming in British Columbia" By - Clement, F.M. and Wilcox, J.C. An Economic Study of Five Hundred and Twenty-six Farms. (A Five Year Summary). Province of British Columbia Department of Agriculture, Bulletin No. 105: 1-54, 1929. (College of Agriculture Bulletin, No. 13.) "The Influence of Top on Root as Determined by Root Proc. Amer.'soc. Hort. Sci. 26: 329 - 334. "Studies on Tree Root Activities" An Apparatus for Studying Root Respiration and Factors which influence it." By - Harris, G. H. Scientific Agric. 9: 553-565. Fig. 1. Plates 1-15. May 1929. "Studies on Tree Root Activities" Part II. "Some Factors which influence Tree Root Respiration." By - Harris, G. H. Scientific Agriculture 10 - 564 - 585: Jig. 1 Charts 1-6. (May 1930). DEPARTMENT OF POULTRY HUSBANDRY: "Inheritance of Plumage and Skin^Colour^in t h j A n c o n a " "Farm Survey Records and Flock Management Problems


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