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K5P0RT OF THE PRESIDENT OF TICS UlfTVESSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA i FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR ENDING AUGUST 31at, 1934.  1 PUBLICATIONS " • • ~ i  FACULTY OF ARTS AND SCIENCE  DEPARTMENT OF BACTERIOLOGY: Dr. D.C.B.Duff: "Investigations on Causes of Disease in Salraonidae." Biological Board of Canada, Annual Report 1931, p. 70. "Toxic Properties of Herring Meal and Oil When Used as Food for Sockeye Fry." Biological Board of Canada, Annual Report 1932, p. 81 "Furuneulosis and Other Notes on Fish Pathology." Biological Board of Canada, Annual Report 1933, p.75. DEPARTMENT OF BOTANY: Dr. A. H. Hutchinson: "Longevity and Periodicity of Growth - A Study of Tree Growth." Proc. Fifth Pacific Science Congress, Vol. 2, 933-946, 1934. C.C.Lucas and Dr. A.H.Hutchinson: "Density Studies of the Strait of Georgia." In Press. DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY: #  Dr. R.H.Clark and Mr. H.I.Edwards: "The Effect of Certain Chemicals upon Amylase Activity." Trans. Royal Soo. Can., Vol. XXVII, 1934.  f  Dr.R.H.Clark, Mr. R.G.D.Moore and Mr. M.McArthu r: "The Preparation of Certain Cinnamic Acid and OrthoPhenyl-Phenol Derivatives." Trans. Royal Soc. Can., Vol. XXVII, 1934.  #Also reported under Faculty of Applied Science -Pep't.of Chemistry.  Department of Chemistry - continued Dr. R. H. Clark and Mr. J.A.Spragge: "Addition Products of Halogenyl Amides with Pyridine" Trans. Roy. Soc.Can., Vol. XXVII, 1934. DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS: Mr. H. F. Angus: "Canadian Immigration: the Law and its Administration" American Journal of International Law, Vol. 28, No.l, January, 1934. DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH: Dr. W. L. Macdonald: "The Augustan 'Mobility' " University of Toronto Quarterly January 1933. DEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGY and GEOGRAPHY: Dr. S. J. Schofield: "The Geology of British Columbia and the Yukon" 730 pages "Ore in depth in B.C.Mines," in conjunction with Mr. I.M. Paper read before Canadian Institute of Mining and Dr. M. Y.. Williams: "Summary of the Mineral Resources of the Peace River Area of E.G." Trans, of Can. Inst, of Min. & Metall., July 1934, pp.551-357  Department of Geology and Geography-continued: Dr. M.Y.William s: "Distribution of Life around the Pacific." Trans. Pacific Science Congress, In Press. Dr. H.V.Warren: "The Mineralogy of the Cariboo Gold Quartz Mine." British Columbia Miner, Vancouver, July 1934, Vol. 7, No. 7. "The Occurrence of Schwatzite in British Columbia." Economic Geology, In Press. "The Silver Tetrahedrite in the Coeur d'Alene District, Idaho." Economic Geology, In Press. DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY: Dr. W.N.Sago: "A Note on the Origin of Strife between Sir George Simpson and Dr. John McLoughlin," Washington Historical Quarterly, October, 1933. "Life at a Fur-Trading Post in British Columbia a Century Ago." Washington Historical Quarterly, January 1934. "The British Commonwealth and the Collective System," Pacific Historical Review, June 1934. Mr. F.H.Soward: "Canada and the Far Eastern Crisis." A paper read at the annual meeting of the Canadian Historical Association in 1933 and distributed by the Canadian Institute of International Affairs as a Delegation Paper for the Banff Conference of the Institute of Pacific Relations. Mr. A.C.Cooke: "The Dual Mandate in British East Africa." Pacific Historical Review, June 1934.  DEPARTMENT OP MATHEMATICS: Dr, D. Buchanan: Transactions The Royal Society of Canada, Dr. F. S. Nowlan: "Transformations which leave Invariant the Multiplication Table of a Total Matric The Tshoku Mathematical Journal,  New Second Edition -'june'l934, 352 pp. Mr. L. Richardson: "Application of Vector Analysis in Spherical Trigonometry" Mathematical Monthly. In Press. "New Proofs for sin (A-B), cos (A^B) for all angles." School Science and Mathematics. In Press.  Mr. F. J. Brand: "An Elementary Approach to the Theory of Relativity" Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society, February,1934  DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY Dr.C.McLean Fraser: "Hydroids as a food supply," Trans. Roy. Soc. Can. 3rd Ser. Vol. 27, See. 5, pp. 259-264. "Some Greenland Hydroids," Jour.^Wash. Acad. Sc., Vol. 23, Oceanography of the1pfcifio^Britiah1Columbia, Proc. Fifth Pao. Sc. Congress, 1933, pp.307^3i7. "Report of the Standing Committee for the Protection of Nature in and around the Pacific for^the years' 1929-1932, "Hydroids from the Pacific Coast of North America." Book - m Press.  Mr.G.J.Spencer: "On the Function of the air-sacs of Insects." Can* Entomologist - In Press. "The Bed Bugs of British Columbia." Proc. Entomological Soc. of B.C. 1934. "The Identity of the Carnation Maggots of B.C." Proc. Entomological Soc. of B.C. 1933. "The Identity of Rhynchocephalus saokeni Will." Proc. Entomological Soc. of B.C. 1933. "Notes on Rhyncocephalus sackeni Will." Can. Entomologist, Vol. 86, No. 4, April 1934. "The Biology of certain range-infesting grasshoppers in British Columbia." (With E.R.Buckell). Proc. International Grain Congress at Regina, 1933, In Press Dr.Gertrude Smith: "Further observations on the ecology, rate of growth and food supply of some Pacific clams." Trans,- Royal Soc. Can. 3rd Ser. Sect. V, Vol. XXVII, 1933 p. 229-245.  FACULTY OF APPLIED SCIENCE DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY; #  Dr. R.H.Clark and Mr, H.I.Edwards: "The Effect of Certain Chemicals upon Amylase Activity" Trans. Royal Soc. Can. Vol. XXVII, 1934.  #  Dr. R. H. Clark, Mr. R.G.D.Moore and Mr. M.McArthu r: "The Preparation of Certain Cinnamic Acid and Qrtho-Phenyl-Phenol Derivatives" Trans. Royal Soc. Can. Vol. XXVII, 1934.  #  Dr»R.H.Clark and Mr. J. A. Spragge: "Addition Products of Halogenyl Amides with Pyridine" Trans. Royal Soc. Can. Vol. XXVII, 1934. DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL ENGINEERING: Mr. A.Hrennikoff:• "Work of Rivets in Riveted Joints" Transactions American Society of Civil Engineers, Vol. 99 - 1934, p. 437.  DEPARTMENT OF NURSING AND HEALTH: Dr. H.W.Hill: "Series of Eight Articles in the Bulletin of the British Columbia Board of Health."  f Also reported under Faculty of Arts and Science-Pep1t. of Chemistry.  FACULTY OF AGRICULTURE DEPARTMENT OF AGRONOMY: Dr. D.G.Laird: "Soil Survey: A Basis for Land Utilization in British Columbia." In Press.  OTHER PUBLICATIONS The following publications are based on researches financed by private individuals and business firms. The Board of Governors placed the necessary laboratory accommodation in the Department of Bacteriology at the disposal of the investigators. All the members of the Department of Bacteriology and of the Department of Poultry Husbandry co-operated with the research workers listed below:Mr. Jacob Biely and Mr. William Roach: "A Comparison of the Routine and the Routine Rapid Whole Blood (Stained Antigen) Serum Agglutination  "Agglutination Tests for the detection of Pullorum The^Veterinary,Record, XIV, 31, 1934, pp. 878-888. Mr. Jacob Biely and Miss E.Irene Palmer: "Studies in Total Erythrocyte and Leucocyte Counts of the Domestic Fowl. III. Variation in Number of Blood Poultry Science, Vol.'xiII No. 5, pp. 297-898, 1934.  "An Examination of the Brachial Plexus of Normal Birds for the presence of Lymphoid Infiltrations." Jour. Comp. Path, and Therap. XLVII. (3) pp.205-210,1934.  In addition to the above publications which were finanoed by private individuals and business firms, reference should be made to the investigation conducted by Dean F.M. Clement on the marketing problems confronting the co-operative producers of fruit and vegetables in the Okanagan Valley. The funds providing for this investigation and for the publication of this Report were subscribed by the members of the Southern Okanagan Co-operative Associations.  


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